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Top 100 Poems About: BALLAD

In this page, poems on / about “ballad” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Gothic Ballad

    I walk carelessly down the dark road
    My heavy black boots constantly clicking
    Clicking on the cold cement
    My long black and velvet Trench coat read more »

    Ankoku Gekido
  • 2.
    Night Thought

    The world around is sleeping,
    The stars are bright o'erhead,
    The shades of myalls weeping
    Upon the sward are spread; read more »

    Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
  • 3.
    The Man Next Door

    Fragments of song around me lie,
    Fair ballads of delight,
    Sweet things an editor would buy
    And treasure at first sight; read more »

    Ernest O'Ferrall
  • 4.
    Be with me

    This is a ballad for the good times
    So put a battery in your leg
    Put a rock beat over anything
    Get it stuck there in your head read more »

    James Dickenson
  • 5.

    *Irish archaic: eager to taste or enjoy

    A wood most wild,
    Deep, read more »

    edward serof
  • 6.
    The Ballad

    The foreshadowing feeling in my ominous intellect initiates a multifarious Ballad.
    The Ballad stands eagerly thru me.
    The Ballad subsists within every solitary pore of my physique.
    The Ballad streams via the stratum's of my temple. read more »

    Cody Patterson
  • 7.
    Drug Ballad

    Back of the building, we're with your friends
    Back of the mind, smoke in the air then
    Let's clear that up, even if we felt ends
    Something with these withdrawal pills won't mend  read more »

    Freddy Ibarra
  • 8.
    Monster Named Me

    I yearn to be free,
    But there is something inside,
    Something dreadful is holding me,
    The beast and monster to me has cried, read more »

    Palious Thatcher
  • 9.
    ballad of the black slave

    This is the ballad of the black slave,
    Who has been beaten and disgraced,
    Who has been called the n-word and negro,
    Who has received no pay. read more »

    michael issac palmer
  • 10.
    A Ballad

    A Ballad

    I'm not a ballad!
    I'm a haiku, stupid fool! read more »

    Selina Marie
  • 11.

    Let the notes that fall so sweetly
    Charm you in the evening air,
    Never was so sweet a ballad
    Sung with passion, love, and care. read more »

    Cordelia Adams
  • 12.
    My Winter Ballad- Saved by a Salad

    Snow falling through my chimney, putting out my fire
    Children throwing snowballs at my window, causing my ire.
    To chase them away- I step outside
    On the icy ground, my feet do slide. read more »

    Eybob Album
  • 13.
    Thought and Memory (Huginn and Muninn)

    O’er the waters of time
    My attention is quickly drawn
    As Thought soars the heavens with
    Memory at its side read more »

    Christopher Thor Britt
  • 14.

    Write me a poem,
    A short love ballad,
    Whose words, though benign
    Will somewhat revivify read more »

    Brian Kamara
  • 15.
    COncerto (Mandolin in the Sea)

    A fellow of mine once told me,
    that the seas magnificent ballad,
    was sung in a Minor D.
    And oh, how the gales fluttered, read more »

    Sebastian Sandok
  • 16.
    The First Anniversary Sonnet

    We stood and proclaimed 'I do' wedding wows
    and the organ grinded
    The Taco Bell Canon in D Major
    and Chopin's Polonaise Mayonnaise in Egg Flat. read more »

    Bob Genevro
  • 17.
    Ballad of the Broken Heart

    Standing on one side of the bridge
    You on the other
    Burned at both ends
    of the times we spent with one another read more »

    Carl Leiland
  • 18.
    Game of Thrones

    wind broken by mountains, mountains cut by rivers
    man is but only flesh and bones
    for every caesar lurks behind a brutus
    welcome to the game of thrones; read more »

  • 19.

    the ballad of love marked by the elements of pain,
    including happiness and moments of joy that cannot be explained,
    the calm before the storm expected at long last,
    nostalgia... a bittersweet longing for the past, read more »

    Andre Brown
  • 20.

    Some say I've life to the fullest
    and known both good and bad times
    Yes, I've lived a full life singing
    Whiskey whims, beer ballads read more »

    Jess Kelly
  • 21.
    I Am Me

    I am me
    A lone ballad of emotions.
    Who else could I be?
    Wether you love, hate, or envy me. read more »

    Katelin Sanderson
  • 22.
    Rain drops

    In the dead silence....
    Of the dark summer night...
    A lilting ballad unfolds...
    As little raindrops.... read more »

    Vrunda Shankara
  • 23.
    What Do You Want?

    I want to live as a song does.

    I want to flow and rock the peaks and valleys. read more »

    Randy Ashby
  • 24.
    Forever Yours

    Gave up existence,
    to seek living by your side,
    to drown my breath in yours in sweet cadence,
    forever by the lakeside. read more »

    vennila moothoosamy
  • 25.

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, read more »

    Rozen Maiden
  • 26.
    The Rhymes That Our Hearts Can Read

    The Rhymes That Our Hearts Can Read
    We are sated of songs that hymn the praise
    Of a world beyond our ken;
    We are bored by the ballads of beaten ways, read more »

    Edwin Greenslade Murphy
  • 27.
    Louisiana Summer

    The whip-poor-will sings it's sad old song, in the middle of the night. All summer long. You can hear him in the trees, and where the saw grass sways. singin his ballad to all who's listening. read more »

    Dawn Greer
  • 28.
    The praise

    Never shall I leave the praise unsung
    Of tongues familiar and unknown
    Of foreign nations and my own
    Of fair women old and young read more »

    Néstor Suárez
  • 29.
    As I’ve no hope of returning ever

    As I’ve no hope of returning ever,
    Little ballad, lightly, softly,
    Go yourself, to Tuscany, read more »

    Guido Cavalcanti
  • 30.
    Rhyme of rainbow

    Fifteen days later
    Surely above the Russel lea
    Some changing rhymes
    May be felt….. read more »

    Shiblee Shahed
  • 31.
    In the Ancient City

    The two of us stroll through the ancient city,
    With its many windows and orchards,
    From every window we hear a ballad, read more »

    Dritëro Agolli
  • 32.
    My Village

    I wonder what words
    Can describe the beauty of my village!
    The murmurs of purple mouthed pegions
    From the turrets of the temple, read more »

    Sobhan Kumar Kommala
  • 33.
    The Urchin

    The urchin's cry,
    Irritating and unkind,
    Over the ballads,
    It was confusing, read more »

    Amartya Banerjee
  • 34.
    The Unfathomable Ballad Of My Heart

    I stagger in desolation
    To find you in isolation
    Doomed was I, to want that which cannot be read more »

    Leila Makke
  • 35.
    feeling sad

    you left with no goodbye
    not a single word i'd say
    no final kiss
    it is to no avail to let u see how i feel read more »

    ndeethe motekase
  • 36.

    I came across the ocean,
    to find that your were my destiny.
    I was only searching
    for the edge of the rainbow, read more »

    Mike Fayad
  • 37.
    A Life Time

    Those were the days,
    Ay, those were the days,
    Leaping o'er puddles
    And making up plays, read more »

    Mary Stephenson Ellams
  • 38.

    Ah, yes play your beautiful ballad my singing bird...
    fill me with foreboding in a sea of evergreen,
    let your song reach the inner core of my sadness. read more »

    Kristina Gonzalez
  • 39.

    They were singing ballads
    From the balcony of the hotel
    The other day,
    The saga of heroes, read more »

    John C. Blalock III
  • 40.
    The Illiterate Poet

    The illiterate poet
    Painted his passionate ballad
    With the colors of the rainbow
    Both happy and sad read more »

    Poetic Kadri
  • 41.
    Never thought it would happen...

    you were my strength,
    my hero,
    nothing will replace,
    you wont be forgotten, read more »

    Scentless Apprentice
  • 42.
    Cricket Ballad

    Smooth green hills just short of touching the sky
    White plastic fences seeming to try and out run the hills
    Beautiful beast’s hooves pounding silently on the green as they play
    The horse house set low down the hill near the sparkling cricks read more »

    Jessica Burger
  • 43.
    In The Love Garden

    In the garden where Love

    Could be found read more »

    Olawale Idowu
  • 44.
    In Concession

    Longing for a heart,
    to throw a love poem at
    caring not, the words used
    staggering with thoughts read more »

    Sven Coop
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