Top 100 Poems About: BEAUTIFUL

In this page, poems on / about “beautiful” are listed.
  • 1.

    I am beautiful
    Not only because of the curve of my hips
    Or the shape of my body
    Not only because of the fullness of my lips read more »

    Candice George
  • 2.
    Stay Beautiful

    Stay Beautiful
    Even if we don’t stay friends
    Stay Beautiful
    Even if we fall apart read more »

    Hayley Foster
  • 3.
    My Beautiful Darling! !

    You are beautiful
    Not only because of the curve of your hips
    Or the shape of your body
    Not only because of the fullness of your lips read more »

    Samuel Newton
  • 4.
    A Descriptive Poem on the Silvery Tay

    Beautiful silvery Tay,
    With your landscapes, so lovely and gay,
    Along each side of your waters, to Perth all the way;
    No other river in the world has got scenery more fine, read more »

    William Topaz McGonagall
  • 5.
    Ignorance Is Beautiful

    She taught me two things,
    ‘Ignorance and Beautiful.'

    One day, she told me,

    'Let me tell you, read more »

    Sanjeev Kumar
  • 6.
    You are beautiful

    You are beautiful
    Not only because of the brownness of your eyes
    Or the shape of your body
    Not only because of the fullness of your lips read more »

    Padraic Husemann
  • 7.
    Beautiful River

    And he showed me a pure River of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb." -- Rev. xxii. 1

    Shall we gather at the river read more »

    Robert Wadsworth Lowry
  • 8.
    Beautiful Dreamer Serenade

    Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
    Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
    Sounds of the rude world heard in the day,
    Lull'd by the moonlight have all pass'd a way! read more »

    Stephen C. Foster
  • 9.
    Nature is Beautiful

    Beautiful is a flower
    Beautiful is a leaf
    Beautiful is a tree
    Beautiful is a fruit. read more »

    Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  • 10.
    If Only I Could Write A Beautiful Poem

    If only I could write a beautiful love poem
    I would write it special and only to you
    If only I could write a beautiful love poem
    So that we will forever remain so very very true read more »

    Douglas Carter
  • 11.
    Cry Beautiful

    Tears are falling,
    From beautiful eyes.
    Tears are falling,
    Because of beautiful lies. read more »

    Summer Sandercox
  • 12.
    How beautiful is

    How beautiful is the Belief, when we belief in the God
    How beautiful are the Creatures, when we belief in the Creator
    How beautiful is the Motherhood, when we belief in the Sacrifices
    How beautiful is the Fatherhood, when we belief in the Battles read more »

    Mohammed AlBalushi
  • 13.
    For Her

    She is beautiful.
    She is beautiful with make up on.
    She is beautiful without it on.
    She is beautiful right after running miles on the treadmill. read more »

    Aidan Keith
  • 14.
    You Are Beautiful

    You are beautiful
    Not only because of the brownness of your eyes
    Or the shape of your body
    Not only because of the fullness of your lips read more »

    Rahul Chaturvedi
  • 15.
    Beautiful Blue Eyes

    Blue eyes so full of life
    A wonder all of their own
    So beautiful and precious
    Oh to see those eyes smile read more »

    Grace Hays
  • 16.
    beautiful girl

    beautiful girl, beautiful girl
    you are so powerful
    beautiful girl, beautiful girl
    i should have drawn a line read more »

    Rigzin Namgyal
  • 17.
    ' I'm Beautiful '

    My face I speak not about, my love
    for myself I do, I'm more beautiful than
    any object, moving, still, never more
    beautiful than people, I'm equal read more »

    Tina Marie Clark
  • 18.

    i look through the window and see in the skies
    the beautiful blueness of your beautiful eyes

    i look at the bark of a tree and the brown i see there read more »

    Steven Brewer
  • 19.
    Beautiful Me

    They look at my dark complexion and they laugh.
    But that don’t bother me.
    For I’m beautiful.
    Beautiful me. read more »

    Lore Me34
  • 20.
    Because You Are Beautiful

    Because you're Beautiful this poem's addressed to you
    Because you're beautiful no matter whatyou do
    Because you're beautiful the sun rises every day
    Because you're beautiful the mist shrouds a dreamy day read more »

    Ethan Kingsley
  • 21.
    your beautiful

    You are beautiful.
    Beautiful from my point of view
    You are so beautiful I will stop a bullet for you
    You’re so beautiful that I will die to have a girl like you read more »

    James Hernandez
  • 22.
    ' Beauty '

    You are so Beautiful... to Me
    The Fragrance of Wet Earth
    Infant's breezy milky Burp
    A hungry Puppy's bowl Slurps read more »

    Yamini Khanna
  • 23.

    He taught me two things,
    ‘Ignorance and Beautiful.' read more »

    Anwitha Saliyan
  • 24.
    Beauty Of Woman

    Your more beautiful
    than any sunrise,
    More beautiful
    than the glistening sunlight, read more »

    colinb bradley
  • 25.

    Your so beautiful
    Beautiful to me
    Your so beautiful
    God sent you here for me read more »

    nongpoknganba khabanganba
  • 26.
    A Beautiful Person

    When you smile:
    Your eyes shine so bright,
    you get this grin on your face that could melt ice
    your cheeks get rosy read more »

    Mohammad Hassan
  • 27.
    Flying Flowers

    Red flowers, red butterflies
    Pink flowers, pink butterflies
    Blue flowers, blue butterflies
    white flowers, white butterflies read more »

    Barati Lesetlhe
  • 28.
    the beautiful flower

    there was once a beautiful flower sitting in the meadow
    while I got out of my bed to my window
    the field was very beautiful and grassy
    the beautiful flower was feeling sassy read more »

    chella Death
  • 29.
    My Beautiful World

    My Beautiful World is kind
    My Beautiful World is sweet
    My Beautiful World is nice
    My Beautiful World is generous read more »

    That lil emo kid
  • 30.
    These Lost, These Come At A Cost Women

    I see these city lights and flashy cars
    These beautiful women lost under stars
    These daughters and sisters and mothers
    These lost women read more »

    Regan Mackenzie
  • 31.
    Beautiful Christmas

    Let's Go!
    Big Time!
    Merry Christmas everybody..

    Put down video games read more »

    Jojo JAC
  • 32.
    Beautiful Black Woman

    Beautiful black woman,
    What do you see?
    I see an African Queen,
    You deserve all the riches, Paradise, and the finer things. read more »

    Tori A. Haynes
  • 33.
    You're Beautiful

    My Dear when I say you're beautiful what i'm trying to say is that have the kind of beauty that makes a bad man change his ways.........the one that makes a killer find his heart........... read more »

    brian musonda
  • 34.
    Beautiful Woman -new-

    read more »

  • 35.

    You look beautiful the way you smile
    You smile in a beautiful angelic style
    It has a power of making my soul bright
    It’s only then I begin to see the divine light read more »

    THE SK.
  • 36.

    When I first came to the city
    the rainbow paint the sky
    It's in a little bus station
    where I heard the rainbow song read more »

    Xin Wang
  • 37.
    Beautiful Grace

    Grace saw me wounded, hurt, lost but with a future
    He saw me not yet formed in my mother's womb
    He fashioned my days before me
    Beautiful Grace read more »

    Keamogetswe Molapo
  • 38.
    The Neural Firings of the Eternal Starlet

    They love me
    this means I'm beautiful
    because they love me
    I'll always be beautiful read more »

    Matt Mullins
  • 39.
    She is Beautiful

    She is beautiful, beautiful
    In more ways than one
    Even if she can't see far
    And doesn't like war read more »

    Chanelle Hausler
  • 40.
    Beautiful Girl

    A Beautiful girl, a beautiful smile,
    and a personality that'll make you worthwhile.
    A gentle touch, beautiful eyes,
    and a face that'll make you never wanna die. read more »

    keylin scott
  • 41.
    My Beautiful Girl

    Beautiful girl.
    Beautiful brown eyes that are like a pond fill with holly water that reflects the blessings from the sun, beautiful girl don’t be so sad and wipe those tears from your beautiful eyes because I’ll be with you tonight. read more »

    Christian K. Montiel
  • 42.
    Beautiful River

    And he showed me a pure River of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb." -- Rev. xxii. 1

    Shall we gather at the river read more »

    Robert Lowry
  • 43.
    Hey Beautiful

    hey! beautiful girl, will you come and hold my hand?

    hey! beautiful girl, will you come with me and challenge times sand? read more »

    hidden scars
  • 44.
    A beautiful thing called YOU

    How to write about a beautiful piece of God’s writing
    I mean what is there to edit?
    Did God leave room for improvement
    Oh I see, he did leave some for comment read more »

    Didier Sixte Kahungu
  • 45.
    beautiful (4/14/2010)

    Beautiful you, beautiful me,
    Beautiful us,

    Every time we walk there read more »

    juggalette Tiffany ann
  • 46.
    Such beautiful eyes

    Such beautiful eyes
    I tell myself not to look
    When you walk on by
    But i take a peek read more »

    Bill Steward
  • 47.
    you are beautiful

    you are beautiful
    Attractive and magnetic
    you are beautiful
    and don't ever forget it. read more »

    sean alexander
  • 48.
    Pretty boy hates every beautiful day

    All the girls love him
    All the guys wish to be like him
    But pretty boy hates every beautiful day
    Star of the baseball team read more »

    Jessica Canerday
  • 49.
    A Beautiful Mind

    A beautiful mind is a playground,
    it is a maze of stories connected to one heart.
    A beautiful mind creates,
    what it dreams up always comes to life. read more »

    Alissa Mohammed
  • 50.

    you are so beautiful cant you see
    you are so beautiful it just cant be
    you make me bleed read more »

    lozzy loz love reys
  • 51.
    A Wonderful Beetle——Shi Xiaoqun

    Beetles, beetles beautiful movie star,
    Shi Xiaoqun is the emperor's lover of Ir star,
    Beetles, beetles beautiful movie star,
    How I wonder who you are. read more »

    Zhijian Jiang
  • 52.
    Because You're Beautiful

    Because you’re Beautiful
    This poem’s addressed
    To you
    Because you’re beautiful read more »

    travis walton
  • 53.

    You are beautiful
    Not only because of the brownness of your eyes
    Or the shape of your body
    Not only because of the fullness of your lips read more »

    Yoga Yulasmana
  • 54.
    Beautiful, Oh Beautiful--

    Beautiful, oh beautiful-
    In all the mountain passes
    The plenteous dowers of April showers,
    Which every spring amasses, read more »

    Digby Mackworth Dolben
  • 55.

    Beautiful is gold, most beautiful of all metals.
    Beautiful is alabaster and the airy crystals;
    Beautiful is light, when the sun is about to set, read more »

    Jacobus Revius
  • 56.
    She is beautiful

    She is like the silence
    That flows on the moon
    And she carries the aura of beauty
    Wherever she goes read more »

    Nabil Bhatiya
  • 57.

    Beautiful girl
    Why is your glance toward me
    Terrific eyes, so warm and bright
    Always disturb my internal peace. read more »

    Jose Baez
  • 58.
    Your Beautiful

    Your beautiful
    and not because of your sparkling brown eyes.
    Your beautiful
    and not because of your flawless hair read more »

    Ryan Whyte
  • 59.
    Beautiful Flowers

    Beautiful beautiful the flowers are beautiful.

    The flowers in my garden are so beautiful. read more »

    dhanya swathi
  • 60.
    Most Beautiful Girl

    You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met
    And now we are dating; now I'm perfectly set

    When I see you, you make all the other girls around you ugly read more »

    Darius Velasquez
  • 61.
    I Wanna Marry You

    My young beautiful maiden,
    I wanna marry you,
    Cause you are the treasure that rises like a precious stone. read more »

    Seyi Rufus Oluwadare
  • 62.

    Blue eyes so full of life
    a wonder all there own
    beautiful and precious read more »

    eli schiller
  • 63.
    Your Beautiful

    You are Beautiful
    Your eyes are like bright Stars
    Gazing at me from the Heavens
    You are Beautiful read more »

    Clark Bruce Wilson
  • 64.


    crawford gomez
  • 65.
    The Red Rose Of Love

    A young man was walking
    In a beautiful garden one day
    Looking around at the many flowers
    He saw a beautiful red rose read more »

    Terry Charles
  • 66.

    As the darkness
    sucks all the lightness
    from the happiness of a day,
    My kneecaps ache as they read more »

    Antoinette Rose Maria Rogers
  • 67.
    Beyond Repair

    How beautiful you are
    Who deserve the better
    You born beautiful
    You grow beautiful read more »

    Vallencia Malepu
  • 68.
    Such A Beautiful Woman

    read more »

    Alicia Toscano
  • 69.
    What Is Beautiful

    What is beautiful?
    Children playing together not concerned with the color of their skin
    Watching a child’s creativity in playing with an imaginary friend
    Every child that we see playing happily and smiling read more »

    David Hall
  • 70.
    Angels In The Skys

    angels are everywhere in the sky when we awake we here they angel sing a beautiful song they angels are our keepers angels are everywhere when you read more »

    callie Spain (forbes)
  • 71.
    The Moon To The Sun

    Everyone says the sun is the most beautiful thing
    Well, look at the moon read more »

    hannah babcock
  • 72.
    My Beautiful World

    When I’m with you
    For just a moment or a day
    I can see my beautiful world read more »

    Tortured Soul
  • 73.
    I am beautiful

    I am beautiful

    Despite the scars on my face, read more »

    Jovan Fernandes
  • 74.

    Why should I hide my face?
    Thine sweet and fair skin I have.
    Why should should I be not proud of my eyes?
    Thine clear and vivid of the windows of my soul. read more »

    Agnes Atinyao Quirante
  • 75.

    How beautiful you are but you dont believe it
    How could you believe it when you was grow up no one ever tell you that you was

    How beautiful you are but you cant see the beauty inside of you read more »

    Roxie Rodriguez
  • 76.
    Beautiful Sunday

    To wake smiling for the day
    Oh the beautiful day
    A day of rest they used to say
    Oh my beautiful Sunday read more »

    Lyn Hepple
  • 77.
    You're a Beautiful Dream Come True

    It's so, it's so
    so hard to say,
    and I feel, I feel,
    feel like I'm lost in this maze, read more »

    Juan Carrasquillo Jr
  • 78.

    I Am Beautiful
    because nothing in this world can take away my right to feel Beautiful.
    I was down so low as I look at myself and I saw that I was not a size five I am a size eleven and I feel Beautiful.I use to cry myself to sleep at night wondering why God made a person like me that felt so alone inside and out and now I feel Beautiful.As I changed they way I dressed after I was done with all of that stress I finally relaize that I Am Beautiful I Am Beautiful so no more crying at night no more thinking that I should be a size five why Because I Am Beautiful read more »

    Shamone Adams
  • 79.
    A beautiful Angel

    A beautiful angel
    A twisted motive
    Your deadly and dangerous
    Beautifully twisted read more »

    Sierra Kavanagh
  • 80.

    i look through the window and see in the skies
    the beautiful blueness of your beautiful eyes

    i look at a stallion as dark as night black, running through fields of grass its mane being blown back, what i see there read more »

    sam singer
  • 81.
    Beautiful thats you

    Beautiful thats her
    theres more then one and two
    but its all of you
    beautiful is you read more »

    Alicia Johnson
  • 82.

    Beautiful, he whispered
    Ugly, I screamed

    Beautiful, he said
    Sad, I cried read more »

    Emilie Strand
  • 83.
    Special for Karen.

    To Karen my beautiful everything..

    To the most beautiful girl that I've known
    Whose unconventional charms are so sweet
    And whose laugh is the highlight of my day
    How I wish I could sweep you off your feet read more »

    Haidar Najib
  • 84.
    Beauty And Ectasy...Ghazal

    Who in my eyes came beautiful?
    A dress of loyalty a fame beautiful
    When asked, ' How do I look? '
    Amazed, I said, 'So d*mn beautiful! ' read more »

    Yasir Farooq
  • 85.
    Black Rose

    This black rose I see is beautiful to me
    Its beauty is nothing I’ve seen
    Has no thorns I see its perfect in all ways
    I know I cant draw blood from it read more »

    Zaria Fallenrise
  • 86.
    An Appreciation

    When we think of the sun,
    We think of warmth and having fun,
    it makes the plants and flowers grow,
    Things to make us happy when we are feeling low read more »

    Patricia Page
  • 87.
    Oh How Beautiful

    Oh how beautiful is the sight
    Of a shooting star in the night
    WHta a beauty in the sky
    Dont ever die read more »

    Savano Istork
  • 88.
    Everybody's Beautiful

    You want to be pretentious
    Finding self respect
    So what if you’re beautiful
    everybody’s beautiful read more »

    RolfChristian Eichele
  • 89.
    The Beautiful Nothing Beyond

    To the beautiful nothing,
    Let me expire,
    Let me fly from the world,
    Let me slip from the wire, read more »

    Leland D'Elormie
  • 90.
    I'm On My Way

    Beautiful colors
    And beautiful places...
    A picture of angels
    With beautiful faces. read more »

    francis reilly
  • 91.
    Beautiful Abyss

    Into the Beautiful Abyss
    Look into the black of an ever long
    Feel the fear, use the strong
    Leap into the unknown read more »

    Jordan Hanley
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