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Top 100 Poems About: BEAUTY

In this page, poems on / about “beauty” are listed.
  • 1.
    True beauty

    True beauty is in the way she laughs
    True beauty is in her eyes
    True beauty is how she acts
    True beauty is inside read more »

    Jean Pullman
  • 2.
    My Idea of beauty

    Beauty is the sensation of your heart skipping a beat,
    when eyes full of mischief glance at you...
    Beauty is the smile which appears on your lips, when you think of the way he smiles at you...
    Beauty is in the heart which touches another read more »

    Nitya Pillai
  • 3.
    .. My Definition Of Beauty

    Beauty are the roses
    Mixed with beauty within
    Not just a pretty face
    Or pleasures it brings read more »

    Eyan Desir
  • 4.


    Beauty is a pretty face
    Beauty is a brand new vase read more »

    Chizom Okpara
  • 5.

    beauty is a gift of god
    love and affection
    beauty and warmth
    pleasure and comfort read more »

    sakshi mathur
  • 6.
    The Beauty Of A Poem

    The beauty of a poem
    The beauty of music
    The beauty of light
    The beauty of life read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 7.

    Beauty is a pretty face
    Beauty is a brand new vase
    Beauty is lovely hair
    Beauty is an oak wooden chair read more »

    naeem howard
  • 8.

    Look in my eyes, what do you see,
    Beauty of the inner me.
    Deep down in your heart, what do you feel,
    The beauty of a love that is real. read more »

    Nancy Amato
  • 9.

    There is so much beauty in life,
    Beauty in the human soul,
    Beauty in the heart and in the mind
    Of the good man and woman. read more »

    Emmy Nielsen Reyes de Gaspar
  • 10.
    Beauty is a Million Colors

    Beauty is more than appearance
    Beauty is love
    The graceful wings of a dove
    The endless imagination in a dream read more »

    Sareeah Keelyn
  • 11.
    Your Beauty

    Your beauty makes my heart skip a beat...
    from the anticipation of when we meet, read more »

    Sam Moore
  • 12.
    Awesome Beauty

    When the golden sunset
    Sets over the amber hills
    And when the moon shines bright
    And all the world stands still read more »

    Danny Speicher
  • 13.

    Most people find beauty in looks,
    But I find beauty from the written words in books.
    I find beauty in the sun set and sun rise.
    I find beauty in three small dog's eyes. read more »

    Sam Price
  • 14.
    Beauty Is Upon You

    Beauty is upon you like the rose without a thorn.
    Beauty is upon you like the dew on grass each morn.
    Beauty is upon you like the sapphire shining sea.
    Beauty is upon you like the apple on the tree. read more »

    Denis Martindale
  • 15.

    beauty isnt the shape of your body
    beauty isnt the color of your perfect eyes
    beauty isnt the perfectness of your face read more »

    new poet
  • 16.
    Your Beauty

    Your Beauty is like a divine Fire
    Your Beauty speaks louder than words
    Your Beauty is fierce yet powerful
    Your Beauty is out of this world read more »

    Obi Onyenwe
  • 17.
    God is beauty

    The beauty of a lady

    Spreading love on Internet read more »

    Framarz Bagheri
  • 18.
    This Is True Beauty

    Adoring, this is true beauty
    Caring, this is true beauty
    Passionate, this is true beauty
    flawless, this is true beauty read more »

    Blessing Ekpe
  • 19.
    A Single Red Rose

    Staring at a single read rose, so much beauty
    not as much to be wasted on someone as beautiful
    each thorn a reminder, love can hurt
    but each detailed petal a bounty of great beauty read more »

    Kristinahh KIMBER
  • 20.

    Blonde hairs, blue eyes and bell shaped body
    Is that what you call beauty?
    Brown eyes, braided hairs and skinny body read more »

    Opsy Coucchy
  • 21.

    Beauty is not at your face.
    Beauty is at nature.
    Beauty is not at your home.
    Beauty is at nature. read more »

    skywin shajilal
  • 22.

    Beauty is a quality bestowed upon one
    Beauty is a job that is never done
    Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
    Beauty mesmirizes read more »

    Brian Jefferson
  • 23.
    True Beauty

    So great is this beauty that I admire
    Attractive is this beauty that I so desire
    Searing is this beauty that sets my heart afire
    Splendid is this beauty and of her gaze I will never tire. read more »

    Alistair James
  • 24.
    beauty is...

    Beauty is the birds and the bees
    Beauty is the songs in the trees
    Beauty is but nature and
    Nature is but beauty read more »

    Shannon Snyder
  • 25.
    beauty is the beast

    beauty is the beast
    upon our souls and hearts it feasts
    it makes us blind to itself
    behind innocent smiles it hides in stealth read more »

    Lara wolf
  • 26.
    Little Beauty

    Little beauty, little beauty
    why do you cry
    little beauty, little beauty
    my heart doeth ask why read more »

    Demen ...
  • 27.

    Beauty, what a sight to hold
    Yet your heart is so cold

    Beauty the greatest treasure read more »

    Jake Samuelson
  • 28.
    Beauty Fades Away

    There is one thing I want but never had.
    I can not buy it and I am so sad.
    Mother would have given it to me,
    I know, read more »

    Lillian M. Lewis
  • 29.

    Beauty is beyond looks
    Beauty is beyond personality
    Beauty is beyond pretty hair
    Beauty is beyond smarts read more »

    edowaye omorogbe
  • 30.
    Something Beautiful...

    Beauty, have you lost yourself again
    In the freezing mud
    Can’t you remember anymore
    That goodbye is not a farewell for me read more »

    Not A Dream Choice
  • 31.
    A woman and her beauty.

    A woman and her beauty. You never can tell what you will find in a woman. Do you not know about the womans nature? What do you think you know? A wild nature or a calm nature? Do you know a fragile being or a cat with nine lives?

    A woman and her beauty.
    We know of the gold and its beauty, the diamond and its beauty, the jasper and its beauty, the jade and its beauty. Never a mineral like a woman for her beauty is within. read more »

    Nebe Albert
  • 32.

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
    A platitude yet you should ponder
    A beauty not just on the outside
    But a beauty as well on the inside read more »

    Tondana Fatimah Seebaway
  • 33.
    behold I i adore beauty

    read more »

    crushanda williams
  • 34.
    The Beauty of a Woman

    The Beauty of a Woman isn't measured by her size.
    Tis measured by how wise.
    The Beauty of a woman isn't measured by the color of her eyes.
    Tis measured by giving sound advice. read more »

    Patricia Kelley
  • 35.
    Beauty In The Woman

    Perched, dropped, flipped
    Sounds of the day
    Sounds of the woman in colors read more »

    Paul Mwenelupembe
  • 36.
    True Beauty

    True beauty is not always seen
    True beauty needn't be external
    True beauty is in our individuality read more »

    soumya goswami
  • 37.
    You're Beautiful

    My Dear when I say you're beautiful what i'm trying to say is that have the kind of beauty that makes a bad man change his ways.........the one that makes a killer find his heart........... read more »

    brian musonda
  • 38.

    Beauty is inside you
    Beauty can seem ulgy but it's not
    Beauty is away of life
    Beauty can be anything read more »

    Paige Slack
  • 39.
    What Is Beauty?

    They talk about her hair and the colour of her eyes
    They talk about her body and booty
    Like its a price
    What is this beauty they talk of? read more »

    Thoko Mangena
  • 40.

    The beauty of a woman
    Is not in the clothes she wears
    The figure she carries
    Or the way she combs her hair. read more »

    Amir Amzah
  • 41.
    You are the most beautiful

    The beauty just for you,
    I can't describe your beauty from inside and outside,
    Your beauty made the people surprised on it,
    Your beauty overcome on the beauty of moon, read more »

    Omar Khalid Hashim
  • 42.
    The Most Beautiful

    She is the most beautiful

    Everybody says so read more »

    Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu
  • 43.
    True Beauty

    Beauty from lovely hair
    Beauty from golden jewelry
    Beauty from fine clothes
    Is not true beauty! ! ! read more »

    Lucy Nthusi
  • 44.
    Her Beauty

    Her beauty is like a diamond in the sky
    Where shooting stars would be ashamed to fly
    For she's the fairest star of all heaven
    And her name is the sweetest i have spoken read more »

    romel Gandilan
  • 45.
    Beauty's a Prison

    Beauty’s a prison when love is gone
    No matter which way you turn
    Forget the freedom you once won read more »

    Ishan Chaitanya
  • 46.
    Beauty Can Be Something

    Beauty is whats on the inside maybe not on the outside, Beauty is trust, Beauty is caring for others, Beauty is in the way you laugh, Beauty is in your eyes, Beauty is not mean, Beauty is not covered with make-up, And beauty is also true love. read more »

    angelica nuesi
  • 47.
    Beauty and the Beast

    The beast had a beauty inside him
    and the beauty had a beast inside her.
    When the beast met the beauty,
    he fell in love with the beast in her. read more »

    Nikhilraj Ave
  • 48.

    She is the lovely princess of all beauty there,
    She is the reigning queen of all charms there;
    Bright she looks, as fragrant white jasmine,
    Of everlasting fragrance of gentle sweet smile. read more »

    Praveen Kumar Title Golden Wonder
  • 49.
    beauty! what is BEAUTY? ? ?

    beauty! what is beauty
    beauty is just a cover
    for something
    really screwed up in side... read more »

    pilar guethon
  • 50.
    Beautiful Satiation

    We carefully search for beauty where beauty never stood
    I never did attain it, I knew I never could
    The simple shapes of earth cannot satiate my need
    I need true beauty; beauty like the world can never see read more »

    Emily Myers
  • 51.

    Beauty, its a shrine to God.
    Beauty is everything we need.
    Beauty is not on the outside.
    Beauty is something deeper, something we can't understand. read more »

    Cassie Ayotte
  • 52.
    Fairest beauty

    Thou fairest beauty thou art called
    You who graced the earth with thy beauty and smile
    You who endowed and blessed the earth with thy presence
    Thy bright eyes feed'st the skies with thy gradience read more »

    Chidera Victor
  • 53.

    Is an understatement

    It depends on who you are read more »

    Kimberly Garcia
  • 54.
    The Most Beautiful by Far

    You're the beauty of the stars
    And the beauty of a rose
    From your cute squinty smile
    To your little button nose read more »

    Patrick Coombe
  • 55.
    Her Beauty

    Her Beauty

    Your great eyes slay at mine
    Your beauty shakes me; read more »

    kizza michael
  • 56.
    True Beauty

    True beauty is everywhere
    In everything and everyone
    If everyone is beautiful
    No one should we shun read more »

    Hilary LeBlanc
  • 57.
    Loose Lustres Of Pulchritude

    Beauty in the heavens,
    Beauty in the seas,
    beauty in the sky,
    beauty in the wind, read more »

    Michael Bassey Johnson
  • 58.
    Artificial Lives

    See a face sealed in a mask so ugly
    Beauty hidden behind a shield of lies
    So bitter whats become reality
    The nature of the face-something to hide read more »

    Nichole Marie
  • 59.
    Abused and Neglected... Beauty (Cuts Across Her Arms)

    Her beauty intrigues me,
    Going misunderstood—
    Crying for attention,

    But it finds nothing. read more »

    Doug Rife
  • 60.
    The Everlasting Beauty

    The everlasting beauty
    fades upon her face,
    Tears stream down
    her beautiful frown read more »

    Derrick Davis
  • 61.

    I dream of beauty, an image of such wonderful beauty.
    No garden of roses could match the beauty I see.
    No sculpture, no painting could capture such beauty.
    Only the angels in heaven above could have greater. read more »

    anon y. mous
  • 62.

    Beauty is sweet.

    It's like closing your eyes and tasting your first tropical fruit. read more »

    Styner MIlton
  • 63.

    So much beauty that I had not considered before in this appealing world
    Dissecting the images one by one
    Pulling apart the beholder's eye
    I discover: read more »

    Sarah Mariah
  • 64.
    A Strange Shiver.........

    A strange shiver of kindly feel,
    Veiled me all over,
    A crush i made on beauty of life,
    The beauty enclosing strings of codes... read more »

    abeer zehra
  • 65.
    Stunning Beauty

    Stunning beauty, stunning beauty,
    You're my lil cutie.
    Stunning beauty, stunning beauty
    I love how you make me go mutey. read more »

    Eric Garner
  • 66.

    Cut art off from beauty
    Beauty as too serious
    Passages on the love of beauty
    Complete action of some magnitude read more »

    Ghufran Raghib
  • 67.
    Beauty In You Boils Like Wine Yet You Are So Divine

    You are eternal so is love
    Everything is for change but not beauty of my love..
    Beauty in you is admired by all
    Here i'm as adorable not for all.. read more »

    Dr Vinay Sirigere
  • 68.
    Physical Beauty

    Physical beauty for those who have money set the pace
    for the human race
    place such high standards
    rate however the beauty within keeps showing throughout read more »

    David J. Pipkin
  • 69.
    my beauty hides

    my beauty hides behind walls and lies.
    she calls out but quites as the blade presses against my thighs.
    my beauty hides behind mistakes and tears.
    she smiles and pretends but she cant awake from her worst fears. read more »

    julie lopez
  • 70.
    Part One

    Your beauty made my heart skip a beat
    From the very first time we meet
    Your beauty comes from the smile on your lips
    Down to the curve of your hips read more »

    In your Absence
  • 71.

    Beauty is a precious
    Gift from God
    Trying to make
    Yourself beautiful is hard read more »

    erica johnson
  • 72.
    What is Beauty?

    What is beauty?

    The sight of the sun is harsh on the eyes
    But the golden rays shine life into the world read more »

    Jason Chen
  • 73.
    World of beauty

    Before I meet you I believe that there’s a limit for the beauty

    But when I see you I know that I was wrong read more »

    Walid Salame
  • 74.
    Beauty Lies On The Shore Of Disgust.


    Thunder is beauty
    The lightning is beauty, read more »

    Liam McColl
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