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Top 100 Poems About: BELIEVE

In this page, poems on / about “believe” are listed.
  • 1.
    I Believe

    I believe that the sun shines after the rain
    I believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain
    I believe in not doing things the easy way
    I believe that being selfish doesn’t pay read more »

    Sienna Harlequinn
  • 2.

    We believe in Marxfreudanddarwin.
    We believe everything is OK
    as long as you don't hurt anyone,
    to the best of your definition of hurt, read more »

    Steve Turner
  • 3.

    Believe in Love
    Believe in Faith
    Believe in Truth
    Believe that no matter what happens, you have the power to prevail read more »

    Chelsea Varvaro
  • 4.
    I believe in a second chance

    I believe that the sun shines after the rain
    I believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain
    I believe in not doing things the easy way
    I believe that being selfish doesn’t pay read more »

    egyptian heart
  • 5.
    Believe in Dreams

    Believe in dreams when you`re alone,
    When nothing makes your soul smile,
    If you don`t want to speak by phone
    And read by own written file. read more »

    Ekaterina Polischuk
  • 6.
    Believe Me

    Believe Me - God gave us the wisdom to know
    Believe Me - His wisdom is far greater than gold
    Believe Me - Our Creator knew us before we were born
    Believe Me - By grace we are linked to divinity read more »

    Grace Galasso St. Dawn,
  • 7.
    I Believe

    I believe in friendship
    And love at first sight
    I believe in happiness
    For which we should fight read more »

    Jessica Nychkalo
  • 8.
    The Aftermath

    When there's gun-fire and blasts,
    Lives wrecked in a mad-mans task,
    In the hurt and the grief
    Many children believe, read more »

    Angela Henderson
  • 9.
    I Believe

    I believe I shall succeed
    I believe I shall be an inspiration
    I believe my troubles are temporary
    I believe I shall be rich read more »

    samuel nze
  • 10.

    I believe
    I believe in a lot read more »

    Steven Piz.
  • 11.

    Not to say what everyone else was saying
    not to believe what everyone else believed
    not to do what everybody did,
    then to refute what everyone else was saying read more »

    Clere Parsons
  • 12.
    I Believe in Miracles

    I believe in rainbows and golden sunbeams
    i believe in hopes and dreams
    i believe in that old fable always told of old
    That at the rainbows end there's a pot of gold read more »

    Billie Jeanne James
  • 13.
    Identity controls behaviour

    Identity controls behaviour
    Identity controls emotions
    Identity controls how we think
    Identity controls behaviour. read more »

    Peter Hall
  • 14.
    Do you believe in love?

    Do you believe in you and me
    Do you believe we'll live happily
    Together read more »

    Debbie Fadoju
  • 15.
    ' BELIEVE '

    read more »

  • 16.
    I Believe

    I believe...
    That if everyone would love and respect each other,
    the world would be an incredible place. read more »

    Jim Butler
  • 17.
    I Believe

    I believe
    in one who sets me free
    I believe
    in one who heals me read more »

    amikkwe Garrison
  • 18.
    I believed

    I believed his lies
    I believed he cared
    I believed his promises
    I believed his compromises read more »

    Bricely Hernandez
  • 19.
    I believe that u

    I don’t know what to do with out you …. But
    I believe that you will guide me to finish my work
    I believe that you will take me back to my home
    I believe if I hurt you then you will forgive me read more »

    janardan bramhachari
  • 20.
    Believe in Angels

    Believe in Angels
    even if their wings are black
    believe in the Devil
    even if over his horns read more »

    Tomasz Jakubiak
  • 21.

    I believe i am wise enuff 2 amke my own choices
    i believe i can speak my mind n nt listen 2 other voices
    i believe i am nice enuff 2 forgive n forget
    i believe can do thins i wont regret read more »

    Shakima Kelly
  • 22.

    I don't believe in love
    I don't believe in fairy tales
    I believe in heartbreak
    I believe in sad endings read more »

    Alixis Whitwer
  • 23.

    Belief is a very powerful thing
    No matter what it is you believe in
    Belief can carry you very far
    When you have belief read more »

    Vermell Hewlett
  • 24.
    Hope Your Happy

    I can't
    I won't
    Believe You read more »

    Nichole Pettit
  • 25.
    Believe In Yourself

    Believe in yourself,
    And what you can be,
    And not what others,
    Think that you are, read more »

    Marva Seaton
  • 26.
    I Believe

    I believe.
    I believe that He was born for me.
    I believe that He forgave me long ago.
    I believe. read more »

    Miss Poetess
  • 27.
    I Believe

    I believe in Jesus Christ,
    I believe in his sacrifice,
    I believe he was the Son of Man,
    I believe his death was part of Gods plan. read more »

    Roy Thigpen
  • 28.
    Angels And Rain

    i used to believe in heaven
    that angel tears were the rain
    i used to believe in heaven
    then i felt pain read more »

    gabby sutherland
  • 29.
    Is There One or Many -new-

    Who is the almighty
    Who is "he" really
    Some say god
    Some say gods read more »

    Sara Nitcher
  • 30.
    I Believe

    I believe in the sun
    Even when it's not shining
    I believe in stars
    Even when the dark's not mighty read more »

    Chelsea Jean
  • 31.

    Belief is a strong force of the unknown it can push you into your future
    Believing that all things are possible if you only believe
    I can mean hope for a sick love one health it can can mean pushing for
    a job that you have hope for read more »

    Angela Pierce
  • 32.

    How sad it is, to be a loser
    How sad it is, to be lonely
    How sad it is, to find out that your parents
    doesn't believe in you, read more »

    Nabil Nazmi
  • 33.
    I believe in Love

    i believe you're there for me
    i believe it's true
    i believe it's for me to decide
    i believe it's faith that you see read more »

    Lana Zilberman
  • 34.
    I Believe in Nigeria

    I belive in Nigeria
    I believe in the dreams
    And aspirations of our fathers read more »

    Benjamin Chukwukadibia
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