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Top 100 Poems About: BIRTH

In this page, poems on / about “birth” are listed.
  • 1.
    Six Six Six Revealed (repeating cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

    Love brings war
    Love breeds hate
    Love births peace read more »

    Nicholas McDonough
  • 2.

    if i could wish upon a star
    i wish i had a magic car
    a magic car to take me places
    a magic car to see different faces read more »

    joanna xxx
  • 3.
    Macho Mans Dog

    Macho man once had a dog.
    A very nice dog.
    That dog found another dog.
    That dog got pregnant. read more »

    richmoo silverstein
  • 4.

    nature's touch
    that touches our heart so much.
    with the colours of vibgyor
    which makes the world seem yours read more »

    rakshit rajender
  • 5.
    A Mother's Love

    There is something about
    A Mothers' Love
    Akin to Gods' Love for
    His Son read more »

    Walter Lane
  • 6.
    Meth Haiku

    Gasped for air at birth
    Sped through life on red carpets read more »

    michelle soares
  • 7.

    She arrived at sight
    Engulfing my form upon first light Soft sounds emerged from her presence
    A calmness that emitted pleasance Her spectrums, an array of beauty
    An existence where birth, her only duty A soul on which we feast read more »

    William Leppo
  • 8.
    Starlight Eyes

    My star, sparkling shine, radial eye lost in dark blue night
    Shooting sight, reflective bright, holy traces from pointless fight
    Light of night, unholy plight, beautiful hope of sacred light
    Hope in sky, obsesive lie, demise my song of what I thought was right read more »

    Erasmo Rayon
  • 9.
    The discovery of fire…

    Darkness in, darkness out
    Sun, the only light
    And IT happened…
    That was awaited for long read more »

    kedar thapa
  • 10.
    I Love That Old Old Story

    I love that old old story that tells about Christ's Birth
    That time of year when peace on earth came on a midnight clear
    I love that old old story How Jesus came to earth
    That old old story about the Christ Childs birth read more »

    Ernestine J. Tebo, Bridge
  • 11.
    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
    It's already been a year
    Happy Birth day, Happy Birth day
    Your older than last yeAR read more »

    robert edwards
  • 12.
    Torches Of Heaven

    From the birth of light till the death of Time,
    The swift-swirling torches that sail our clime
    Were arrayed in rafters for the blue Earth
    In celestial patterns across the hearth. read more »

    Mosi Mustapha Gomina
  • 13.
    When I Ruled

    Decades before your birth
    I flooded the city with men
    Turning about on rotten sticks
    I did it for me read more »

    Ajibola Tolase
  • 14.
    There All The Time

    It was there all the time-
    In morning's dawn,
    In mid-day sun,
    In evening shadows. read more »

    Keith F. Arnold
  • 15.
    We Birth Pain

    This world births pain like clouds birth rain;
    children see what should't be.
    Elders pass within their last,
    elders passed..... read more »

    Skm Milk
  • 16.
    The stillness greets this netherworld

    The stillness greets this netherworld:
    For any words in it would create ripples and
    Consequently the lack of exactitude to derive any
    Meaning from a new birthed universe, read more »

    Oleh Wolansky
  • 17.

    Woe man some say
    Worth’s man I’d say
    Nine months, in you world exist
    Accept as a part of you and never resist. read more »

    Adegbite Akolade
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