Top 100 Poems About: BROTHER

In this page, poems on / about “brother” are listed.
  • 1.
    Ave atque Vale

    Through many countries and over many seas
    I have come, Brother, to these melancholy rites,
    to show this final honour to the dead,
    and speak (to what purpose?) to your silent ashes,
    since now fate takes you, even you, from me. read more »

    Gaius Valerius Catullus
  • 2.
    My Brother.....

    My Brother is so annoying
    My Brother is so sad
    My Brother drives me crazy
    it makes me wanna go mad. read more »

    Vanessa Hernandez
  • 3.
    Confessions of a Bound Soul

    Brother, my brother,
    How selfish was I
    While you seemed to struggle,
    I sat idly by read more »

    Amanda Saveley
  • 4.
    Growing Up

    Brother can you remember
    When we were both still small
    The fun we had, the talks we shared
    Looking back - we had it all read more »

    Tisa Buis
  • 5.
    my brother

    my brother's so sweet
    in times of need he is there

    my brother's so responsible read more »

    Len Maonio
  • 6.
    - It's All Relative: : Humour

    My mother’s brother’s sister’s name is Grace
    She’s my aunt and likes to go from place to place
    My mother’s sister’s brother’s name is Brad
    He’s my uncle and he is my cousin’s Dad read more »

    Alessandra Liverani
  • 7.
    A Tribute to a Brother

    To tribute to your kindness
    In words is not enough
    To tell of your caring
    For me and others is wasting time read more »

    Kathryn Thomas
  • 8.

    Brothers are family,
    And brothers are friends,
    Brothers stick together,
    Brothers have no end, read more »

    Brandon Sigourney
  • 9.
    my brother

    My Brother is ther one who helps me up when i have fallen.
    My brother is the one who is always saying no he cant be your boyfriend.
    My brother is the one who sticks up for me.
    My brother is the first one to fight for me. read more »

    breeanna mcelmurry
  • 10.
    My brother

    My brother
    My brother is my keeper
    My brother is my best friend
    My brother is my pain read more »

    Terry Coates
  • 11.
    For Bill - My Brother

    Who was aged five when I was born
    My brother
    Who hid my toys and broke my dolls
    My brother read more »

    Evelyn Macdonald
  • 12.
    What is a Brother?

    What is a brother?
    Someone who is there
    when you are hurting
    He picks you up read more »

    Hydia Hollins
  • 13.
    Brother, Brother

    Brother, Brother
    thank you for being there
    for me
    I know sometimes I want read more »

    Elisa Martinez
  • 14.
    Dont Ever Let GO

    Dont Ever Loose Your brother
    And always keep him near
    Never say you hate him
    Tell him your always there read more »

    Heather Hesse
  • 15.

    Wind blow
    Blow me far away
    Away from my grief read more »

    Barbara Attaway
  • 16.
    Brothers, Sisters

    I don’t care what skin you’re in
    You’re my brother
    And I love you read more »

    Jessica Nobubele Frame
  • 17.
    Big Brother

    Big Brother your sometimes a pain,
    Big Brother you've seen more than i have.
    Big Brother we sometimes fight.
    Big Brother you've always we're there for me, read more »

    Ashley Hall
  • 18.
    My Favorite Brother (because he's my only brother)

    read more »

    Nicki Faith
  • 19.
    Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

    Happy Birthday to you! !

    Happy Birthday Brother! read more »

    Pratisha Karki
  • 20.
    My Little Brother

    I had a little brother who played with me in the rain,
    I had a little brother who cried with me when I had pain,
    I had a little brother who'd sing me funny lullabys,
    I had a little brother who'd cry to me and love me. read more »

    Paloma Castaneda
  • 21.
    My brother? ?

    a big brother
    is a guy i love to be around
    he is a very close friend i found read more »

    Meghan Andrews
  • 22.
    Elder Brother

    <li>Elder brother elder brother
    Must let go the meal for the younger
    Elder brother elder brother
    So difficult being a leader read more »

    Onyekachukwu Vincent Onyeche
  • 23.
    An Expression Of Love

    My brother, do not fear of me
    I mean you no woe,
    Why not accept me into your flow?
    Why are you so afraid, to let me be? read more »

    Della Sarathi
  • 24.
    How I Feel About You Brother

    I may not often talk to you,
    I may behav like I dont bother,
    But do you really know how I feel,
    How I feel about you brother? read more »

    smita prabhugaonkar
  • 25.
    sisters and brothers

    I wish I had a sister, who would be there all the time
    I wish I had a brother, who would be all mine
    I wish I wasnt alone anymore just as I am
    so mabey I need to take a stand read more »

    jamika Eichelberger
  • 26.

    My Brother is my Best Friend
    How magical it is,
    When you share secrets
    With the one you love read more »

    Samuel Ogbole
  • 27.
    Bloved brother

    The first born of the family
    Brought happiness and prosperity
    Even his name represents that
    “Aklil” means “crown” in Tigrinya read more »

    selam mussie
  • 28.
    We Would All Be Brothers and Sisters

    We would all be Brothers and Sisters

    In my perfect world there would be no war read more »

    marie souline
  • 29.
    My Little Brother

    My little brother is full of joy
    One of the few things in life that I enjoy
    He always loves to go to the park
    But he’s still afraid of the dark read more »

    Daygo Juarez
  • 30.
    Relax Brother

    when you're angry
    relax brother

    when you're sad
    cool down brother read more »

    abang bulat
  • 31.
    Brother Brother

    “Brother Brother a long time has past 15 years since I’ve seen you last
    Your laughter and smile will never die like your spirit that fills the sky
    We have to look for your signs ever present in our lives
    Your voice echoes in the wind like a whisper from a friend read more »

    ryan ryan
  • 32.
    Be Yourself by Fritzgerald Paul

    Brothers and sisters have you ever wondered why do we kill one another?
    Is it because each one of us want to be on top like oil on water?
    Or is it because we like to watch one another suffer
    Brothers and sisters please be yourself read more »

    Fritzgerald Paul
  • 33.
    A Personel Manager's Niece

    Hello Friend I mean my brother
    Have you a job for my young daughter
    She is back from the middle east
    And on the computerised board and "reception read more »

    Marlene Thaddeus
  • 34.

    Brothers are a gift
    Respect each other
    If you want to go further
    I have a brother read more »

    Armghan Mirza
  • 35.
    Itachi Uchiha

    In his darkest hour
    This is his only memento, his brother
    Although faced with hatred by his brother
    Crying was his only was to say sorry read more »

    Joseph Hernandez
  • 36.
    Goodbye Brother

    Am off and gone,
    for my paradise is far,
    at least...paradise brother. read more »

    fate mcfate
  • 37.
    The War Game

    Marching into town they came,
    Bringing fear, dread
    Snatching fathers, brothers, sons,
    Never to be seen again read more »

    Jaya Jaspal
  • 38.


  • 39.

    We all fight for one thing
    we don't fight for our country
    we don't fight for family back home read more »

    Daniel Bielke
  • 40.
    Far Away Places

    They spread their imagined wings
    And fly
    To far away places
    That have no name. read more »

    John Guiney
  • 41.

    read more »

    K.R Relebogile Mafojane
  • 42.
    My brother.

    Don't ever lose your brother,
    and always keep him near.
    Never say you hate him,
    tell him you're always there! read more »

    Stacey Ann Hendry
  • 43.

    Brother Tree:
    Why do you reach and reach?
    Do you dream some day to touch the sky?
    Brother Stream: read more »

    Alfred Kreymborg
  • 44.
    It Was How I Remember And That’s Not How It Was

    It may have been Classic, yet not elegant
    It may have been Love, yet not romantic
    It may have been hidden, yet not unforeseen
    Yet none came to you read more »

    Oni Hayes
  • 45.
    Destiny, Or The Prisoner

    My brother born inside a cage,
    You'll die inside that place,
    My brother for a summer,
    The world was never yours to have, read more »

    Seth Proch
  • 46.
    My brother

    read more »

    Chwayita Betshe
  • 47.
    my brother

    my brother make me feel good

    my brother make me feel mad read more »

    prime niyinteretse
  • 48.
    My brother

    My brother
    What a crazy kid
    One day
    When my friend was over read more »

    Zac Catrambone
  • 49.
    little brother and me

    little brother and me
    we love to be seen
    little brother and me
    have never been seen read more »

    Kristian McEwen
  • 50.
    My brother.

    My brother's so sweet
    in time's of need.

    my brother's so responsible read more »

    amber day
  • 51.
    Half Blooded Brothers

    You my blood half or full were brothers, regardless of what you do to each other, you my brother half or full, .

    We keep each other good, you my brother half or full. We take care of each other, because we brothers half or full. read more »

    Arthur V. Miller III
  • 52.
    Where Eagles Fly

    The eagle circles high above the canyon caves
    the dolphin leaps through the ocean waves
    as we walk the promise land
    our heads held high giving not a helping hand read more »

    James Pendleton
  • 53.
    My Brother

    My Brother,
    I cannot express the sorrow I feel,
    But I know my God is real and I will heal….
    My Brother, read more »

    Nae Benedetto
  • 54.
    Lil' Bro

    You really,
    Give me,
    Positive energy,
    Lil' brother, read more »

    YvU Ano
  • 55.
    Are You Sleeping

    are you sleeping are you sleeping
    yes brother john; yes brother john
    bells are ringing ding dong ding dong read more »

    usman ahmed
  • 56.
    Baby Brother

    I have have a baby brother
    Born May 3 1989
    He is the last of Three read more »

    Jessy Garcia
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