Top 100 Poems About: BUTTERFLY

In this page, poems on / about “butterfly” are listed.
  • 1.
    Butterfly, Butterfly

    butterfly, butterfly
    fly in the sky
    butterfly, butterfly
    flies so high read more »

    Adryan Bates
  • 2.
    Butterfly, Butterfly

    Hoping to catch your eye
    Circling around you, oh my
    Butterfly, butterfly, come into the light
    Oh, what a beautiful sight read more »

    Sharon Adamson
  • 3.
    Of The Boy and Butterfly

    Behold, how eager this our little boy
    Is for a butterfly, as if all joy,
    All profits, honours, yea, and lasting pleasures,
    Were wrapped up in her, or the richest treasures read more »

    John Bunyan
  • 4.
    The Butterfly

    As love falls down from the sky,
    It lands on the wings of a butterfly.
    The butterfly sings it's songs and rhymes,
    And flies through the air, No concept of time. read more »

    Heather Reneé Adamkiewicz
  • 5.

    Butterfly; butterfly fly away,
    teach me how to be as free as free can be.

    Butterfly; butterfly I see you there, read more »

    Ashley Landry
  • 6.
    Ode to a Butterfly

    Butterfly, oh butterfly, why do you hide in the shadows?
    Spread wide your wings, let your heart sing
    And come dance with me in the meadow read more »

    Sheri Walters
  • 7.
    Butterfly Kisses

    There’s one thing I know,
    That I hold close to me
    My dreams are drifting
    Off and onto the sea read more »

    AnneMarie Hewlett
  • 8.
    Butterfly Free

    read more »

    dawn bailey
  • 9.
    Butterfly Wishes

    Butterfly, flutterby
    Come to me
    Take me to Mexico
    On your delicate wing. read more »

    Jennie Scheihing
  • 10.
    Love and the butterfly

    Love is like a butterfly
    never here nor there
    high or low
    not really watching where to go. read more »

    lizzy Sydney
  • 11.
    I saw a Butterfly Today

    I saw a butterfly today
    Small and green with no wings
    Crawlsing into shadows\hiding from a world who ignores it's subtle beauty
    Afraid to never be noticed...appreciated read more »

    Venos Tricon
  • 12.

    A butterfly can fly away,
    A butterfly can be a kiss,
    A butterfly can be such a gaze,
    A butterfly can die just like that. read more »

    Candice Anderson
  • 13.

    Will your wings curl up at the first sign of frost
    Will you hide away when the winter comes read more »

    Michael S...
  • 14.
    My Butterfly

    You are my butterfly
    So graceful and beautiful
    You are my loving butterfly
    I'm so glad that I have you as my butterfly read more »

    Nicole Mead
  • 15.
    The Butterfly

    there was once a beautiful butterfly,
    it would flutter its perfectly patterned,
    wings high in the blue open sky.
    every other butterfly would cry out, read more »

    Not Long Left
  • 16.

    Butterflies, butterflies,
    Beautiful butterflies
    Wings spread out
    For everyone to see read more »

    charlie birkett
  • 17.
    Sweet Nuptial Dream

    Oh fluttering pretty butterfly
    At your make I gasp with daze
    Let me join your dazzling dance
    Laced with grace of swaggering steps read more »

    O. Abbas Mimiko
  • 18.

    Flying by
    Flying as high
    As the blue sky read more »

    Kimberly Wares
  • 19.
    I captured a butterfly in a jar

    I captured a butterfly in a jar
    I danced around in the grass for hours
    Chasing it down stumbling falling laughing
    Making the chase the most rewarding read more »

    Joe Rivas
  • 20.

    Beautiful, Colourful, Graceful
    Flies, Flutters, Dances, Sings, Lands
    Purple, Blue, Green read more »

    Natalie Sapphire
  • 21.

    Why am I human?
    Was it God who made me this way?
    But how, I don’t believe in God
    Why am I not a butterfly? read more »

    Sarah Solomon
  • 22.
    I Saw a Butterfly

    I saw a butterfly
    I saw him well
    The tears were in his eyes
    They burned like hell read more »

    Ayobami Idowu
  • 23.


    Butterfly logic is the intelligence of beauty. These poems represent my attempts at butterfly logic. read more »

    Larry Jaffe
  • 24.
    Little Butterfly

    Hold it gently
    let it fly
    Beautiful little butterfly
    squeeze it tightly read more »

    Penni Currie
  • 25.
    My Butterfly

    My little butterfly
    So fragile In your flight
    In your summer sky
    Or In the cool velvet night read more »

    michael Patrick clarke
  • 26.

    a butterfly
    on the lawn
    in front of me read more »

    Ellie Daphne van Stralen
  • 27.
    Butterfly (Children's Poem)

    Mother wants to catch a beautiful butterfly
    To put on in my pink dress
    And bring me to stroll down the street read more »

    Hsiu Lee
  • 28.

    Butterflies, butterflies sitting on the flowers,
    Butterflies, butterflies can you see the colours?
    You fly with colourful wings,
    And your wings are covered with beautiful rings! read more »

    Ritusmera Mundakkal
  • 29.
    Butterflies Are Freedom

    When butterflies fly
    they say, 'This is hope.'

    When butterflies laugh, read more »

    J. Evelyn Sears
  • 30.
    A Butterfly

    A butterfly -
    What dream
    is making your wings flutter? read more »

    Kaga no Chiyo
  • 31.
    A Butterfly

    A butterfly so bueatiful
    flying around in the garden.
    It love the flowers
    Yellow read more »

    Rikki Dolphin
  • 32.
    Butterfly Butterfly

    Butterfly butterfly, fly high to the sky,
    Let everyone see how beautiful you are,
    Among thousands you stand out, why lie,
    Flutter those wings till everyone says “Wah”! read more »

    Charles Wamuti
  • 33.
    Butterfly Thoughts

    As fragile as a butterfly wing
    as swiftly blown away
    my memories take flight at times,
    sail to some distant bay read more »

    Brenda Firth
  • 34.

    You were sent down from above
    To fill my world with joy and Happiness
    To take away all my anger and sadness
    And to fill my heart with love read more »

    Kelli D. Williams
  • 35.
    When Butterflies Dance

    When butterflies flutter and flare about
    To the music of liberty as you are set apart
    When all around seems bleak and taste upon doubt
    Butterflies at play to the drum of your prevalent heart. read more »

    Gretchen Samuels
  • 36.

    What happened to butterlfies
    What happened to elevation
    Belief to fly
    Belief to hold nothing back read more »

  • 37.
    Black Black Butterfly

    Black Black butterfly flitting so
    Freely through the warm sky
    How you are so misunderstood
    And under appreciated read more »

    Danielle Beechum
  • 38.
    butterfly fly away

    You tucked me in, turned out the light
    Kept me safe and sound at night
    Little girls depend on things like that read more »

    zack horton
  • 39.
    I LET GO…

    Butterfly, butterfly, don’t leave me,
    The world is very cruel, so stay with me,
    I’ll give all that you need, will be a sister and a friend,
    Just stay with me and let our friendship extend. read more »

    Shiny Star
  • 40.
    Red Butterfly

    Watch, see, with glee
    flitting fast past a tree
    Children chase, hear their cry
    'Flutter by, read more »

    Kathleen Grigsby
  • 41.
    Goodbye Butterfly

    Goodbye, to my, little butterfly
    I keep your imprint, tucked deeply, in to my mind
    The pieces of me, that you have brushed
    Are cold and brusied, by your gentle touch read more »

    Paige M. Johnson
  • 42.
    My butterfly friend

    My butterfly friend
    through the fluttering of whispers
    i love to hear but one, read more »

    Colleen Delaney
  • 43.
    Where The Butterflies Go

    Fluttering gracefully, without making a sound.
    Higher and higher the butterflies are bound.
    Wing's floating lightly, on the crisp air.
    Fluttering wing's bigger, than butterflies body. read more »

    Pearletta Pate
  • 44.
    Butterfly, Butterfly

    Butterfly, Butterfly
    flew so high.
    Butterfly, Butterfly
    caught my eye. read more »

    Eve Walker
  • 45.
    Butterfly Laughter

    butterfly flutters
    a playful summer breeze
    the world is her home read more »

    Robert Allison
  • 46.

    I saw some butterflies flutter by
    They make my garden come alive
    They light on the pansies and the petunias too
    Then flutter on in a second or two read more »

    Evelyn Gillies
  • 47.
    Yellow Butterfly.

    Gently flapping it's thin wings,
    A butterfly lands upon my fingers,
    And upon a soft breeze it leaves,
    Yet it's delicate presence lingers. read more »

    Rayne Goddard
  • 48.

    Butterfly, butterfly,
    Hopping, fluttering, colours
    Why won't you stay for a while?
    You look so pretty read more »

    Sally Davis
  • 49.

    When i am feeling down,
    i go outside and look around
    for a butterfly.
    They always get me feeling gay! read more »

    bradley cox
  • 50.
    Butterflies in My Head

    Butterflies in My Head..

    Like colors in a beautiful Rainbow that stretches across the Sky
    An Eagle soaring free and high read more »

    Lorene Erwin
  • 51.
    Butterflies through a Kaleidoscope

    Butterflies, with psychedelic wings
    Moving gracefully in a kaleidoscope
    Sparkling waves of life and light read more »

    Janmejay Singh
  • 52.
    A joyful boy

    A butterfly begins to fly
    a sudden shock comes crashing by
    a web net looking type of thing
    a boy in joy and about to sing. read more »

    monique jason
  • 53.
    A Butterfly Flaps Inside

    A visitor from heaven
    Has made me its home
    A butterfly flaps inside… read more »

    Akhila Rajesh
  • 54.
    The Butterfly Bush

    I planted me, a Butterfly Bush,
    a Butterfly Bush, a Butterfly Bush,
    I planted me, a Butterfly Bush,
    To see if it were true, read more »

    cheryl davis miller
  • 55.
    The Butterfly

    read more »

    Morgan Snow
  • 56.
    God bless all gravity

    Oh butterfly, Oh butterfly
    If only you knew why
    fluttering so whimsically
    if you could only see read more »

    Madrason writer
  • 57.
    Poetry In The 21st Century

    So what is this poem about?
    - It's about a butterfly…
    But what does the butterfly stand for?
    - The butterfly is a butterfly. read more »

    Patrick Kemspke
  • 58.

    I felt the first Butterfly-kisses
    when i was a little girl
    my grandparents feel me that way
    the day i never known read more »

    Mary Lare Bagioso
  • 59.
    My new butterfly

    My new butterfly

    Waiting on your convenience
    Committed to your colors read more »

    adam holden
  • 60.
    Emerging Butterfly

    Emerging butterfly

    Emerging butterfly
    Your little world grew too small read more »

    Michael Pyatt
  • 61.
    A Poem For Anna

    Anna Marie O Sullivan I could see tomorrow in your eyes
    I could see a future from our very first line
    I could see our cocoon release our butterfly in time read more »

    Tim Howard
  • 62.
    Butterfly Fly

    Fly little butterfly fly, for you are beauty and free.
    Ever changing, ever transforming.

    I am changing, I am forming, I am growing. read more »

    Elizabeth Gaytan
  • 63.
    Farewell Butterfly Blue

    My life is changed by a butterfly
    Whose wings are as soft as a cloudy sky
    Blue satin wings that thrill my heart
    Haunting my soul while we’re apart read more »

    Psaltydog's Thoughts
  • 64.
    Hey, Butterfly! Butterfly!

    Hey! butterfly! butterfly!
    Come by me
    and tell me of your dreams. read more »

    Brian Farrugia
  • 65.
    The Quiet Butterfly

    The Quiet Butterfly,
    Was All Alone,
    Sitting in Her Cocoon,
    As She had Grown, read more »

    Mia Zeglinski
  • 66.

    A candil burns in my room,
    And a butterfly on the wall.
    It waits until the night die down;
    The butterfly on the wall. read more »

    Ali Osman Kurun
  • 67.
    A true lover

    Did you frown on reading what he wrote?
    Never mind,
    The aches of freezing in his heart all he’s got.
    A true butterfly, flies even after hail storms! ! read more »

    comrade 7(seven)
  • 68.
    Butterfly Pig

    Butterfly Pig
    by Ted L Glines

    Ah, the strange and elusive read more »

    Ted L Glines
  • 69.
    The Butterfly Of Fall

    On a mossy stony wall
    At the peaceful time of fall
    A lovely butterfly there did sit
    With many a man trying to capture it read more »

    The Anonymous Writer
  • 70.
    For A Sandy Hook Child, With Butterflies

    Where does the butterfly go
    when lightning rails, when thunder howls,
    when hailstones scream, when winter scowls
    and nights compound dark frosts with snow? read more »

    Michael Burch
  • 71.
    The Crow and The Butterfly

    Ever wonder why the Crow chases the Butterfly?
    Have you ever heard the Crow let out it's cry?
    I think I found out why...
    It's quite the interesting story, I had to pry.. read more »

    Joe Gosart
  • 72.
    Die and Be loved

    There was this butterfly
    Who had loved a white rose
    But the rose doesn't love him
    ' When will you learn to love me? ', the butterfly asked read more »

    Rosemary (ruth) Daguio
  • 73.
    Butterfly # Funny Story #


    today i calmly sat in a park bench,
    a butterfly came dangling resting on my elbow,
    it's magnificent beauty reminded me about my childhood. read more »

    Prince Froggy Mwalimu
  • 74.

    Butterfly butterfly
    Away you fly
    Up on the sky
    Fly so high read more »

    Barati Lesetlhe
  • 75.

    I am but a butterfly
    See me spread my wings and fly
    Fields and Gardens are my kingdom
    Watch me savouring my freedom read more »

    Danielle Dona
  • 76.
    The Butterfly Effect

    Story Line:

    We all wish we could change something about our life be it our size the way we act and even our personality but what hurts us the most is that are not comfortable not even with our name. read more »

    Rupert ColePalmer
  • 77.
    Butterfly In Stomach

    Boy, Now a days you are reason of mine happiness and delight
    from the moment You said 'I'm that much comfortable with you that We can fight''
    But Boy, You hated me and I hated You
    may be before i didn't want to change my perceptions, but now I do read more »

    Anuj Raj Singh
  • 78.
    Chasing Butterflies

    I keep on chasing butterflies
    They never come to me
    My heart is always breaking
    but no one's around to see read more »

    Margaret Hart
  • 79.
    The sin of an invisible smile

    As set on this throne within I know no joy

    Ask I spick to you from another world they could only fail even still they try to make smile the butterfly's dance giving there all to make me smile but I can only smirk they could only fail read more »

    cortez the dark all seer
  • 80.
    My Butterfly

    Go little butterfly

    Dusty cocoon abandon read more »

    Joyce Bridle (Oblate) OSB
  • 81.

    flatter to there flowers
    that they know of as there own
    colors are so beautiful read more »

    tina bbb
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