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Top 100 Poems About: CANDY

In this page, poems on / about “candy” are listed.
  • 1.
    Cotton Candy

    Sugar, sugar, sugar
    Sugar, sugar, sugar
    Sugar, sugar, sugar
    Ummm… read more »

    Sugar Bear
  • 2.

    This poem is not really about Candy. It's about temptation. I used the word 'Candy' metaphorically. It's up to the reader to know what this poem is really about.

    I went to buy candy this morning
    10 am read more »

    Lynn El Amine
  • 3.
    I Like My Mother

    There's candy
    Good dreams read more »

  • 4.
    Candy Princess

    I found a Candy Princess,
    Lips bubblegum pink
    Eyes sour apple green
    I found a Candy Princess read more »

    Alyce Crowley
  • 5.
    Candy Coated Dream

    Such bitter sweetness falls within a candy coated dream
    the place where hope extends beyond the sugar coated scheme
    as we dance and dance, around the candy cane sticks
    Prancing hand in hand, as we come to one we both lick read more »

    Nyrical Poet
  • 6.
    Candy Land

    Candy land Candy land,
    chocolate sand,
    Candy land, Candy land,
    let me hold your sugary hand. read more »

    Ivan Ramirez N
  • 7.
    Candy Wonderland

    Imagine a candy wonderland
    Filled to the top with yummy things to eat
    Fences made of marshmallow
    And roofs carved of ginger bread read more »

    Sophia Engel
  • 8.
    Candy 'n I

    As I walked coyly into a thrilling candy shop
    Brimming with children so amazed
    that their eyes would fully pop
    i carefully observe chocolates read more »

    Eman obied
  • 9.
    My Chocolate Day

    I can eat chocolate all day.
    What can I say!
    I love chocolate.
    I love chocolate candy. read more »

    Patricia Kelley
  • 10.
    Candy Castle

    A castle made of candy
    It is not at all sandy
    There are talking trees
    With lots of candy leaves. read more »

    Lianah Quero
  • 11.
    A Cherry Blossom

    read more »

    Demetra Theotikos
  • 12.
    The Candy Man

    Come my child,
    Come & play for a while.
    I have candy & sweets for you,
    If you’re a good boy I’ll give you cakes too. read more »

    Yazzy Nixon
  • 13.
    Sugar Rush

    Feel like a child in a candy store
    Mom says I can't have more
    All looks so lovely so colorful so tasty
    Pink blue starry shaped some skew read more »

    Lindsay Maasdorp
  • 14.
    The Sexy Ginger Bread Man

    On his body is a ginger bread thong
    To soften you up he sings a sweet sugar song
    If you hit on him he’ll play along read more »

    Paul Celano
  • 15.
    candy wonderland

    as i walk through the doors all i see
    is a wonderland full of sweet candy
    lemondrops and lollipops, gumball galore
    and green candy grass covers the floor! read more »

    kaitlin jackowicz
  • 16.
    Candy Land

    It always starts out simple,
    maybe something sweet.
    Just a little candy, no harm
    at all. read more »

    Blake Foxx
  • 17.

    Candy is so dandy
    its yummy to my tummy
    but daddy says it rots your teeth
    and sadly so does mommy read more »

    Jenna Bozza
  • 18.
    Valentine's Day

    Cards, candy, necklaces and rings!
    Men with their girlfriends,
    Down on their knees.
    Small candy hearts, read more »

    Jade Buehler
  • 19.

    read more »

    candy simpson
  • 20.

    Crisp, not clean
    I wish i had the candy that's been

    It's gone down her throat read more »

    Imaan Mulji
  • 21.
    Candy cane laughter

    read more »

    Amy Woods
  • 22.
    The Candy Was Sweet

    Innocently trusting, she approached the car.
    This sweet little girl of nine.
    O, the pity, mother never explained,
    strangers can be unkind! A piece of candy, is all it took, read more »

    William Roseboro Sr.
  • 23.
    Gloria, life's Glorious! - A villanelle

    Her nights burn with passion, sweet candies and kisses,
    Like a phantom she appeared, passing by the window
    Wouldn't someone save her before life passes by and hisses? read more »

    Alice Nguyen
  • 24.

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    candy is sweet I love you read more »

    Gineva Strejc
  • 25.

    See the moon
    Hear the moon read more »

    Sally Ann Scheib
  • 26.
    Junk Food

    french fries
    ice cream
    cup cakes read more »

    kendra stevens
  • 27.
    Cutie Pie

    Cup cakes and cotton candy
    Sugar plums and honey buns
    Sweet potatoes and candy yams read more »

    shaniqua hudson
  • 28.
    Intercourse Candy

    Candy, candy
    Down to my knees.
    Sugar, sugar
    Only once please. read more »

    Korupi Murrenus
  • 29.
    I hate

    I hate the ways
    Cold weather stays
    Longer than it should
    I hate candy read more »

    Josh Sternberg
  • 30.
    Rememberance of a Father

    I search for words so profound to say about a man I call my father
    He is a man of honesty and never stood to be lied too he never would have bothered
    He was a man who enjoyed his beer.
    I remember fondly, of listening to his laughing and jokes and cheer. read more »

    Paul Wilson
  • 31.

    Broken heart Lollipop
    Got it at the candy shop
    Broken heart Lollipop
    How did we end up like this read more »

    Dave Correia
  • 32.

    It's here! It's here! ! !
    Joyous squeals of delight are all we hear.
    For the Grand Carnival is here. read more »

    Siri Atluri
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