Top 100 Poems About: CAR

In this page, poems on / about “car” are listed.
  • 1.
    Animals in Clothes

    Animals in clothes I see
    Driving cars or sipping tea
    Animals in clothes I see
    But they don't know what they are read more »

    Egal Bohen
  • 2.

    From the angels from heaven up above
    they send you their dearest love.
    They are always also at your side
    to protect, heal and help you all the time. read more »

    Suzae Chevalier
  • 3.
    A car

    read more »

    Mr. Bean
  • 4.

    if i could wish upon a star
    i wish i had a magic car
    a magic car to take me places
    a magic car to see different faces read more »

    joanna xxx
  • 5.

    CARS are a wonderful invention -
    to be sure!
    They transport us to all kinds of places -
    they even win races read more »

    Dorris Hameditoloui
  • 6.
    Bipolar Barbie.

    There was this
    Barbie-doll girl I knew
    who grew
    into a Barbie-doll woman. read more »

    Mary X
  • 7.
    Accident On Purpose

    If you purposely crash your car,
    Into someone else on the tar,
    Is it still called an accident?
    Either way, in an accident your car may not be bent, read more »

    Scott Kollodge
  • 8.
    New Car

    I go and get my new car today, boy I'm so excited
    I chose it yesterday, I can't wait to be reunited
    It's shiny and black with alloy wheels and a spoiler on the back. read more »

    Melanie Harris
  • 9.
    Rocket Race Car

    I was born for driven dirt race car's
    I'm not made for pavin long roads
    I ain't cut out to climb high line poles
    But I'm pretty good at driven my race car's read more »

    chester wellborn
  • 10.

    Almost everybody has one, but what little thought we give them.
    We drive our cars to work and school but even then we don't give our cars much thought.
    You go from one exteme to the other, one guy might pay about $20,000 for a car, while another may pay $150,000 for a car. read more »

    Sean Bitikofer
  • 11.
    Fast Car

    Like the car he drives,
    He will pass you in the fast lane of life,
    Like the blaring music from his car,
    He loves life and a good joke, read more »

    Jamie Drake
  • 12.
    Drag Race

    A loud crakle feels the morning sky
    The engine that turns makes the Drag tires fry
    As the tree lights up the cars get very loud
    and as they leave the line the cars departure a thick white cloud read more »

    Donald Duty 2nd
  • 13.
    Short Funny Poem

    Tinkle, Tinkle little car
    How I wonder what you are. read more »

    namratha jyothi
  • 14.
    Cars Past and Present

    We the English, once renouned
    produced vehicles with appeal
    crammed with character
    crammed with style. read more »

    Roger Bussey
  • 15.
    a drive by in brooklyn

    read more »

    jana blakley
  • 16.

    the car trudges along
    hubcap missing read more »

    Meredith Sheives
  • 17.

    Cars cars they take you to drink
    The more you drink the less you think
    The less you think the more you'll drive
    Yet if you drive you won't survive read more »

    Matt Owen
  • 18.

    With a precise hand, palm
    facing the earth, I'd stretch
    my arm out the car window,
    convinced that at the right speed read more »

    Anthony Parker
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