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Top 100 Poems About: CAT

In this page, poems on / about “cat” are listed.
  • 1.

    Black cats, blue cats
    white cats, grey cats
    Round and thin, stray cats
    Tall and short, they come in all sorts read more »

    David Darbyshire
  • 2.
    A cat is a cat

    A cat is a cat

    A cat on the lap
    Is a cat in the house read more »

    Karin Holloway
  • 3.
    Cat Not Bad

    A bad man
    made a boat
    boat to ferry
    ferry for village read more »

    madan Mee
  • 4.

    Cats, cats,
    Glamorous cats,
    Some are skinny,
    Some are fat, read more »

    Kezia Nilsen
  • 5.
    Cats, cats

    Cats, cats,
    such fluffy fur,
    cats, cats,
    a beautiful purr. read more »

    Abbie Howard
  • 6.
    Funny - Fat Cat

    Once, there was a white cat
    Who was really, really fat
    So fat
    She looked like a bat read more »

    Rita El Khoury
  • 7.
    Fat Cats

    cats are fat
    when they
    too read more »

    Bobert Smithsonian III
  • 8.
    The Cat of All Cats

    My Cat is the cat of all cats
    For she is like a beautiful Painting
    She sleeps and awakes in the early morning
    To demand her requests for the day. read more »

    Kim Day
  • 9.
    The Cat

    The Cat, is only given nine lives to use wisely, and that he did not.
    The Cat, he creeps and he crawls in search of the curious.
    The Cat, he sneaks and he sprawls and sleeps with the mysterious.
    The Cat, slept with another Cat's lady read more »

    Arynn D. Akins
  • 10.

    Cats are furry and feel warm to the touch
    Cats purr sometimes softly and sometimes loudly
    Cats have a mind
    Of their own read more »

    Emily Krauss
  • 11.
    M is for Malcolm

    M is for Malcolm
    I once owned a cat.

    A is for aristocratic read more »

    Malcolm Bacchus
  • 12.

    Fat cats
    Skinny cats
    Fluffy cats
    Short haired cats read more »

    jess kisss
  • 13.
    Morning Conversation

    'She's busy making coffee', said the pup.
    'Yah', said the cat, 'she just got up'.
    'We all just got up' said the pup.
    'Yah', said the cat, 'she's filling her cup'. read more »

    Connie Yost
  • 14.
    Have You Ever Seen A Cat That Could Dance?

    I don't remember a witch
    ...but there was a black cat,
    who sat down beside me
    and told me that - read more »

    Kenny Love
  • 15.
    The big cat and the fudge

    I was walking to school one day
    When a huge cat stepped in my way
    I offered the large cat some fudge
    And asked if it would kindly budge read more »

    Monique Sapla
  • 16.
    bad cat

    ignore that cat
    don't feed her
    you know you won't keep her read more »

    Kitty Marie Lucas
  • 17.
    A Cat, A Bat, A Rat and A Mat

    A cat and a bat
    Were sitting on a large mat,
    Trying to make dinner
    Of a small, little rat. read more »

    Aryaman Naik
  • 18.
    My Fat Cat

    My cat is funny and she Loves days that are sunny 
    also loves to chase bunnies

    She is fat and she wears a hat.

    She is such a thief 
    She stole all my sweets. read more »

    Lum Huynh
  • 19.
    A Rumpus

    Dog and Cat,
    Around they go.
    Dog is excited,
    But Cat takes it slow. read more »

    Ryan Brooks
  • 20.

    When I am old I plan to live in a trailer full of cats.
    I'll talk cat talk and walk cat walk
    and dream of birds and rats.
    I'll eat cat tuna and meow at the moona read more »

    cookie platterkrautenfluglehofel
  • 21.
    The Dog And The Cat

    I saw the dog and the cat
    Both sitting gently on the mat
    Hearing the cat miaowing
    I know its happening read more »

    Chris Ekong
  • 22.
    That Orange Cat

    That orange cat, which sit on top of the desk,

    Looking sad as like someone dead, read more »

    fara alfiee
  • 23.
    The Cat and The Gnat

    There was a cat with a stylish hat,
    The cat sat on a red gymnastics mat.
    There was a teeny-tiny gnat,
    Much too small to fit in the cat's hat, read more »

    Joseph D. Smith
  • 24.
    Slow And Steady (Based on the Tortoise and the Hare)

    This is one of my first poems......
    I wrote this in the sixth-grade when we were given a class-assignment to write a story adaptation on THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE. And I just HAPPENED to ask my teacher if we could write it in poem form instead; to my delight, she said yes! We had half-an-hour to write a story and I scribbled down my poem as fast as I could. This is the poem I 'scribbled down frantically, '- unchanged. And though it's childish.... I'll never be able to forget that first stepping stone. read more »

    Mariam Taufeeq
  • 25.
    The Cat

    Hey look its a cat,
    He is laying on my mat!
    Wow my cat is fat
    what can i say he is a lazy cat read more »

    Duck Doger
  • 26.
    Sleeping With Cats, Or Trying To

    From 'Dating at Fifty' a collection of poems about the quest for love in middle age read more »

    Allan Thorne
  • 27.
    The Cat and the Dog

    Once upon a time a cat
    And a dog, silently followed by a rat
    Set out on a journey
    To the land of Timberney read more »

    Vignesh Venkatesan
  • 28.
    Always That

    Many cats have passed my way
    Made cupboard love, and come to stay
    And then moved on, or stretched a while,
    Purring on the welcome mat, read more »

    Sue Oxley
  • 29.

    The Cat looks out the window.
    It waits her bowl for food.
    She is at her litter box.
    She moves swiftly around the house. read more »

    Monkey 7073
  • 30.

    IT SIGNS LOVE FOR EVER. read more »

  • 31.
    The Night Belongs To Cats

    Most revellers have long since fled,
    And I, alone, am out of bed,
    Walking the streets so still and dead,
    The night belongs to cats. read more »

    Graeme Williams
  • 32.
    The Metaphysical Cat

    You catch that cat, shouted the Regent,
    For it the Law can't be so linient,
    The foreign cat which does not give a dime
    The Balkan cat, illegal and supine read more »

    Mircea Dinescu
  • 33.
    The Cat

    The cat runs up to his master
    The master looks onward
    The cat meows to his master
    The master looks onward read more »

    Brodie Tumbleson
  • 34.
    im in love with CATS

    Cats are tasty
    Cats are good
    Cats I love best
    Are cats from my hood read more »

    duvens josephs
  • 35.
    As the Cat

    As the cat lies,
    The cat dies, read more »

    Emma Hatch
  • 36.

    Cats are friendy,
    Cats are fun.
    Cats are cute and
    Cats love milk. read more »

    Kannan Kannan
  • 37.
    cat and rat

    There was a cat
                who cried and sad
                         cause the only cheese he had
                                   had been seized by a big big rat read more »

    fera nugroho
  • 38.
    Machiavelli's Pussycat

    My cat sang a song to the bird at the glass
    Expressed his desire of making minds meet
    My cat made a promise of making time pass
    With most sincere cluckings and warblings discreet read more »

    Andrew Apel
  • 39.
    My Cat

    My cat is supper amazing,
    I could pet her all day
    And not even care.
    My cat’s so very nice. read more »

    Donna Oliver
  • 40.
    My Cats, Past and Present

    The pain I felt when I lost you
    I still can't believe it was true
    You left my life unexpectedly
    And left me so lonely read more »

    Neerusha Chuttoorgoon
  • 41.
    cats and dogs

    cats, cats, cats
    suc a lovely pet
    don't give them a bath
    they hate to get wet read more »

    joanaly alvarez
  • 42.
    The Witch And The Cat

    there was once a witch,
    who loved to sew and stich,
    with her she had a cat,
    who could make all kind of hats read more »

    kanika varma
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