Top 100 Poems About: CHANGE

In this page, poems on / about “change” are listed.
  • 1.

    Said the sun to the moon,
    You cannot stay. read more »

    Kathleen Jessie Raine
  • 2.
    The Course of Life, Time, And Events and The Process of Change

    Time or fate may separate friends, lovers,
    But friendship or love that's true will ever
    Thenceforth continue to live forever,
    True love conquers the odd with its power. read more »

    Merlin Archivilla
  • 3.

    Many says, I want change
    Want change in my time
    Want change in my life
    I want a change badly read more »

    Kranthi Pothineni
  • 4.

    as we get older we change
    the people around us change
    but do we realy realize that we change
    we can notice a change in others but read more »

    mandy mayhem
  • 5.
    Change, The Inevitable.

    Change is to one man the death of a friend,
    To another the birth of a child.
    Change is the shifting of soft winds of spring,
    to a hurricane deadly and wild. read more »

    Jake Harris
  • 6.
    I Wish It Would Change

    I wish it would change.

    The urge to cut my self. read more »

    Tiara Neal
  • 7.

    Change is a challenge
    Change is a fear
    Change is the change of mind
    Change is a change of attitude read more »

  • 8.

    A change in time, a change in place
    A change of jobs, a change of pace
    change your style or change your friends
    change your path and change the end read more »

    Ethan Allen
  • 9.
    Do not just long for a change, know how to accept it

    Nothing is permanent
    Except the change
    Change is a necessary phenomenon
    In an active system read more »

    Bashyam Narayanan
  • 10.
    Α ν α γ έ ν ν η σ η τ η ς Γ η ς

    'Tis like terra's changing
    But there's no change,
    'Tis like ev'rything's moving
    But with no range; read more »

    Justin Okwarachukwu
  • 11.
    Change Me O God

    Change my heart O God
    Make me a righteous person like You
    Change my mind O God
    Let me think wise in everything I do read more »

    Jennie Nguyen
  • 12.
    I Will Not Change

    i will not change
    i will not change
    i will not change for you
    i will not change for anybody read more »

    Ashley Dietz
  • 13.

    Truth was there at the beginning of the beginning

    Truth was there at beginning of the beginning of the beginning read more »

    Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya
  • 14.
    Ladies And Gentlemen In Outer Space

    Here is my philosophy:
    Everything changes (the word "everything"
    has just changed as the
    word "change" has: it now read more »

    Ron Padgett
  • 15.
    Courage to Change

    It takes courage to change yourself
    It takes courage to reach out to someone
    To admit that you can't do it by yourself. read more »

    Renee Tidmore
  • 16.
    Will Change change?

    What will happen to change?
    Will change change as all things?
    Or will it develop immunity read more »

    ifedayo oshin
  • 17.

    Seasons come and go
    Sceneries change over time
    Nothing stays the same read more »

    Brenda Poole
  • 18.
    While sitting in my office

    How my necessity of tea have changed
    into my fondness of coffee.
    How my allies of maverick friends have changed
    into group of professional bevy. read more »

    Himanshu Agrawal
  • 19.
    changing the world

    changing the world
    is never an easy task

    because the minds of man never want to change read more »

    Frederick J.B. Moore II
  • 20.

    I thought some things never changed
    I didn't think all horizons expanded
    Only certain things seemed to falter
    The others seemed too perfect to alter read more »

    Jessica Thomas
  • 21.
    A Changer Change

    A change we need
    A change I believe in
    A change starting with me
    A change starting with you read more »

    Adetimilehin Inioluwa
  • 22.

    Things change
    People change
    Minds change
    Love changes read more »

    Royal Akuaku
  • 23.

    Change not mean perfect,
    Change just change.
    Not a perfect, there is,
    But always a change. read more »

    Deepta Protik Osman
  • 24.
    things change

    things change
    let it be
    things change
    constantly read more »

    becky hassall
  • 25.

    change, thats what we all go through
    each and every day, we change
    our opinions, our views, our needs, our wants
    all change when we go through something drastic read more »

    Brittany Bell
  • 26.

    Change within me,
    Hurt like a bee.

    Change within you, read more »

    Andrea Szyhowski
  • 27.

    Change that's what I see
    we still living worse
    thinking money is the be all
    I know we have to use it read more »

    Angelo Mitchell
  • 28.

    Things change
    Houses change
    Styles change
    People change read more »

    Meow Shorty
  • 29.
    Dont Know

    I dont know what to expect anymore
    people change like a light bulb
    once the light is off
    they change into the night read more »

    Christian Pavik
  • 30.
    The Moment Never Had

    So don’t change the fact
    The moment never had
    Never came
    So don’t change the fact read more »

    Nikita Poffley
  • 31.
    Pieces Of My Heart

    It is you I promise;
    Promise the
    Hill of mansion
    Feel of passion. read more »

    Francis Julian Zewu
  • 32.

    The life of a teenager is confusing
    You think you understand the world
    But then it goes and changes read more »

    Erin Marsh
  • 33.

    theres gonna be change
    in everyones life
    but it shouldnt be forced
    cause sometimes its not right read more »

    Chelci Oliver
  • 34.
    Embrace Change

    No thing is permanent
    Unless we except status quo
    Except and expect change
    Change is a necessary and perpetual read more »

    Jara Son of Ahaz
  • 35.

    We all are
    A simple thought is
    Ever-changing read more »

    Bounty Davis
  • 36.

    In the constant struggle between sea and land a line been drawn in the sand
    Battle ground reduced the once claiming to be rocks, to grain and sand
    landscapes changed, mountains vanished and yet we fight with concept of change.
    struggle to change, and change to overcome struggle read more »

    Shaunt Khalatian
  • 37.
    Life Is Changing

    In life everything changes
    Winter changes to Spring
    Spring changes to Summer
    Summer changes to Fall read more »

    Athena Macknight
  • 38.
    Change Directions

    Change directions
    I'm not happy; so I'm deprressed
    That's the way it goes in my book
    I'm the best or I'm the worst? read more »

    Emily Muniz
  • 39.
    The change presents of life and the possibilities we have

    The change presents
    All of us experience in our lives. Change is the one constant in our lives. There are changes that we look forward to and change that fear. read more »

    kristi hut
  • 40.
    Changing Seasons

    CHANGING SEASONS is about my girl's mood changes. read more »

    Paul Grois
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