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Top 100 Poems About: CHICAGO

In this page, poems on / about “chicago” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Poem For Myself

    (or Blues for a Mississippi Black Boy)

    I was born in Mississippi;
    I walked barefooted thru the mud. read more »

    Etheridge Knight
  • 2.
    Tough Streets Of Chicago

    Tough streets of Chicago, you made me who I am.
    Tough streets of Chicago, for me you had a plan.
    You forced me to observe, what kids my age did not.
    You taught me to look and see, always looking for a plot. read more »

    rico avila
  • 3.
    Chicago Streets

    So good to be home
    and out of the heat.
    All those excess people reminded I'm alone
    as I explored the busy Chicago streets. read more »

    Delilah Miller
  • 4.
    Flesh Tint

    Like a painting by Velazquez
    A woman stands
    Alone in the frame read more »

    Dilip Chitre
  • 5.
    'I'm In Love With You'

    I'm in love with you,
    I fell in love with you during a difficult situation.
    I adore the brisk wind that lifts up off of the lake,
    that pertrudes to my face. read more »

    Sallie Marie Tompkins
  • 6.
    Evening, Just Before Twilight

    forty miles west of Chicago,
    in a frozen field.
    Snow spirits appear and disappear read more »

    Esteban Arellano
  • 7.
    Chicago Sestina

    I am surprised by the streets of Chicago
    when the palm of winter grips them with snow
    as if to forgive the city’s mistakes
    and give it a canvas that’s new, white, and clean– read more »

    Brian Maloney
  • 8.

    Chicago why do you have to change?
    chicago acting so plan
    chicago your better than what the people
    say your the first thing that comes to mind read more »

    everette johnson
  • 9.


    As the young man walks threw his streets dispersion
    His brain rattled like it was urgent read more »

    Donte Trezevant
  • 10.

    I've dreampt of living in Chicago all my life.
    I'd roam around and do what I please,
    not thinking about yesterday's problem or tomorrow's tasks.
    I'd sulk in the energy just thinking about here and now, read more »

    Cadence Hanshew
  • 11.
    Chicago Sunrise

    I was travelling the new world
    and on my way from north to south
    I found myself in Chicago read more »

    victoria mcvicar
  • 12.
    Last Life

    Roaming somewhere in the universe
    a clang from an anvil
    or a hollow resonance from the woods
    is yet to reach me read more »

    William Weiyi Marr
  • 13.
    A Moving Chicago's Seasoned Memories

    For old Saint Patty's Day is approaching
    from just around the corner, with the
    inevitable commencing of springs true
    greenness from the wonders of Mother Nature read more »

    Derek Johnson
  • 14.

    Chicago ice nights
    on the Loop

    peering into windows read more »

    Terry L. Young
  • 15.
    To Conjure Up

    I went absent leaving you for Chicago
    The hotel became a hospital
    I signed my committal form at reception read more »

    Kevin Kiely
  • 16.
    Chicago through my eyes

    Chicago is a city that never sleeps
    From parties to clubs to talk shows and make over’s
    Wake up to the sound of a bird that peeps
    To men that acts like a 4 leaf clover. read more »

    tationa triplett
  • 17.
    The Lovesong of Emmett Till (1996)

    More than likely she was Irish
    or Italian, a sweet child who knew him
    only as a shy clown. read more »

    Anthony Walton
  • 18.

    Rid the darkness from my life
    Open rooms with welcome light
    Warm my heart with loving flame
    And soothe my soul again, again read more »

    Gus Oloroso
  • 19.
    The Red Flag

    The people's flag is deepest red
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold
    Their hearts' blood dyed to every fold read more »

    James Connell
  • 20.
    The Doorman And The Dormouse

    I have noticed this semester,
    that the ant has antennas!
    Derek made fun of me
    because I didn't know this before! read more »

    Ivo Cosentino
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