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Top 100 Poems About: CHILD

In this page, poems on / about “child” are listed.
  • 1.
    Runaway Child

    Runaway Child, don’t have to take it anymore

    Runaway Child, just walk out of that door read more »

    Patrick Harris
  • 2.
    Single Mother

    She looked at the kid
    With a cold face
    A child who reminds her of her haze
    A child whom she pretentiously hated read more »

    Rakhi jay
  • 3.

    I was the child
    who got raped
    I was the child
    that held it all in read more »

    Tracey Collins
  • 4.
    Give Your Child A Heart.

    Give your child a heart, Oh, Mother
    Give your child a heart.
    Heart that makes them kind
    Oh, Mother, heart that rules the mind. read more »

    Palas Kumar Ray
  • 5.
    Love is a child

    Love was a child, so meek and so mild
    Love was a child who smiled.
    Love was a child who played with a toy train
    Love was a child who jumped in puddles in the rain. read more »

    Daniel Hooks
  • 6.
    A Child Is Dying

    for every tree you cut down,
    a child is dying.
    for every barrel of oil that
    you drill and spill, read more »

    Eric Cockrell
  • 7.
    Give Love To The Children

    Give Love to the children Children need love everyday
    Give love to the children Guide them on their way
    Love's like a burning flame consumes all that stands in the way read more »

    Elizabeth Quinn
  • 8.
    I Sent My Child To School Today

    I sent my child to school today
    With his little lunch box

    When he came home he said his friend read more »

    Doug Hollywood Davis
  • 9.
    Tiny Teachers

    If we looked to our children,
    So simple and pure.
    If we looked to our children,
    We could learn so much more. read more »

    Cindy Kocsis
  • 10.
    A Mothers Love

    A mothers love is everlasting, forever
    A mother and her child will always be together
    A mothers love for her child through the smiles and the tears
    Will stay strong for years and years read more »

    Natasha Potter
  • 11.

    Children love, they laugh, they care.
    Children, bless them, they know how to share.
    Children try hard to be what you want,
    Sometimes they can't and they start read more »

    Dewey Nixon
  • 12.
    What children know (understand)

    Children know laughter
    They know tears
    Children know peace
    They know chaos read more »

    Namie Elisha
  • 13.

    THIS child needs your love,
    this child sees himself in
    mamas arms,
    this child sings, read more »

  • 14.
    Why Me?

    I am the child that always weeps,
    I am the child the never creeps,
    I am the child that has no friends,
    I am the child that needs many a-mends. read more »

    Kaleb Brown
  • 15.
    Eye's Of A Child

    Through the eyes of a child
    the world is grand
    playing at the beach building castles of sand
    Through the eyes of a child read more »

    Robin McGuigan
  • 16.
    Mondays Child Poem

    Mondays child is fair of face,
    Tuesdays child is full of grace,
    Wednesdays child is full of woe,
    Thursdays child has far to go, read more »

    anamika dev
  • 17.
    Mother's Love

    Mother's Love
    mother's Love carry a child to term
    When Mother's Labor of Love holding the child in her arms
    Mother's Loved raise the child teach the child of Love read more »

    Rhonda Bowdidge
  • 18.
    Eyes of a child

    Eyes of a child
    Such gems in stones
    Staring you close
    Still as blue sky read more »

    Siddharth Shah
  • 19.
    A Prayer On Child Abuse

    Dear God Above
    Bless the children that need your love
    Bless the lives that are about to end
    Caused by a stranger, relative, or even a friend read more »

    Ginny Cadle
  • 20.
    Remembering The Children

    Let the children sing,
    Let the children dance,
    Let the children play,
    In a safe and joyful way. read more »

    Hildred Marjorie Schloss
  • 21.
    we are children

    By *Richard Shekari*

    Must we come from the wombs of your mothers, wives and daughters to be called your own? read more »

    richard shekari
  • 22.
    To and Fro

    the child jumped over the frog
    the frog jumped over the child
    the child jumped over the frog again
    the frog jumped over the child again read more »

    Femia Cools
  • 23.
    Old Child

    Child. Old child,
    No longer wild;
    No longer speaking,
    No longer beguiled; read more »

    Mihai Cosmescu
  • 24.

    Children are born now and again
    Children are born and thrown away like thrash
    Our children are raped by their own parents
    Our children are abused each day read more »

    novoti gcisakazi Calpurnia jiya
  • 25.
    Child in me

    Child in me always want to free
    Child in me always love to see
    Life through innocence of oath
    Root of love - -reward is nothing read more »

    binod bastola
  • 26.
    A Broken Child

    A broken child hides at night.
    A broken child cries in fright.

    A broken child hides the bruise. read more »

    Haley Brown
  • 27.
    My Sweet Child

    Dear Child you are loved
    You may not think it but you are
    I know and see all the people who love you
    Child you have been in my heart since i meet you read more »

    Lacy Alderman
  • 28.
    A Struggling Child

    The tears of a lonely child
    No home left alone,
    on the Streets filled with hate and regret
    Is A child that never would forget, read more »

    Boyd Priaulx
  • 29.
    The Story Of Nevermore

    now I cast a hypnotic spell
    to free a child from her hell
    surrender now child fall deep in my spell
    just come to me child and all will be well read more »

    Raven Nevermore
  • 30.
    Click here to listen to Precious Moments

    Precious Moments My child's first steps
    As he falters along
    Are forever recorded
    In my precious song read more »

    Evelyn Hilpp Heslin
  • 31.
    A Playground

    read more »

    John Hambrock
  • 32.
    A Child.

    A child is pure and shines in love,
    Pure in love and happiness,
    They don't know hate or greed,
    They take knowledge from those who think best, read more »

    Carlton Douglas Kennedy
  • 33.
    Red Fox Claims

    Mama I plead the dawn
    Red fern by northern star
    Pick her teeth, little fox child
    With the dead moon in her jaw read more »

    Alec Witthohn
  • 34.
    Let me be a child again...

    Let me be a child again
    Let me freely fly
    soar high
    in the vast sky read more »

    Payal Malhotra
  • 35.
    My Lover The Sea

    I am that child with the round, dirty face
    who on every corner bothers you with his
    "can you spare a quarter?" read more »

    Reinaldo Arenas
  • 36.
    Keep Your Head Up

    Keep your head up above the water child,
    kick harder not to drown,
    keep your head up above the water child,
    hold on until your found, read more »

    William Cohen
  • 37.
    Children of Light

    Children of light and beauty,
    Search your might and duty,
    Children of excellence and peace,
    Find your success and release. read more »

    Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa
  • 38.
    A letter to my child

    My child listen
    take a pen and a paper and sit next to me
    for this is the best inheritance I can offer you read more »

    Gedion Onyango
  • 39.
    The Beauty of a Mother

    The beauty of a woman starts
    When her womb begins to grow
    The child that she'll give birth
    Soon will call her, “my mother” read more »

    Efren Petalver Carranza
  • 40.
    Monday's Child

    Monday’s child is full of face,
    Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
    Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
    Thursday’s child has far to go, read more »

    Zoe Field
  • 41.
    Child of light

    You fascinate me, oh child of light
    Blinking little lights dancing around you
    Know that you cannot hide behind friends
    Your intelligence is a gift from God read more »

    Doris Dzameshie
  • 42.
    My Child My Child

    My Child My Heart
    My Hope My Strength
    For You My Child
    I Will Go To Any Length read more »

    Cortez Maurell Lewis
  • 43.
    Three children

    Three little children.
    One with a home.
    One sitting on a thrown.
    The last child only skin and bones. read more »

    yvette carbajal
  • 44.
    Hunger in Botany Bay

    Hunger lurks down the streets of Botany Bay;
    The lonely child famished and peckish cries for food
    None notices the child, for they’re preoccupied with the travesty of justice in Botany Bay
    An observant vagabond pays heed to the child, and shares the lone piece of bread read more »

    Deepak Hiremath
  • 45.

    He loved and loves
    Us like lovely little children
    He told us to live and love
    Like little children read more »

    BlessedMudiaga Adjekpagbon
  • 46.
    From Mother to Child

    From mother to child
    From mother to child
    the virus moves
    like a hereditary disease read more »

    Chanda Nsofu
  • 47.
    Welcoming the New Century

    on their way to school
    the children cross the street
    a light-skinned child
    a dark-skinned child read more »

    Phan Lac Giang Dong
  • 48.
    We need one another

    What happen to the days?
    When a child not only raised by
    His mother and father
    But had the community as whole read more »

    Loveness Jamela
  • 49.
    An Ode To Mum

    Glue and sticky back plastic
    Lego, Playmobil and Penguin books
    Markers, highlighers and rulers
    How easy to hide. read more »

    Anna Watson
  • 50.
    Come on children, lets sing a song -new-

    Come on children, lets sing a song
    Lets sing of fields soo green
    Lets sing of sky so blue
    Lets sing of happy birds clapping feathers so hued read more »

    imoh richard
  • 51.
    My Unborn Child

    My Unborn child you I longed for, being your mother is what I adore.My Unborn Child god sent you just for me, when I found out you were a girl, It brightened up my whole world. My Unborn Child I will love you unconditionally, For that's my job and I will love doing it with ease. read more »

    tanerea lee
  • 52.
    A child stuck in time

    To sleep
    to toss and turn
    hoping not to dream tonight
    in the grips of horrible nighmares read more »

    Babygirl 1992
  • 53.
    Vagabond child

    I am a Vagabond child
    I am a Vagabond child
    I am a Vagabond child read more »

    Salem Egoh
  • 54.

    Mumbering everyday at her child
    Using brooms to hit their child
    Me cried a lot read more »

    Purdy Poppet
  • 55.
    The First Rain

    Running like a scared child
    The first rain approaches the earth
    Lying on floor like an adamant child
    The rain makes a puddle read more »

    Vijay Raybagkar
  • 56.
    Aiko (A Child Of Love)

    There was a time that I often wondered
    Wondered if there was a purpose
    Purpose to that which I was
    Was I the child of love read more »

    Marcellino Carlo
  • 57.
    A War

    A child is born, takes a breath,
    a heart beats a rhythm,
    behold, creation. read more »

    Mathieu Hotte
  • 58.
    We Are The Children

    We are the children of the sun
    and the stars.

    We are the children of the hippies, read more »

    Mikel K Poet
  • 59.
    A child's Suffering

    The intense flame of withering blooms,
    In deep essence of those in tombs.
    A child like figure in darkness's shadow,
    As his eyes as yellow as cat's eyes glow. read more »

    Krystle Kyriakou
  • 60.
    A Child's Worst Fear

    When children are afraid
    of monsters under the bed,
    parents comfort them,
    and tell them it's all in their head. read more »

    Krystal Massey
  • 61.
    Happy John

    There was John once
    Happy happy John
    Rich rich John
    Got got children read more »

    yashwanth kancharla
  • 62.

    Child: Lion, Lion, do you know
    Where is your den?
    Lion: Yes, I know
    My den is straight to the jungle read more »

    Sansita Ramachandran
  • 63.
    Remember Me, The Child! Michael Jackson: In His Own Words!

    Remember me, the child!
    Look past the man, deep into the innocence of my eyes
    A towering giant of a man before I was grown
    Still, searching for the childhood I have never known read more »

    Sean John
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