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Top 100 Poems About: CHILDHOOD

In this page, poems on / about “childhood” are listed.
  • 1.

    Childhood, sweet and sunny childhood,
    With its careless, thoughtless air,
    Like the verdant, tangled wildwood,
    Wants the training hand of care. read more »

    David Bates
  • 2.
    My Childhood

    my childhood was the time when i was innocent
    when the world seemed to be fair
    when my universe was around my toys read more »

    jahanvi .......................
  • 3.
    A childhood forgotten, A childhood lost


    I can't remember, read more »

    Dani Baxter
  • 4.
    my childhood garden

    my childhood garden

    my childhood garden
    lush and green read more »

    danielle eager
  • 5.
    I miss my childhood

    I miss my childhood everyday

    This missing increases day by day
    I miss those days of happiness read more »

    Shashank Dwivedi
  • 6.
    Childhood Memories Sung to the Tune of Shawnee West Franklin Bison Blues

    Some people have a childhood garden
    Filled with green and growing things
    Some people have a childhood garden
    Filled with purple peonies read more »

    Tim Bovee
  • 7.

    Childhood is rare
    Unlike a bear
    Childhood is fun
    Unlike eating a bun read more »

    Karon Yan
  • 8.
    My Childhood

    My childhood was fun,
    tough and exciting.
    My childhood was one
    where there wasn't much fighting. read more »

    Kiera R Lewis
  • 9.
    Do You Remember Childhood

    Crawling across the floor
    Trapped behind closed doors
    Never wanting more read more »

    Faith Grayson
  • 10.
    Childhood Dreams

    Sunlight peeps thru closed curtains
    like a sleepy child, nodding in - out
    yet you sleep. the wave of pre-dawn
    passion, renaming lost childhood dreams read more »

    Joe Howell
  • 11.
    my childhood

    my childhood was the time when i was innocent
    when the world seemed to be fair
    when my universe was around my toys read more »

    Saffan Asif
  • 12.
    childhood is...

    Childhood is hanging your pictures on the refrigerator, and tea parties you always have to cater.
    Childhood is chasing butterflies and picking flowers,
    playing with blocks and making towers.
    Childhood is hating nap time, read more »

    shenika vermaak
  • 13.
    I can't remember

    I can't remember,
    Skipping rocks on the pond,
    My childhood forever gone,
    My Childhoods lost, read more »

    demarcus reynolds
  • 14.

    Listen to their laughter
    Listen to them sing
    Watch them on the roundabout
    Watch them on the swings read more »

    Philip Vincent Sanders
  • 15.
    Len Webster's 'Childhood Is...'

    Childhood Is

    when the world to come
    is an adventure to be met read more »

    Len Webster
  • 16.
    My Childhood

    My childhood a moment unforgettable.
    A moment of careless pleasure
    A moment when there was no thought for what should be,
    what may be, carelessly moved all. read more »

    micheal john
  • 17.
    My Innocent Childhood

    soil soil and soil, , playing in the soil,
    No fear of disease, no fear of toil.
    What a wonderful days that was,
    i always remember my childhood, my innocent childhood.. read more »

    Zeya Mallick
  • 18.
    Mother's Love

    Oh! How sweet is a mother’s love,
    Starting from the labour room;
    Always trying the best to let her baby out without any scratch,
    With tiredness after delivery, still asking after her baby. read more »

    Charity Osuji
  • 19.
    Innocence was stolen

    You stolen my innocence
    As a young child
    The painful memories
    Filled my childhood with read more »

    Tiffany Johnson
  • 20.
    Child Labor

    Hopeful eyes, happy smiles
    Soft hands, million dreams
    Is this not the identity of a child?
    Then why do i see  read more »

    alicia white
  • 21.

    The bestest time of your life
    When you feel very, very good
    What is that time called?
    Oh Yes! Its childhood! read more »

    Ashmita Saha
  • 22.

    The most enjoying period in one's life,
    Is the exciting childhood life.
    There is so much time for play,
    And also make things with clay. read more »

    Ananth Patri
  • 23.

    Most people wonder
    Whats so important about being young?
    I will tell you
    Childhood is a time to conquer fears read more »

    Just In Love
  • 24.

    I remember my childhood everyday
    It is the greatest moment gives me relief
    I was thoughtless at my childhood
    No matter no duty I had deeply read more »

    Yogiraj Biplab
  • 25.

    We took it all for granted
    When childhood was alive
    We hadn’t a worry in the world
    When childhood was alive read more »

    Praveen Baid
  • 26.
    Childhood's Sweet Song

    Childhood forever gone
    Just pleasant wisps remain
    Close your eyes and remember
    The bliss of young ignorance read more »

    Indigo Rose Christman
  • 27.
    My Childhood

    My childhood

    What else
    is there read more »

    Gamaliel Scipio
  • 28.

    Standing on the threshold
    Of the growing responsibilities,
    I stare and peep out of mirror,
    Mirrror of shadowed soul, read more »

    sudha pandey
  • 29.
    Sally The Rag Doll

    Soft in limb & bland in face,
    Sally the rag doll knew her place..
    Doctor or nurse, teacher for a day -
    Sally the rag doll knew how to play! read more »

    Jinge Norvall
  • 30.

    childhood is matching out
    My generation is not watching out
    The genesis of a blackout
    In a scene that must not be cut out read more »

  • 31.
    a child speaks...

    being lost in childhood
    is nothing
    but meditation
    often in serene atmosphere read more »

    Denny M.X.
  • 32.

    childhood is the paradise of innocence,
    a school holiday makes the house
    a race course of cat and mice,
    childhood is the treasure of goodtimes in any lives. read more »

    Gnana raju
  • 33.
    2.03 Childhood - Youth - Old Age

    The three around the fire sitting,
    Gossiping of Life and its doings,
    Reached a point thought provoking,
    Of their journey and life prevailing. [1] read more »

    Munindra (Munnan) Misra
  • 34.
    Lost times

    How come we are worlds apart
    How come we have lost
    happy memories of past
    Golden times we’ve tossed read more »

    A. V. Asreg
  • 35.
    Chasing Childhood

    I had a ream last night,
    Where i saw childhood run away,
    I chased it til' i could no more,
    And everything faded to grey. read more »

    stacey berry
  • 36.
    You Are The Dawn

    How the dawn brings the light
    How the light fill the whole heart
    The most sought after dream
    From childhood to youthful charm read more »

    Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana
  • 37.

    I am looking for my childhood's sea
    Its water surging, surrounding me
    My peace I smelled thru its salty rain
    Across gray cliffs that I climbed in vain. The North Sea opened the way for me read more »

    Karin Dovring
  • 38.

    Turning back the pages of my life,
    I realize childhood was the best moment.
    Living each moment without the fear of tomorrow,
    Fulfilling wishes through the powerful weapon read more »

    Ayesha A R
  • 39.

    I want to go home
    back to where I was raised
    back to those carefree times
    back to my childhood days. read more »

    Rosemary Monahan
  • 40.

    read more »

    Melanie Biter
  • 41.
    Lost My Childhood

    Yes i lost my childhood.
    And it will never return.
    I lost the innocient life
    which i used to live. read more »

    James yardy
  • 42.

    Childhood days! !
    Beautiful childhood days.
    No hurries, no worries
    Like pure delightful bays read more »

    divya agarwal
  • 43.
    The Sky

    read more »

    Sima Farshid
  • 44.
    Our Mother's Head Scarf

    When they visit us at night,
    Never do they knock at our doors,
    They just break them open to enter.
    Dragging our fathers by their Beards, read more »

    Nida Nawaz
  • 45.
    Here We Are, There We Are

    We go back to the childhood
    While talking between you & me,
    We go back to the golden days
    While sharing our feelings together, read more »

    Shawkat Akhand
  • 46.
    When the childhood comes back again

    When the childhood comes back again

    Through the window of your fast life train read more »

    Alexander Povolotsky
  • 47.

    Did I tell you about Alicia
    my childhood sweetheart?
    her beauty bewitching
    the lilt of her laughter read more »

    Manuel Odeny
  • 48.
    Childhood Is Calling

    Childhood Is Calling

    Childhood is calling and summer is here
    School let out this week; it’s the end of the year read more »

    Drew Engman
  • 49.
    Where our Childhood Gone...? ?

    Where is our childhood gone,

    i just want to go back in past, read more »

    Akhilesh Bhura
  • 50.
    Friendship Rains

    Friendship Rains
    Barnali Saha

    (published in The Statesman, India) read more »

    Barnali Saha
  • 51.
    Haiku (Ah! Summer...)

    Ah! Summer is late
    And the rain keeps on jumping
    Childhood refugees read more »

    Julien Durel
  • 52.
    Little Friends

    My childhood was such a magical time. My memory takes me back
    so many years ago. I had a little friend, my best buddie,
    we played together all the time.
    We walked the dusty country roads, hand in hand. read more »

    Bertha Gonzalez
  • 53.

    When I sit and think of my childhood,
    I think of my parents that I would.
    Of all the both bad and good times,
    And of all the nursery rhymes. read more »

    Joan Neph
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