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Top 100 Poems About: CHOCOLATE

In this page, poems on / about “chocolate” are listed.
  • 1.
    Chocolate Cake

    I love chocolate cake.
    And when I was a boy
    I loved it even more. read more »

    Michael Rosen
  • 2.

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate chocolate!
    When you take a bite, you will taste its delight,
    chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate chocolate,
    it is so nice, sometimes covered in rice! read more »

    Ross Bateman
  • 3.
    Chocolate is Good for the Heart

    Chocolate will never judge you.
    Chocolate goes great with any occasion.
    It is always there for you no matter the situation.
    It is something you can count on to help solve your difficult problems. read more »

    Monica Stelly
  • 4.
    O Chocolate, My Chocolate!

    O chocolate, my chocolate!
    thou art truly the food of Gods
    with tempting shapes and flavors
    thy center a gooey warm paradise of caramel read more »

    Melpomene's Tears
  • 5.
    A Chocolate Teapot

    I wanted a chocolate tea-pot
    As a gift for a good friend’s birth-day
    But I did feel a bit of a clot
    Searching for this on e-Bay read more »

  • 6.

    There's milk chocolate,
    There's dark chocolate,
    There's white chocolate,
    There's nutty chocolate. read more »

    Kourtney Silver
  • 7.
    chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, chocolate cup

    chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, chocolate cup
    when im putting in chocolate syrup i put too much
    i wish i had a chocolate pup in a chocolate cup
    in a chocolate world! read more »

    drew bailey golden
  • 8.
    I Love Chocolate

    I love chocolate, oh yes I do.
    Eating chocolate is a must too.
    I love chocolate, how about you?
    They say dark chocolate is now good for you too. read more »

    Nichole Kaci McKnight
  • 9.
    Chocolate Is A Food Group

    I love chocolate.
    So should you.
    Milk chocolate,
    Dark chocolate. read more »

    Rich Reitz
  • 10.
    love is a box of chocolates

    love is a box of chocolates,
    white chocolates,
    milk chocolates,
    dark chocolates, read more »

    keelie morgan
  • 11.
    Chocolate Cake

    I love chocolate cake,
    And when I'm hungry, I love it evenmore!
    And if I don't eat it,
    I'd slam the door! read more »

    Rubab Meraj
  • 12.
    Russell Stover

    Russell Stover
    By Lionel J. Dorsey
    4 Damecia Dorsey read more »

    Lionel Dorsey
  • 13.
    Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate in the dark,
    There’s nothing like it
    Especially when it’s with you read more »

    Kat 'Happy Girl' Happy
  • 14.
    Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Like a chocolate chip cookie
    I can't keep my hands off you
    The moment I see or smell you
    I long to have you in my hands and mouth... read more »

    Velma Veleau Ridley
  • 15.
    Chocolate Cake

    Friends are like chocolate cake
    You can never have too much
    Chocolate cake is like heaven
    Always amazing you with each taste or feeling read more »

    Franklina OwusuAnsah
  • 16.

    Loads of chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream,
    And a bowl of chocolate mousse is like a wonderful dream,
    Any chocolate candy brings me great joy,
    And chocolate covered pretzels feel like a new toy! read more »

    Lydia Etzler
  • 17.
    death in bed

    read more »

    Travis Richardson
  • 18.
    Love Like Chocolate

    Would you be my Hershey Kiss
    My chocolate chip, my Snicker Bar,
    My sweet brown sugar near or far? read more »

    Joretta Morris
  • 19.

    rainy morning Splashing walk
    smiling sprinkles crystal Drops
    swingy Naughty dancing trees
    twisty shifty random breeze read more »

    Samin Jan Kakar
  • 20.
    Chocolate Drop

    Firm yet soft to the touch,
    My chocolate drop brings water to my lips,
    I relish the thought of tasting her dainty body,
    She is aptly shaped like a nipple to ease my suckle, read more »

    Nora Pendaeli
  • 21.

    I can't resist those chocolates
    Beautifully wrapped in a box, tower or tin
    I can't resist those Hershey kisses or the peanut M&M's read more »

    Sunshine Poet
  • 22.
    For The Love Of Chocolate Fondue

    No one seems to understand the pleasure
    With every mouthful it gets harder to measure

    Give us chocolate give us fruit read more »

    Gracie lou
  • 23.
    Chocolate Whispers...

    Softly I melt into your brown eyes and you

    into mines. read more »

    Jay AndersonTaylor
  • 24.
    Friendship: The Warm Blanket of Happiness

    Friends are the chocolate chip
    in every warm chocolate chip cookie
    who sweetness is as sweet
    as shamrock shakes and love read more »

    Brett Strotman
  • 25.
    Junk Food

    french fries
    ice cream
    cup cakes read more »

    kendra stevens
  • 26.
    The Dark Temptation

    When the sweet dish
    just melts in one’s mouth
    one then tends to cherish
    the tasty chocolate mousse read more »

    Hansika Subramanian
  • 27.

    Why did these chocolates
    Become so bitter
    They were supposed to be sweeter
    Why did they read more »

    Richie John Pais
  • 28.
    Conniving Confections

    Chocolate covered kisses
    Lengthy licorice lashes
    Ice cream eyes
    Frothy fingertips read more »

    Julianne Richey
  • 29.
    Strawberries dipped in Chocolate;

    Commotion on my tongue,
    The delectable berries are young,
    These berries are alone like a canyon,
    They long for a candy-coated companion. read more »

    Michelle Melnicky
  • 30.
    A Bitter Coffee... A Sweet Coffee

    The age is running and I am still drinking my bitter coffee,
    To when the story of this coffee belongs? !
    Coffee and chocolate are so deferent in their tastes
    But in several times read more »

    Chnar Namq
  • 31.

    I love chocolate yes indeed
    I love chocolate it loves me
    Two minutes on the lips
    Forever on the hips read more »

    Sedart Namow
  • 32.
    Chocolate Kisses

    chocolate kisses, sweet,
    melt in your mouth
    rich and smooth read more »

    Heather Iverson
  • 33.
    Six words

    read more »

    Alain Safa
  • 34.
    Two Chocolate Labs

    This was wrote to my wife, Sharon about our two chocolate labs. Biloxi is male, Cherokee is female. One we named for the place we were engaged, the other the place we had our honeymoon.

    When you look at our two Chocolate Labs tell me what do you see. read more »

    Eddie Fullbright
  • 35.
    The whizz pop chocolate shop! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Up the street and down the lane is were we always played our games
    jumping up and down with glee tomorrow we'll be history
    the chocolate shop great and all goes whizz, pop before the fall
    children playing read more »

    Aoife Bridges
  • 36.
    Chocolate And Vanilla Swirl

    When I was a child
    I spoke, thought, reasoned as a child
    My favorite treat on a hot summer day
    Was a chocolate vanilla ice cream swirl read more »

    esther brush
  • 37.

    Chocolate, so sweet and creamy,
    It makes me feel so dreamy.

    My cravings for chocolate, I cannot control, read more »

    Lorianne iLuvChocolate
  • 38.

    Chocolate is good to eat but can hurt your teeth
    it can make you fall in-love everytime you see it read more »

    Mary Joy Malto
  • 39.

    I love chocolate,
    they're just so sweet.
    chocolate chosen carefully,
    to eat right before i sleep. read more »

    Aidan Morris
  • 40.
    Chocolate Fever

    It all started this morning,
    When I was craving something sweet.
    Hey how about some candy,
    Wouldn't that be just the treat? read more »

    Gurkamel Gill
  • 41.
    Chocolate Misanthropist

    I love my love
    love you my love
    Never loved someone so much before
    I brayed with pride read more »

    Busy Dsa
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