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Top 100 Poems About: CHRISTMAS

In this page, poems on / about “christmas” are listed.
  • 1.
    Christmas With You

    This Christmas i am not alone
    This Christmas i have somebody to hold
    This Christmas doesn't feel like last Christmas
    This Christmas is when I came alive read more »

    favie erase
  • 2.
    An Ode to Christmas

    When you see lovely lights
    Of greens, reds, and whites
    You know it is Christmas Time read more »

    Bronti Phillips
  • 3.
    Christmas Spirit

    Cars and bustle, rush and hustle,
    trolley dashing tempers clashing
    Christmas cheer to much beer
    mistletoe, plastic snow read more »

    Tess Gurney
  • 4.
    Our Christmas

    Our Christmas

    Christmas came early for you and for me
    Christmas with no gifts to open read more »

    Stephen Holland
  • 5.
    The Celebration Of Jesus' Birthday

    Each year when Christmas comes round,
    I sometimes wonder if we really understand what its all about.
    We are so busy talking about Santa Claus,
    and rushing to the shopping malls, read more »

    Helen Click Roberts
  • 6.
    whats Christmas

    Christmas isn’t about toys
    Christmas isn’t about money
    Christmas is about giving food to the needy
    Christmas is about loving your family read more »

    Jeffery McNutt
  • 7.
    Christmas Magic

    Dear, look to the Christmas angel
    atop your Christmas tree.
    Then all your wishes will come true,
    When she smiles down on you. read more »

    Marjorie Foster Fleming
  • 8.
    A White Christmas

    'Twas the night before christmas.
    With a blanket of white.
    That covered the earth all through the night.
    The trees sparkled like diamonds. read more »

    Carla Jean Laglia Esely
  • 9.
    Christmas Time

    Crowds of people shopping, here and there
    A white blanket of snow everywhere
    Pretty lights all aglow
    Red, white, yellow, blue, and green read more »

    Sarah Rodenburg
  • 10.
    Christmas Roses

    Christmas roses white as milk,
    Petals soft, and smooth as silk,
    Adding charm to Christmas Fare
    Your beauty is beyond compare. read more »

    Kathleen Cooper
  • 11.

    Christmas is a lovely time to me,
    Growing up in the midst of our large family,
    Preparations would start about the second week in December,
    The lovely smells from the kitchen, while we all sat around the big table to read more »

    Ella Dunford
  • 12.
    The Christmas Poem For My Daddy

    It was a cold dark night,
    And i'm waiting for the snow
    I know its nearly christmas
    It'll be cold on my toe read more »

    joanne mitchell
  • 13.
    get prepared [xmas song ]

    get prepared

    get prepared for christmas with happiness and joy read more »

    jayne harris
  • 14.

    when you think of Christmas, you think of friends, family and gifts
    when you think of Christmas you think of building snowmen and making snow angels and drinking hot coco
    when you think of Christmas you think of the month of December
    when i think of Christmas i picture you and me read more »

    Luke Weinberg
  • 15.
    It's Christmas

    It's Christmas and
    Everyone is searching for its merry
    Young and old
    Black and white read more »

  • 16.
    I'll Be Thinking Of You

    I’ll be thinking of you
    In all the hustle of Christmas day
    I’ll be thinking of you in all I do or say. read more »

    Valerie Christine Anderson
  • 17.
    Christmas Everywhere

    Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight!
    Christmas in lands of the fir-tree and pine,
    Christmas in lands of the palm-tree and vine, read more »

    Phillips Brooks
  • 18.
    All I Wanted For Christmas

    All I wanted for Christmas was You
    Instead I am here writing about this
    Am here stuck in a room fighting my tears
    Not knowing when it’ll end coz I have so much pain read more »

    Babbz Rangila
  • 19.
    A Christian Christmas

    Going to have a Christmas
    A Christian Christmas will it be
    A Christmas full of mystery
    One for me, the Baby, and family read more »

    Garrett Westcott
  • 20.
    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all
    And to all a good night
    No wait that isn’t it
    That isn’t right read more »

    Kyle French
  • 21.
    'Christmas Wish! ! ! ! '

    I don't want much of anything for christmas.
    I only want one wish and one wish only.
    I want my mom here for christmas.
    She don't have two stay forever. read more »

    Dannie Tinney
  • 22.
    A Refugee Christmas

    No turkey dinner for Christmas tonight
    Not a single present under an imaginary tree
    If they just find water on their desperate flight
    They would be more grateful this Christmas than you or me read more »

    Garrett Westcott
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