Top 100 Poems About: CINDERELLA

In this page, poems on / about “cinderella” are listed.
  • 1.

    If my name was Cinderella
    You could be the prince
    I could wear my sparkling prom dress
    We could fall in love the moment our eyes meet read more »

    Loraine Lotter
  • 2.
    Abused Cinderella

    Cinderella was a nice gal
    Always did what she was told
    Put others before herself
    Cinderella had lots of hopes and dreams read more »

    Bella Ravenstar
  • 3.

    Cinderella, why do you wish to be like anyone else?
    Your fine by yourself.
    People notice you because your different read more »

    N'a N'a
  • 4.
    Im not that Cinderella

    I'm not that Cinderella, , read more »

    Mikaiila .S.
  • 5.

    The ugly sister, Alice,
    glared at the mirror with reflected malice;
    gave a grin
    and blew a bubble; read more »

    Brian Taylor
  • 6.

    I wish I could be you're Cinderella
    I wish I could meet you at a ball and
    You find my glass slipper and bring it back
    Then sweep me off my feet read more »

  • 7.
    Only In A Fairy Tale

    Cinderella had her prince,
    Snow White was carried off into the sunset
    by her true love.
    Sleeping Beauty was awakened by a kiss from her read more »

    Crystal A. McKain
  • 8.
    Cinderella Lied

    cinderella lied,
    she never lost her glass slipper
    only her virginity...
    and so did he, read more »

    Riel Tizzano
  • 9.
    One Princess to Another

    Sleeping Beauty stroked
    Her blonde hair
    And sighed and
    Longed for the woods read more »

    Elizabeth Rebel
  • 10.
    Modern Cinderella

    I'm a modern Cinderella.
    I wish I was more like Twighlight's Bella.
    But i'm locked away.
    It's like that everyday. read more »

    Desiree Bradford
  • 11.

    The clock strikes midnight
    and the magic ends:
    the fairy tale is over
    and the truth offends. read more »

    Barnabas J. Ramon-Fortune
  • 12.

    Is Cinderella leading a happy life with her dearest prince still,
    hand in hand, heading towards the same destination?
    She knows how to eat with a fork made of gold?
    She finds the silver cup to heavy to hold? read more »

    Jie Fang
  • 13.
    Chasing the Fairytale

    Daisies and dollhouses,
    plucked petals and prose,
    Barbie and Ken,
    lovers or foes? read more »

    Gina Marie Moody
  • 14.
    Cinderella Renewed

    there was once a girl I knew
    Her name was Cinderella
    But Cinderella is way too long
    We'll call her just Ella read more »

    Myra Ahmad
  • 15.

    i wish i lived in a fairytale
    full of bliss, rain, snow, and hail
    i wish i was magical
    to Cinderella, i wish i was identical read more »

    jo a. matibag
  • 16.

    My name's not Cinderella,
    I don't need to be saved.
    I don't have a wicked step mom,
    My father's not away. read more »

    LeighAnne Adams
  • 17.

    You say he broke your heart and you can’t go on?
    You cry all day and night until you think you’re going to drown?
    Well, stop your sniffling sister,
    It’s no ones fault but yours. read more »

    Candy Kelly
  • 18.
    My Friend

    It looks like cinderella
    It smells like sampaguita
    it sounds like drama
    it taste like pizza read more »

    j mariz maramion
  • 19.

    The stepmother spoke, 'Wash my clothes, Cinderella'
    And so I did- without a choice

    The doorbell rang, 'The prince is having a ball, tell your household' read more »

    Zara Terri White
  • 20.
    One-Way Fairy Tale

    set in forests, castles, and kingdoms
    begin with “in a faraway place…” and “once upon a time”
    tell about princesses, fairies, princes and monsters
    end with kisses and live happily after ever after read more »

    mhawi rosero
  • 21.
    Foolish Dreams

    Little girls dream,
    foolish dreams,
    dreams that come,
    from fairytales. read more »

    Deborah Cormier
  • 22.
    Little Cinderella

    Look me over, kid!
    I know I’m neat, -
    Little Cinderella from head to feet.
    Drinks all night at Club Alabam, - read more »

    Lewis Grandison Alexander
  • 23.

    Once was a most beautiful but sorrowful soul bella
    Talked her only friend, Cat, sited cinders, that’s why Cinderella.

    After her mother, step mother and sisters play like a puppet read more »

    Saddam Husen
  • 24.
    Happily Never After

    In the beginning it feels like a fairytale
    You believe there will be a happily ever after
    Your Prince Charming you have finally found
    And you are the beautiful Cinderella read more »

    Sherice Malcolm
  • 25.
    I Wish I Was Cinderella

    If I was Cinderella would you love me?
    Would you pick me up in a gold carriage and dance with me till midnight?
    When I run, will you never give up, and chase after me just to give me a passionate kiss?
    Will you marry me the next day, saying that you found your one and true love? read more »

    Aurielle Drummer
  • 26.
    Key to my Heart

    I knew you were different
    and I knew this was real
    by the touch of your hand
    and the way it made me feel read more »

    Allison McDowell
  • 27.
    Nation Under Siege

    When the deficit is up and the Country is bankrupt
    then they shall know
    Why the reindeer paws were really on the house top
    Why Humpy Dumpty was on the wall and read more »

    Patricia Rudolph
  • 28.
    What is love?

    What is love?

    They tell me is a feeling from the heart,
    And again i say, read more »

    Luann Soares Aranha
  • 29.
    Snow Whites' Got the Blues

    Fairy tales and wishing wells
    And knights in shining armor;
    Kiss a frog and dream a prince
    And hope a little longer. read more »

    Karen TeichCluster
  • 30.

    read more »

    bob bobert
  • 31.
    I`m Not Prince Charming And Will Never Be...

    I saw Cinderella in the marketplace
    Her clothes ragged and one of her shoes without a lace
    Tiny drops of sweat ran across her beautiful face read more »

    MiJ HeNrieL
  • 32.
    Little Ms. Perfect

    In College, looks best, bought a good dress,
    Flawless footsteps, Cinderella, from 1 to 10 a 10 forever
    Wanted friends but then the weather came, special waves of;
    Zephyrs, rain, pleasure-pain, she's a hurricane never named read more »

    Brandon Ezzard
  • 33.

    There was once a great girl named Cinderella
    who had to clean from attic to cellar
    she got a few blisters
    and had two mean sisters read more »

    Elizabeth Solorio
  • 34.
    Lost Ambition

    I am an artist doing wall paint
    i am a cat barking like a dog
    i am a writer doing engineering
    its not the place where i belongs read more »

    Sarmad ALI
  • 35.
    The adventure of Gingerbreadman

    Was frying on a pan
    Holding a coca cola can
    And he met Peter Pan read more »

    Julian Lam
  • 36.
    Myth and reality

    How everyone in the universe painted dragon:
    Germany? read more »

    shoshana vegh
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