Top 100 Poems About: CITY

In this page, poems on / about “city” are listed.
  • 1.
    In The City

    Walking along these city streets
    Seeing people busy
    Each with their own itinerary read more »

    Jeremy Patnou
  • 2.

    They call it a city that never sleeps,
    Dreams at large; everything in heaps
    Buzzing all the time, different people different cons,
    It got its roses and it got its thorns. read more »

    Fahim Sayed
  • 3.
    city of music

    Music is like a city
    The genres are the suburbs
    The bands, the streets
    The albums, the buildings read more »

    (kc) ripper
  • 4.
    The Big City Type

    I woke up in a big city apartment

    Rode to a big city job read more »

    Adam Artois
  • 5.

    Cities come and go
    life and dead
    distant towns berths
    City of hiding places read more »

    Imam Setiaji Ronoatmojo
  • 6.
    Romace in the moonlight

    In the city where the colours run dry
    Or in the country where the colour green is applied
    In the city where there are polluting cars
    Or in the country where you can see the stars read more »

    Nicole Buckland
  • 7.
    In the City of Night

    City of night,
    Wrap me in your folds of shadow. read more »

    John Gould Fletcher
  • 8.
    Welcome to Delhi -City of Dreams

    Capital of my country,
    City of companies,
    City of Crowd,
    Welcome to Delhi-City of Dreams. read more »

    Khushdeep Kaur
  • 9.
    Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood

    This is the city I love to live in
    Where the sky is upside down,
    The stars are lying on the sidewalk
    And I'm feelings as if I'm flying on the clouds. read more »

    Juris Doctor Oreste Flavio Perdomo
  • 10.
    The City

    The City was large and spacious
    many even called it gracious
    Buildings and its bosses sprout from everywhere
    Supplying the workers with work and care read more »

    Nikolai Curtis
  • 11.
    It’s called the inner city

    On death row I ask what happen to me
    This is not the way it was suppose be
    So I drag my mind trying to recall
    The life I had beyond these prison walls read more »

    ikhalfani solan
  • 12.
    My City, My Town

    My city, my town
    The day u were birthed
    No one regretted read more »

    Edwina Aleme
  • 13.

    While I was walking the city
    enhaling the dust of the street after rain
    the weather cloudy, the trees dim
    the city looked like an open book read more »

    Bassel Almasalmeh
  • 14.
    City Haiku

    Smoky city night
    Piercing yowl shatters the dark.
    Nonchalant to the
    Bloodshot glares from dark windows, read more »

    Cicero Grey
  • 15.
    My City

    City, you are my City.
    You are where i come from,
    you gave me my family,
    you gave me my life. read more »

    Andy Coyle
  • 16.
    This is Delhi

    A mega urban forest
    abode of two billion
    mesmerised read more »

    Pankaj Prasoon
  • 17.
    The magic snow

    In our city the snow never melts.
    Usually it's
    indistinguishable from the grass and asphalt. read more »

    ordinary passerby
  • 18.
    The Train Leaving the Station

    It starts slow, works hard, to pull the wight
    Of all the freight
    Of thoght read more »

    Jacquelyn Rocha
  • 19.
    Pink City

    The city of pink with an ocher silhouette
    Sparkling gold as the sun shines upon it
    Wherever the eyes rest a sense of wonder
    A story waiting to be heard and told read more »

    Shreya Jani
  • 20.
    Los Angeles: The Beautiful Tragedy

    The city of angels is where I want to be
    Where I don't know them read more »

    Rey Contreras
  • 21.
    City Life

    As I watch the cars go by,
    While sitting in the bus,
    I think of insects,
    Scuttling through their own lives. read more »

    Simone Otto
  • 22.
    When City Lights

    Walking corner to corner,
    Staring lights like a hover,
    This the thing I always do,
    When this city starts its glow. read more »

    Christian Nerves
  • 23.
    The City Vs. The Country

    In the city where the colours run dry,
    Or in the country where the farmers grow rye.
    In the city where there are fees,
    Or in the country where beauty is free. read more »

    Haley McRae
  • 24.
    The Beautiful City of God

    When we repudiate
    The Beautiful City of God
    (Indeed, The Beautiful City of Love) ,
    Comes the feckless Savage read more »

    Samuel Hardman
  • 25.
    City Of Worcester

    Worcester, the city of noise,
    Walking along these city streets,
    Seeing people busy,
    pacing, read more »

    Cassandra Prew
  • 26.
    city like feeling

    read more »

    thomesha robinson
  • 27.
    The City Never Sleeps

    A cool winter's night
    Shadows from the moon light
    The city masked in dark
    And this late hour marked read more »

    Kayla Roberts
  • 28.
    The city

    read more »

  • 29.
    About in The City

    about in the city, get caught up in the lights
    walk with the people, anticipate the endless rhythm that is the night
    awake each day to the race once again, the race of life,
    run towards your dreams, run onto the subway, read more »

    Jackie Trujillo
  • 30.

    A nice foggy weather
    In this exciting winter morning
    I am sitting in a bus
    Waiting to reach my school read more »

    Minu Jaiswal
  • 31.
    Every city

    Every CITY looks different,
    if you don't think so you should see,
    why don't come with me,
    and see the whole CITY. read more »

    thomesha robinson
  • 32.
    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Welcome to the queen city of Babylon
    And the seven hills of ancient Rome.
    Welcome to that great city, that mighty city! read more »

    Bob Evenson
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