Top 100 Poems About: COURAGE

In this page, poems on / about “courage” are listed.
  • 1.

    Courage is what makes us
    Courage is what divides us
    Courage is what drives us
    Courage is what stops us read more »

    Corey Fauchon
  • 2.
    Tribute To Courage

    Courage is doing what is right
    Without having to be told
    Courage is manning up
    When you know you've done something wrong read more »

    James Elston
  • 3.

    Women of courage, women of strength ,
    Women of faith and devotion.
    Mothers of children with spirits so strong
    Who may have unbridled imaginations. REFRAIN: They are women, women of courage read more »

    Kathy L. Goings
  • 4.
    Be Brave!

    Be Brave!
    Fight those who fight you with
    Courage! read more »

    Bree Hodges
  • 5.

    The courage I need
    I need the courage to control my instincts
    The courage I need to face my fears
    I need the courage to see the future read more »

    Daniel Vango
  • 6.

    Courage is what it takes to stand up to others
    Courage is what it takes to make your own decisions
    Courage is what it takes to succeed
    But it also takes courage to sit down and listen read more »

    Hanson Chen
  • 7.
    Lack of Courage

    Most days I feel
    Like I am
    Losing so much time
    Sitting read more »

    Linda Engwall
  • 8.
    What's Courage?

    Here's a question thats always on the back of your mind
    With an answer nearly impossible to find
    What is courage?
    People often mistake courage for bravery read more »

    Eliseo Rivera
  • 9.

    Courage is Love
    Courage is Strength
    The one thing that gives Life more length read more »

    Abi Rodriguez
  • 10.
    In Courage

    In courage-you find
    no fear
    and in courage-no weakness
    does appear read more »

    Dorsey Baker
  • 11.
    Life is a Courage

    Courage to do something extraordinary,

    Courage to fight with diseases, read more »

    Suruchi Puri
  • 12.
    My Petty Greed

    People with petty greed ~ how much do they get
    Not all people have big-sized greeds
    We very ordinary
    bunch of people with petty greed read more »

  • 13.
    * 3 3 If I had the Courage to -

    If I had the courage to
    Stand tall I would read more »

    Noorie Ali
  • 14.

    What does courage mean to me?
    What does it mean to you?
    To some, a single attribute, others, quite a few,
    For courage is a lack of fear, inspired by faith and love, read more »

    Richard Baird
  • 15.
    Anyone's Courage

    Courage is something any one can achieve
    It can happen so fast if you just believe

    Believe in yourself and you'll be suprised read more »

    Julio Hernandez
  • 16.
    Courage to Change

    It takes courage to change yourself
    It takes courage to reach out to someone
    To admit that you can't do it by yourself. read more »

    Renee Tidmore
  • 17.
    It Takes Courage

    it takes courage to say life goes on
    without knowing where you might end

    it takes a lot of courage to achieve what
    you want to be in life read more »

    mehida jean louis
  • 18.
    This Lifes Journey

    The Spirit gives Courage
    to fainting hearts.
    A seed is planted,
    Watered by prayer, read more »

    Kit Leamy
  • 19.

    Many are the troubles we are confronted with,
    Life is no more than a troublesome myth;
    Reality is so bizarre and weak,
    Sadness and fear has reached its peak; read more »

    Harihara Sudhahar Ramamoorthy
  • 20.
    A Soldier's War of Courage

    Courage is standing in the middle of a war zone read more »

    Gail Doyle
  • 21.
    Strong Courage

    My courage is STRONG
    It is the strongest people have seen in a while
    The kind you rarely see read more »

    Bailey Deziel
  • 22.
    Courageous courage

    I cry in courage
    Its the only way to release pain using bravery and strength

    Courage dedicates me to put on my shoes and face the worlds brutality read more »

    sharnae green
  • 23.

    What is courage, is it hard to say
    That a man may give his life away
    It could be friend or maybe foe
    But impartial courage he will show. read more »

    Cecil Lees
  • 24.
    Desperado (for Henry David Thoreau)

    It is moral courage
    makes the woman
    or man.
    Conversely, read more »

    Vi Ransel
  • 25.
    The Flag of Courage

    I am the flag of courage
    so carry me with pride.
    I shall make the final statement
    to the moment when you tried. read more »

    Edward J. Costello
  • 26.

    'I love you, ' I say
    'Thanks for your courage, ' you respond
    Courage? To tell you something about myself?
    That's wasn't courage read more »

    Diana Holinski
  • 27.
    The magical wizard of OZ.

    Why can’t I find the magical Oz and ask for courage?
    I know he will say “it is in you, you just have to find it.”
    But I have looked long and hard
    I have searched high and low, read more »

    Aryn James
  • 28.

    The heart of love is courage,
    The core of courage is love,
    Without the one there is no other.
    Love listens with courage to care, read more »

    Bea Early
  • 29.
    Faith and courage

    Faith and courage is something that
    I love now
    Its my new phrase that my mouth speaks
    Faith and courage is my new term in my read more »

    Lilit Movsisyan
  • 30.

    Hope is the walking dream; hope is the name of life
    hope is half success
    Hope can do everything, if the courage is in the heart
    Hopeless makes hopple in the legs as well as manacles in us read more »

    Sajad Wani
  • 31.
    Gnarled Tree

    Unfertile seed
    when first I came

    Determined I staid read more »

    Gloria Mary Rodriguez
  • 32.
    The Power

    We have the power to
    To make a difference
    It takes a person with courage
    And determination read more »

    Dominique Gladney
  • 33.
    A Trip To The Wizard

    I’m on my way to oz you see
    To get myself a heart.
    Those around me tell me now
    Mine has fallen all apart. read more »

    Donna G Fowler
  • 34.
    I Came To Learn

    I came to learn about Love and I learned
    that we are Love in action.
    I came to learn about Courage and I
    discovered that we are Courage in action. read more »

    Christopher Pacini
  • 35.
    On Courage

    Those who have fallen will rise again,
    And those who have risen will fall.
    It's something so steady that, through all this pain,
    There is lasting courage for all! read more »

    Mignon Isaacs Bryant
  • 36.
    Your Dimension Of Greatness

    No one can know the potential,
    Of a life that is committed to win;
    With courage - the challenge it faces,
    To achieve great success in the end! read more »

    Angel Valdez
  • 37.

    False courage is fighting;
    bragging about war.
    defeating an enemy
    that you never saw. read more »

    bryan cold
  • 38.

    Courage is the voice that makes you fight,
    On the stormy starless nights.
    Undeterred by friend or foe,
    Rain nor snow can dim its glow. read more »

    Adrianne Granger
  • 39.

    read more »

    Fallen Cowboy
  • 40.
    For You..

    Courage and integrity are wondrous things to see
    In your eyes I see them both looking back at me
    Courage and integrity before were simply words
    Vowels and consonants, sounds that I have heard, read more »

    craig norris
  • 41.

    Beauty, and strength
    Violence, and happiness
    Courage, and mercy
    Yet without this one girl read more »

    matthew jeter
  • 42.

    Speakin of maself – thirdly
    Is quite excitin

    Passed the obvious simplicity of ma name, read more »

    Jim Powell
  • 43.

    COURAGE ! Nothing can withstand
    Long a wronged, undaunted land
    If the hearts within her be read more »

    Bryan Waller Procter
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