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Top 100 Poems About: CRAZY

In this page, poems on / about “crazy” are listed.
  • 1.

    I made you crazy
    I drove a man crazy
    and yet I dont know how I made him crazy
    it wasnt fair for him to be crazy read more »

    Stay out of my life
  • 2.
    My Brother.....

    My Brother is so annoying
    My Brother is so sad
    My Brother drives me crazy
    it makes me wanna go mad. read more »

    Vanessa Hernandez
  • 3.
    Crazy Enough

    I am crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you

    Even when i have seen you only ounce. read more »

    shayla bowser
  • 4.

    Im crazy
    Im insanely crazy
    Im crazy
    I also made him crazy read more »

    Cherice Harper
  • 5.

    Im crazy
    Im crazy
    Im insanely crazy
    Im crazy read more »

    Tayler Bailey
  • 6.

    You say I am crazy
    I say your crazy
    So now we are crazy together read more »

    cheyennne briggs
  • 7.
    Crazy Enough

    I am crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you
    Even when i have seen you only once.
    I am crazy enough to still be thinking about you
    Even when i know nothing of you at all read more »

    Selam G. Sekuar
  • 8.
    Its crazy

    Its crazy how your silence gets to be another murder case
    Its crazy how i trip like i didn't tie my shoe lace
    Its crazy how its so hard for me to be your base
    Its crazy how other people put smiles on my face read more »

    abigail sikwenda
  • 9.
    So crazy

    Crazy world crazy money crazy football crazy monkey

    Can you feel it? read more »

    Edi Soric
  • 10.
    Am I Crazy?

    Am I crazy?
    Yes, i'm crazy
    The craziness flow
    in my heart read more »

    Hana 1225
  • 11.
    crazy animal

    there once was a crazy animal
    that liked to roll in a ball

    then one fall read more »

    Erik martin
  • 12.
    My heart is born because of you

    When you look at me with your smiles
    My heart beats like a crazy
    When you touch my hand with your warmth
    My body shake like a crazy read more »

    Zaw Myat Htoo
  • 13.
    Crazy Days

    Crazy Days can be Hard.
    Crazy Days can be Hard for some people.
    Crazy Days can be Funny.
    Crazy Days can be Funny with friends. read more »

    Tyanna Willie
  • 14.
    Isnt It Crazy

    isn't it crazy how
    you cant see things right in front of your eyes
    isn't it crazy how
    love always seems to slowly die read more »

    mers muniz
  • 15.
    dancing in the rain

    You may think I’m crazy
    I think you’re insane
    Lets get together and
    Dance in the rain read more »

    mae beezwax
  • 16.
    It's Crazy

    It's like I'm going crazy out of my mind
    Cause images of you holding my waist from behind read more »

    brittany arnold
  • 17.

    im crazy but not that crazy
    im goofy but not retardid
    im funny but hilarious
    crazy crazy me read more »

    kayla geralds
  • 18.
    Best Of Friends

    When i first met you
    All I saw was
    This big crazy person
    At first i was afriad to meet you' read more »

    bianca briones
  • 19.
    It's Crazy.

    It's crazy how a person changes,
    after you knew them so well.
    It's crazy how fast feelings can change,
    from heaven into hell. read more »

    Kayla Bryant
  • 20.
    I know we just met

    I know we just met
    But for some reason you are impossible to forget
    The beautiful smile on your face
    That image is hard to replace read more »

    andy woltjen
  • 21.

    In a whirlwind of numbness,
    there is nothing but madness

    this pen is my release, read more »

    rachel kathleen moses
  • 22.
    Oh Sharon

    you are in my every feeling
    even inside my heart chilling
    world goes crazy with money
    bees buzz crazy about honey read more »

    kayanja isaac
  • 23.
    Self Medication

    Crazy girl
    All jumbled up inside
    With a sweet tooth and a craving
    For the candy that get's her high read more »

    Angel Marie
  • 24.
    Book Crook

    read more »

    Derek wolnik
  • 25.

    As crazy as life is
    and lifes pretty crazy
    sunshine shining
    I feel crazy lately read more »

    Tyler Stafford
  • 26.
    Country Crazy

    It's every time that I look into her eyes
    As beautiful as a southern sun rise
    This girl she just amazes me
    This girl's got me country crazy read more »

    Evan Tull
  • 27.
    That Drives Me Crazy

    It's the look in your eyes when we have to say goodbye,

    That drives me crazy! read more »

    Cassandra Robinson
  • 28.

    Im crazy, outgoing, sometimes insane.
    Yall say Danger is my middle name.
    I love to take adventures, explore, and have fun.
    But i'll never relax and stay in the sun. read more »

    Brook Mabry
  • 29.
    Out of Practice

    I'm out of practice
    other than thinking out loud
    and that's read more »

    Kelley Larsen
  • 30.
    hailie's poem

    ok so her name is hailie
    she drive me crazy, oh baby
    ok so i call her hailie bo bailie mo mailie
    she is my bestie babygirl read more »

    ackh 4ever
  • 31.
    Its CraZzy

    read more »

    veronica Montiel
  • 32.
    Crazy is as crazy does.

    Jason, you're so crazy' I hear so often..
    I know I'm crazy though..
    Does one cease being crazy,
    once they realize they're crazy? read more »

    jason brierly
  • 33.
    Maybe Were Crazy

    I am invisible,
    Yet, you can see me,
    But I am transparent,
    Or maybe not, read more »

    Shadrach Knight
  • 34.
    Crazy girl

    crazy girl, in a not so bad world
    i just dont get what is supposed to be unfurled
    am i wrong, when i say im insane
    who is right, and who is the on to blame read more »

    Laura Holcomb
  • 35.
    Crazy World

    In this crazy world I've seen

    There is love and suffering read more »

    michael baker
  • 36.
    Crazzy me?

    Am i crazy? .... i wonder,
    wearing socks over shoes in thunder..! read more »

    sejzinn Joshi
  • 37.


    Talayha Franklin
  • 38.

    you boy
    you make me go crazie
    you make me go crazier, crazier
    till i fall in your harms read more »

    zayra rivera
  • 39.
    Arduous Jubilation

    The mind of a crazy person
    A happy place to be

    Only in the crazy read more »

    Lisa M. Callicott
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