Top 100 Poems About: CRAZY

In this page, poems on / about “crazy” are listed.
  • 1.

    I made you crazy
    I drove a man crazy
    and yet I dont know how I made him crazy
    it wasnt fair for him to be crazy read more »

    Stay out of my life
  • 2.
    My Brother.....

    My Brother is so annoying
    My Brother is so sad
    My Brother drives me crazy
    it makes me wanna go mad. read more »

    Vanessa Hernandez
  • 3.
    Crazy Enough

    I am crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you

    Even when i have seen you only ounce. read more »

    shayla bowser
  • 4.

    Im crazy
    Im insanely crazy
    Im crazy
    I also made him crazy read more »

    Cherice Harper
  • 5.

    You say I am crazy
    I say your crazy
    So now we are crazy together read more »

    cheyennne briggs
  • 6.

    Im crazy
    Im crazy
    Im insanely crazy
    Im crazy read more »

    Tayler Bailey
  • 7.
    Its crazy

    Its crazy how your silence gets to be another murder case
    Its crazy how i trip like i didn't tie my shoe lace
    Its crazy how its so hard for me to be your base
    Its crazy how other people put smiles on my face read more »

    abigail sikwenda
  • 8.
    My heart is born because of you

    When you look at me with your smiles
    My heart beats like a crazy
    When you touch my hand with your warmth
    My body shake like a crazy read more »

    Zaw Myat Htoo
  • 9.
    Crazy Enough

    I am crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you
    Even when i have seen you only once.
    I am crazy enough to still be thinking about you
    Even when i know nothing of you at all read more »

    Selam G. Sekuar
  • 10.
    crazy animal

    there once was a crazy animal
    that liked to roll in a ball

    then one fall read more »

    Erik martin
  • 11.
    Am I Crazy?

    Am I crazy?
    Yes, i'm crazy
    The craziness flow
    in my heart read more »

    Hana 1225
  • 12.
    So crazy

    Crazy world crazy money crazy football crazy monkey

    Can you feel it? read more »

    Edi Soric
  • 13.
    I know we just met

    I know we just met
    But for some reason you are impossible to forget
    The beautiful smile on your face
    That image is hard to replace read more »

    andy woltjen
  • 14.
    My Crazy Life

    I live my crazy life
    and kill my ex with a knife
    I am a prisoner in my own flat
    and want to forget read more »

    Kathrin Peters
  • 15.
    Isnt It Crazy

    isn't it crazy how
    you cant see things right in front of your eyes
    isn't it crazy how
    love always seems to slowly die read more »

    mers muniz
  • 16.

    In a whirlwind of numbness,
    there is nothing but madness

    this pen is my release, read more »

    rachel kathleen moses
  • 17.
    Best Of Friends

    When i first met you
    All I saw was
    This big crazy person
    At first i was afriad to meet you' read more »

    bianca briones
  • 18.
    It's Crazy.

    It's crazy how a person changes,
    after you knew them so well.
    It's crazy how fast feelings can change,
    from heaven into hell. read more »

    Kayla Bryant
  • 19.
    Not normal

    still am not normal
    never will be
    don't care
    actually, i'm glad read more »

    Rachel Stoddard
  • 20.
    dancing in the rain

    You may think I’m crazy
    I think you’re insane
    Lets get together and
    Dance in the rain read more »

    mae beezwax
  • 21.

    im crazy but not that crazy
    im goofy but not retardid
    im funny but hilarious
    crazy crazy me read more »

    kayla geralds
  • 22.

    As crazy as life is
    and lifes pretty crazy
    sunshine shining
    I feel crazy lately read more »

    Tyler Stafford
  • 23.
    my family

    My family is huge
    its as big as can be.
    knowing and sharing
    quality beats me. read more »

    sara Rodriguez
  • 24.
    Crazy - a Filk Song

    Yes. I. Am. Crazy crazy crazy and I’m winter
    I wear the blacks and whites and reds and greens and blue.

    They. Say. You're. Crazy crazy crazy and I love you read more »

    S. Amina Sackinger
  • 25.
    That Drives Me Crazy

    It's the look in your eyes when we have to say goodbye,

    That drives me crazy! read more »

    Cassandra Robinson
  • 26.
    Oh Sharon

    you are in my every feeling
    even inside my heart chilling
    world goes crazy with money
    bees buzz crazy about honey read more »

    kayanja isaac
  • 27.
    Too me

    Too young to be old
    too old to be young
    in the middle of time
    like a rose unsprung read more »

    Iselin Steinsto
  • 28.
    Country Crazy

    It's every time that I look into her eyes
    As beautiful as a southern sun rise
    This girl she just amazes me
    This girl's got me country crazy read more »

    Evan Tull
  • 29.

    Im crazy, outgoing, sometimes insane.
    Yall say Danger is my middle name.
    I love to take adventures, explore, and have fun.
    But i'll never relax and stay in the sun. read more »

    Brook Mabry
  • 30.
    Book Crook

    read more »

    Derek wolnik
  • 31.
    hailie's poem

    ok so her name is hailie
    she drive me crazy, oh baby
    ok so i call her hailie bo bailie mo mailie
    she is my bestie babygirl read more »

    ackh 4ever
  • 32.
    Out of Practice

    I'm out of practice
    other than thinking out loud
    and that's read more »

    Kelley Larsen
  • 33.
    You Don't Go Crazy Till It's Done

    War is hell but you don't go crazy til its done.
    We climbed over the top, we can never stop,
    You don't go crazy till its done.
    Shoot your guns and bang your drums, read more »

    Julia Boon
  • 34.
    Crazy Crack Christmas

    Jingle bells,
    Bingle jells,
    Santa Claus on crack,
    He comes down the chimney again read more »

    William Punter
  • 35.
    Maybe Were Crazy

    I am invisible,
    Yet, you can see me,
    But I am transparent,
    Or maybe not, read more »

    Shadrach Knight
  • 36.
    Crazy is as crazy does.

    Jason, you're so crazy' I hear so often..
    I know I'm crazy though..
    Does one cease being crazy,
    once they realize they're crazy? read more »

    jason brierly
  • 37.
    Crazy girl

    crazy girl, in a not so bad world
    i just dont get what is supposed to be unfurled
    am i wrong, when i say im insane
    who is right, and who is the on to blame read more »

    Laura Holcomb
  • 38.

    you boy
    you make me go crazie
    you make me go crazier, crazier
    till i fall in your harms read more »

    zayra rivera
  • 39.


    Talayha Franklin
  • 40.
    Crazy World

    In this crazy world I've seen

    There is love and suffering read more »

    michael baker
  • 41.
    Crazy Letter

    When I back Home

    After my long traveling in north read more »

    bourjil yousfi
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