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Top 100 Poems About: DANCE

In this page, poems on / about “dance” are listed.
  • 1.
    Dance Me To The End Of Love

    Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
    Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in
    Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
    Dance me to the end of love read more »

    Leonard Cohen
  • 2.

    dance the river is there to rise
    dance touch me and close your eyes
    dance the winds will touch your feet
    just dance and dance feel the beat read more »

    Miroslava Odalovic
  • 3.
    'I Dance for the Love'

    I dance for the love

    I dance even when I feel pain
    I dance knowing there's something to gain read more »

    Amy Lee
  • 4.
    Dance Unto The Light

    Dance unto the light,
    Sway to the sounds of time,
    Watch the angels bright,
    As they dance within your mind. read more »

    Katrina S. Lucas
  • 5.

    I'll dance all night
    I'll dance the pain away
    I'll dance until the morning sun
    Graces us with day read more »

    Tatianna Rei Moonshadow
  • 6.
    Dance, My Little Puppets

    dance, my little puppets
    dance for me
    dance, my little puppets
    and you shall see read more »

    sandy nobody
  • 7.
    ill dance

    ill dance 4 luv
    ill dance 4 pain
    i dance hopeing theres still luv 2 gain
    ill dance for them read more »

    Jordan Johnson
  • 8.
    Dancing with the flames

    Dancing with the flames
    a fiery gypsy’s dance – read more »

    KrystynaMaria Postawa
  • 9.
    Dance, Dance

    Dance, Dance
    To the music
    Dance, Dance
    To the beat read more »

    Atara Gedalowitz
  • 10.
    Dance, Dance Everywhere!

    Dance, Dance Dance
    When I look at the sky,
    I see the clouds dance read more »

    Ramdas Bhandarkar
  • 11.

    Dance to the smiles
    That comes from your little hips
    Dance to the laughter
    You’ve brought to my tender heart read more »

    Okeke Emmanuel
  • 12.
    Dance of Dances

    Dance in the moon light with all the stars in sight
    Dance with all of this power and might
    Dance with danger every night
    Dance up and down twirling around read more »

    nick trager
  • 13.

    Dance is a passion,
    There's millions of dance moves,
    Just like fashion,
    You must know some, read more »

    Mariah Clary
  • 14.
    I Dance..Without Music

    Life is a dance which leads each one of us to the ultimate truth-Death. Here I am traveling towards my coffin, not walking but dancing. Without music, without obliged to any defined rhythm, I am inching towards it, towards my coffin. Throughout my dancing once again I am watching everything...

    I am dancing without music
    Dancing without definite steps read more »

    Raj Thampi
  • 15.
    Dancing My Fears Away

    I’ll dance when I want to
    I’ll dance what I feel
    I’ll dance until the night is done
    Until dusk almost here read more »

    Analyssa Mevs
  • 16.
    I dance for the love

    I dance for the love

    I dance even when I feel pain
    I dance knowing there's something to gain read more »

    Victoria Bleker
  • 17.
    (TO BE READ IN A MAGIC DANCE BEAT VOICE. Read it and set your own beat, the beat you feel)

    (TO BE READ IN A MAGIC DANCE BEAT VOICE. Read it and set your own beat, the beat you feel)

    We were just some aging hopheads read more »

    Stuart Welch
  • 18.
    Live free, Dance hard

    Dance when no ones looking,
    Dance harder when they are
    Dance to heal a wound,
    Dance to heal a scar read more »

    Meagan Slack
  • 19.
    Nature Dancing

    The treetops nod,
    The cherubs sing,
    The fairies dance,
    As the bluebells ring. read more »

    Shreenita Ghosh
  • 20.
    Leaves Of November

    How you glide over the matted, frostbitten grass
    Performing the last dance
    A ritual before death
    An unseen choreographer guiding your every movement read more »

    Barbara M. Thomas
  • 21.
    Spring Dance

    They cut all the leaves
    all my buds and branches
    she set me aside, so not to
    rise but to die read more »

    alec latha
  • 22.

    I can't dance
    my fancy dance dance pants
    don't dance
    they seem to prance read more »

    Jessica Hendrix
  • 23.
    She Dances

    She dances in the sunlight
    She dances in the rain
    She dances in delight
    She dances through her pain read more »

    Ranita Badudu
  • 24.
    Dance to life

    To life's beat, we will dance,
    to its rhythm, and hum its rhyme,
    and sing, to its aching and cheerful hymns,
    to its sufferings' and luxuries' ends, read more »

    Serah Donald Mbachu
  • 25.
    shall we dance

    shall we dance?
    shall we set in motion
    a tango we can call our own
    shall we dance read more »

    sarah sarah
  • 26.
    Dance Then to Everything

    Music is everywhere
    music is in sound and
    music is in silence read more »

    Alla Renee Bozarth
  • 27.

    just a lad of sixteen summers
    when the mining gates locked
    i stood there with my brothers
    some with there rifles cocked read more »

    john mccullagh
  • 28.
    Letter to JT Miller (1926-2006)

    Dear Daddy,

    Thank you for giving me the gift of life
    a lifetime opportunity read more »

    Jacqui Miller
  • 29.

    Rigid denials carved reflections in the floor
    In beer drenched coats and thrown away inhabitations
    Tussled hair and sweat soaked shirts
    Throwing caution to the wind read more »

    Hayley Lewis
  • 30.

    Dance with me, a dance to wake the dead.
    Dance with me, a dance to wake the living. read more »

    Karmel Clune
  • 31.

    I'll dance all night
    I'll dance the pain away
    I'll dance until the morning sun
    Graces us with day read more »

    Roxanne Grenio
  • 32.
    dancing in the rain

    You may think I’m crazy
    I think you’re insane
    Lets get together and
    Dance in the rain read more »

    mae beezwax
  • 33.

    lets go dance
    or give it a glance
    lets try try try and dance read more »

    Super Girl
  • 34.
    Dancing with Sorrow

    Amidst a garden in a twist of fate
    I dance with Sorrow in an evening late
    We hold our hands and tend our steps in pace
    Then glide like silk with songs of Tears in grace read more »

    Roland Jr Jamito
  • 35.
    Wolf Dance

    As the Wolf Lord dances through the Winter of the World
    As he dances while his Lady sleeps deep
    As he dances through the forests and the frozen streams
    As he dances to the rhythm of a world asleep read more »

    Ban Sidhe
  • 36.
    D.A.N.C.E! <3

    Dance to Live.
    Dance to Love Life.
    Dance to Enjoy Life.
    Dance to Impress. read more »

    Allie Lewis
  • 37.
    Save The Last Dance For Me

    They walk into the room hand in hand,
    Like any other sweet, happy couple;
    But, soon split and go to their friends,
    To give them a hug and enjoy the evening read more »

    Raechael Dsouza
  • 38.
    The Dancer Dances!

    As the smoke drifts in the shadows
    Quiet now with bolted doors
    No more crowds – just empty tables
    Round the dark and silent floor read more »

    Keith Gwilliams
  • 39.
    Old and Young

    And they are there, old and young, dancing side by side,
    And they are there, young as old, dancing for a while,
    And they are there, old as young, dancing for the first time,
    The young, they teach, read more »

    Jacob Bradshaw
  • 40.

    When my Africa dance,
    She dances the dance
    Of the warriors who builds
    My home with their read more »

    Owoade Adewale
  • 41.
    Dancing with You

    Dance to the rhythm of the music

    Admire the sexy body attire while moving and gliding on the dance floor read more »

    Charles Marshall
  • 42.
    Dancing Runs Through My Blood

    The true meaning of dance is found in you.
    It draws itself up and becomes part of you.
    The falling droplets of rhythm flow; razing not but building a graceful feeling of joy. read more »

    Reginald Enakadm sanele
  • 43.
    As I Dance

    As I dance in the rain,
    I let flow my inner pain.
    As I dance thru the smoke,
    I fill my lungs with words read more »

    Jorge Loera
  • 44.
    Do You Want To Dance

    Do you want to dance
    when you're alone
    in front of all your fears
    with the passion read more »

    Gary Winkel
  • 45.
    Dance with Me

    How long must I be in the dark room?
    Staring into emptiness
    Thy feet is treasured
    Roll on the floor with me read more »

    Nii Ayi Solomon
  • 46.
    Dancing with the fairies

    Walking through the fields
    I saw a fairy dancing.
    The fairy was so pretty
    Dancing in the moonlight. read more »

    Mariya Shostak
  • 47.
    PEOCOCK {cinquain}

    IT DANCES IN RAIN read more »

    suhani shah
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