Top 100 Poems About: DARK

In this page, poems on / about “dark” are listed.
  • 1.
    Dark Dark Girl

    Dark girl so filled with strife
    Dark Dark girl she'll take your life
    Dark girl stay for a while
    Dark Dark girl she makes me smile read more »

    kyle potter
  • 2.
    This Girl

    This Girl In The Dark
    Has a beautiful face without a name
    And a beautiful smile to hide the pain
    This Girl In the Dark read more »

    Julie Bond
  • 3.
    i was a dark angel

    I was a dark angel sent from bellow,
    I was the dark angel waiting to grow,
    I was a dark angel pondering were to go,
    I was a dark angel looking for a pathway to follow, read more »

    luke slade
  • 4.

    I met someone somewhere out there
    One angel, with eyes that dare
    I saw him sent from the sky
    Oh, he’s an angel, an angel of a butterfly read more »

    Tough Angel fly purple butterfly fly
  • 5.
    This is the dark time, my love

    This is the dark time, my love,
    All round the land brown beetles crawl about
    The shining sun is hidden in the sky
    Red flowers bend their heads in awful sorrow read more »

    Martin Carter
  • 6.
    in the dark...

    In the dark I stand alone
    In the dark I think this is my home

    I think of you in the dark read more »

  • 7.
    My Lullaby (Song)

    Close your eyes
    Go to sleep.
    Find your soul
    In arms I'll keep read more »

    Sans Serif
  • 8.
    And Here Comes Dark

    It's dark outside
    But I see the light
    Then darkness
    I see the light again read more »

    Yasmin Rubayo
  • 9.
    My angel

    I met someone somewhere out there,
    One angel, with eyes that dare,
    I saw her sent from the sky,
    Oh, she’s an angel, an angel of a butterfly, read more »

    Dakota Bordeau
  • 10.
    Dark Becomes Dawn

    Dark as pitch - Dawn spreads light
    Dark as dead - Dawn expires graves
    Dark withers - Dawn freshness wears
    Dark un-paths - Dawn re-strides. read more »

    Robert Sheridan
  • 11.
    Velvet Dark

    I heard a song last night
    Alone in my car, in the velvet dark
    It epitomised my feelings, my reelings
    And I began to understand read more »

    Michelle Tiddy
  • 12.
    Dark Dark Moon......

    Dark dark moon
    Dark dark moon
    No no no no no, don't show me your face...! read more »

    Rowving Smith
  • 13.
    A dark secrete

    I have a big dark secret, stored deep inside of me
    should i tell? should i not? what should it be?
    for every day that comes, this big dark secret grows
    and the fear that i live in takes ahold read more »

    kat temple
  • 14.
    In The Dark

    So i lay alone in the dark
    Listening to love songs in the dark
    Thinking about you in the dark
    Thinking about what we could do in the dark read more »

    linda dadzie
  • 15.
    Shadow in the Dark

    I’m a shadow in the dark
    The quintessential sound of death
    I’m a shadow in the dark
    Like the reaper’s icy breath read more »

    Justin Robert Cooper
  • 16.
    In the Dark

    This girl in the dark
    Has a beautiful smile too hide the pain
    This girl in the dark
    Has cuts up her arm read more »

    Fangs Amie
  • 17.

    I sit alone
    In this cold dark room
    No windows no doors
    Just icy cold air read more »

    Kanishk Gupta
  • 18.
    The Dark Daughter

    The Dark Daughter
    The dark daughter, dark not, but beautiful,
    Call her not dark,
    As she dark not, my dark daughter, read more »

    Bijay Kant Dubey
  • 19.
    Dark poem

    Dark night, dark soul, fighting for a place on this earth,

    Dark feelings, dark road, I'm trying to figure it out. read more »

    Flavia Karina Ernst
  • 20.
    In The Dark

    In the dark, You hear me scream.
    In the dark, The screams shall stay.
    In the dark, I weep in pain.
    in the dark, The pain shall stay read more »

    Chasistity Mooore
  • 21.
    dark suffering

    The dark is my friend
    the dark is my home.
    For the dark dosent hurt me
    as some people can read more »

    Grace DeVon miller
  • 22.
    Requiem Of Night

    The darkness song
    The dark deep liar
    Fill read more »

    charles hariyadi leonhart
  • 23.
    When the World Goes Dark

    when the world goes dark
    and the grief emerges
    washes over your being
    pushing over your mind read more »

    Sophie Kennedy
  • 24.
    In the Dark I Stand Alone

    In the dark I stand alone
    In the dark I think of home

    I think of him in the dark read more »

    Racheal Lequeth
  • 25.
    Oh! Lisa With These Lovely Eyes

    Lisa with the dark brown eyes
    So please tell my soul to sympathize,
    We shall cry forever in overcast skies
    Lisa with the dark brown eyes, read more »

    Klayne Mario Burton
  • 26.
    My Dark Dreams

    I'm in the dark
    And I'm lost
    In my mind, screaming
    Through the empty read more »

    Nicole Hiebing
  • 27.
    Many Dark Rains

    I look outside
    Thinking the rainbows ironic
    Light in Dark
    Dark in Light read more »

    Flame Song
  • 28.
    2-Lost Words

    In the dark alleys of my mind
    They run about.
    Sometimes lost, sometimes found.
    Sometimes emerging faintly through the dark read more »

    shreya chatterjee
  • 29.
    Judgement Day

    The world is nothing
    All is dark and dead
    It just happened with no
    Warning for the world read more »

    Wensday Wood
  • 30.
    Its Dark

    Its dark in this town,
    Its dark in my house,
    Its dark in my soul,
    Its dark in my mind, read more »

    bryer rose
  • 31.

    The light,
    is much more harder to obtain,
    than the dark,
    For light is balance, read more »

    Aamir Zain
  • 32.
    The dark side

    The dark side
    is a cloud the covers your nice day
    you feel so alone
    I feel like I've been there before read more »

    libbi kenner
  • 33.
    Dark Place

    Small and confined
    she stays a prisoner to her dark place
    Try as she may
    she always ends up back at her dark place read more »

    Patti Wilburn Haney
  • 34.
    Sitting In The Dark

    Sitting in the dark
    I feel all alone
    I stop in the Silence
    And all I think is your name read more »

    Elizabeth Staples
  • 35.
    City Haiku

    Smoky city night
    Piercing yowl shatters the dark.
    Nonchalant to the
    Bloodshot glares from dark windows, read more »

    Cicero Grey
  • 36.
    Dark Little Goth Girl

    Dark Little Goth Girl
    What have you become?
    You used to be so strong
    But now you get pushed around read more »

    Shaughnessy Turner
  • 37.
    Spring Sestina

    it’s nearly noon and the sun slices
    through the thick spring fog, dark
    with winter’s gloom, heavy with fatality:
    the spent daffodil’s bloom, the cut read more »

    Jane L. Carman
  • 38.
    His Words

    dark dark girl don't be afraid
    dark girl you know you should've stayed
    dark dark girl look at the light
    dark girl you know you lost that fight read more »

    Raven Ozera
  • 39.

    Deep down in Deaths dark depths of sodden soil
    Of Bodies decay that speak no more
    Words that talk upon the Stone
    And echo loud upon the Wall read more »

    David Burton Richardson
  • 40.
    Me in the Dark! ! ! ! ! ! !

    This Girl In The Dark
    Has a beautiful face without a name
    And a beautiful smile to hide the pain
    This Girl In the Dark read more »

    Veronica Hall
  • 41.
    Dark and Light

    Here where I live it is dark.
    Abide within and it is dark.
    Sinister beings dwell in the dark.
    Seeing is not possible in the dark. read more »

    Jeff Manion
  • 42.
    Dark Or Light?

    Dark and light fight in the sky,
    One has to fall for the other to rule,
    No one knows whats going to happen,
    As this fight rips family apart. read more »

    Elizabeth Cox
  • 43.
    The Dark

    I sit and I watch for the dark to bring him back
    I wait with swollen, glassy eyes and fear in my heart
    I wait looking out into the dark that took him not knowing if it will bring him back, not knowing if it is willing to let him go read more »

    Lucky Tate
  • 44.

    A flame dances over
    its sustaining logs
    Piercing the dark with light My mind dances over
    its structural maze read more »

    David Freed
  • 45.
    A Dark illusion

    Walking in a dark path
    No help reached out to me
    Walking in a dark path
    Blind and still can't see read more »

    yolanda salas
  • 46.
    You Are My Light Through The Dark!

    You are my light through the dark of night,
    That guides me to the light of day.
    When my light fades from day,
    You help me in the dark. read more »

    Sara Tober
  • 47.
    Flowers In The Dark

    Can you see flowers in the dark
    While walking in the park
    Accompanied by the sky lark read more »

    Jamie Collins
  • 48.
    In The Dark...

    In the dark
    Mind or being
    We see things
    That aren’t obvious in the light read more »

    Wishful Thinker
  • 49.
    What You Do To Me

    You're making me sink
    Deeper and deeper
    Staring in the dark
    Suicidal thoughts screaming read more »

    Elien Seys
  • 50.
    Twilight (not the freeking movie)

    when dark and light come to bind
    heart and soul form a line
    dark yet gray
    warmth of day read more »

    adam shipley
  • 51.
    49 hours

    cold NIGHT
    dark NIGHT
    ...good NIGHT read more »

    icy storm
  • 52.
    The Night Rider

    Riding a dark horse,
    With a dark force
    The Night Rider. read more »

    Milan Gojkovic
  • 53.
    Cover up

    Peaceful as the sky can be
    shiny as the stars can be
    dark as the night can be
    al covers read more »

    ashley delgado
  • 54.
    Is dark

    Is dark in my room

    is dark in the clouds read more »

    amin ali
  • 55.
    The Dark Legend

    Song of dark days!
    Souls of this dark acrid days
    written with dark ink
    walted with dark pen. read more »

  • 56.

    read more »

  • 57.
    Altars of Light

    If the light is the soul
    then soul is what's
    all around me. read more »

    Pierre Joris
  • 58.

    The past is like shadow and dark
    Sometimes there's a small spark read more »

    Theresa Phan
  • 59.
    My Crazy Little World

    Dark and Dark
    Loud and Loud
    Death and Death
    Shit and Shit! read more »

    Martin Bombo Yeboah
  • 60.

    read more »

    victoria decocq
  • 61.
    the light and dark have waned

    seven people of light;
    a walker of dark;
    collect seven signs, are given read more »

    pugegee phoenix
  • 62.
    The Darkest Sun

    This morning i spare, In my couch and with my pen my window was wide and my sight was clear! The wide blue sky like a clear stage it played a drama i believe with the actors of all sun, clouds, birds and the wide sky but the view was darkened why, i stood up glaring the sight where the sun turned black, dark and ash i had the greatest oppurtunity where no one ever guessed or knew, the sky has turned darkest blue with the read more »

    Anuvintha Rajeev
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