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Top 100 Poems About: DAUGHTER

In this page, poems on / about “daughter” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Daughter Through The Eyes Of A Father

    A daughter is beauty at its finest.
    Heart of an angel, soul so pure, and sweet. read more »

    Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson
  • 2.
    Mother and Daughter Love

    Mother and daughter love can be so fun...
    A mother should love her daughter at all time
    A mother have connection with her daughter
    A daughter should love there mother with in and with out read more »

    valentine white
  • 3.
    If a Daughter You Have

    If a daughter you have, she's the plague of your life,
    No peace shall you know, tho' you've buried your wife,
    At twenty she mocks at the duty you taught her,
    O, what a plague is an obstinate daughter. read more »

    Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  • 4.
    Father And Daughter

    Father and daughter spend some quiet time together in the living room
    Shining through the curtain is the sun
    And outside is the glorious afternoon read more »

    Justin Gildow
  • 5.

    I’m in over my head
    Better off dead
    You tell me I’m worthless
    Your worthless daughter read more »

    xx charmer xx
  • 6.
    Love, Daughter, Forever

    A DAUGHTER IS A TREASURE read more »

    irene santiago
  • 7.
    ' I'm Sorry '

    Oh, dear daughter,
    I'm sorry that I hurt you,
    I'm sorry that I was not there,
    I'm sorry for the way things are, read more »

    Tanya Woodard
  • 8.

    For the love of daughter
    That I cherish as a father
    The daughter I prayed to God for
    Those many years ago read more »

    Scott Austin
  • 9.

    The affection of a father is, daughter,
    Sweet melody of a song is, daughter, read more »

    dr. ram sharma
  • 10.
    My Real Goddess

    Today my mother
    Came to my house
    With lots of blessing
    And full of good wishing read more »

    Dr. P. K. Verma
  • 11.
    Mother And Daughter...

    Mother and daughter,
    Are very close,
    They are best friends,
    And can be enemy's sometimes, read more »

    StaceyLeigh Olner
  • 12.
    When A Mother Cries

    When a mother cries,
    Her tears stab at her daughter's heart
    As they plummet to the floor read more »

    Portia Lane
  • 13.
    My father, My father

    My father, my father,
    I love he,
    my father, my father,
    made me see, read more »

    Dakota Ellerton
  • 14.
    A timeless message, A final lesson

    Burning thy bridges—dost thou make you happy, my daughter?
    When all is said and done, will you not be standing in a heaping pile
    of ash and soot? Of the wreckage of a life once so well-lived;
    I love you, my daughter—but I cannot stand by to see this: read more »

    S.J. Goldner
  • 15.
    For a Daughter Who Leaves

    A woman weaves
    her daughter's wedding
    slippers that will carry
    her steps into a new life. read more »

    Janice Mirikitani
  • 16.
    Daughters Love

    read more »

    Kathy Langlois
  • 17.
    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Like mother, like
    We have so much
    in common. read more »

    lisa parks
  • 18.

    I held my daughter to my breast
    And now her sleeping child there rests read more »

    Sharon FottaAnderson
  • 19.
    Like Father Like Daughter

    You look so much alike, but yet so different inside,
    one is friendly, nice and sweet,
    but the other is stubborn and mean,
    dad stays strong to make ends meet, read more »

    Brandie .....
  • 20.
    Why Can't That Be Me

    Why can't that be me, the daughter
    you come home to
    Loving me all the time, and saying I miss you
    Why can't that be me, the daughter you call everyday read more »

    jasmine dugas
  • 21.
    Daughter I Give

    Daughter I Give

    See child look in my eyes
    And tell me you under stand read more »

    The voice of the forgotten solider Seanee' Flowers
  • 22.
    My Girl

    You did not come with nine months wait,

    I did not buy the buttons and bows ‘til late, read more »

    Teresa Dearing
  • 23.
    My Best Friend

    I am lost, without my daughter.
    She comes around just for a quarter
    making dinner for two.
    Sometimes, is hard to do. read more »

    Lori "Peanut" Hyer
  • 24.
    Just Like You!

    I glance down and smile
    My little girl looks at me
    In my best dress and shoes
    Red lipstick on her grinning face read more »

    Jacquie StewartHeimann
  • 25.
    My Daughter's Eyes

    When i look in my daughter's eyes
    Its like looking into the skies
    When i look in my daughter's eyes
    Sometimes all i see is her cries read more »

    Marlena Scott
  • 26.
    My Daughter

    My Daughter is such a beautiful girl,

    Who has plenty of dreams and plans for this great big world, read more »

    Penny Chesek
  • 27.
    Daughter Of Isis (Cleopatra)

    'I am daughter of Isis, all that is, and all that shall be, I am daughter, princess, mother, I am all three, exalted, out spoken, short tempered, and wise, I am higher than all, though 'smaller' in size, I am your master and mistress, keeper of light, I am heavenly mother to worlds, I delight, I am truth and justice, 'righter' of wrongs, read more »

    JoAnne Shadday
  • 28.
    Women's Day

    Today ask your self, every women,
    Am I a good mother, treating my son and daughter equally,
    Am I a good daughter, doing my duties not only asking for my rights
    Am I a good wife, taking respect from husband and giving him respect read more »

    suja nair
  • 29.
    My Angel Daughter

    My Angel Daughter
    You came into this world
    Was treasured forever. read more »

    Ezna Stephna
  • 30.

    The shoemakers daughter has no shoes.
    The breadmakers daughter has no bread.
    Lost read more »

    Vonda Overlie
  • 31.
    My Daughter, My Friend

    Sipping sodas during a movie
    laughing loudly at something hilariously funny
    eating pancakes quietly just us two
    Girl time—our time read more »

    Catherine Inscore
  • 32.
    My Daughters

    My daughters have become the joy of my life.
    They may cry and they may make me mad.
    Although they are the stone that keeps me strong.
    My pretty Paigreanna has grown so fast and I'm starting to see alot of me when I look at her. read more »

    Jessica Burral
  • 33.
    Daughter Wrote

    The flowers in the tree
    are blooming so eyes can see.
    The ripples on the water
    get smaller and smaller read more »

    Krista Addison
  • 34.

    A father who could be mean,
    A daughter who couldn't have foreseen,
    A father only love did he have for her,
    A daughter who didn't was all a blur, read more »

    Quincy Palamar
  • 35.
    I am your Father

    I am your Father,
    You are my daughter,
    We are too happy,
    Because we are together read more »

  • 36.
    My Daughter Brittany

    On the special day of October 4,1995
    God gave me the perfect daughter,
    A mother can dream about
    You fill my life with laughter read more »

  • 37.
    To my Father

    read more »

    Heather CCC
  • 38.

    Janice my dear, daughter of mine,
    So sweet and loving and pure of thought.
    Given to me from the Lord above
    To teach us here all about love. read more »

    Barbara Stahly
  • 39.
    Electric Eel Song

    Ay! me one child Ay-eeee!
    Ay! me one daughter
    Take out you’ foot
    From the black river water read more »

    Slade Hopkinson
  • 40.
    For The Daughters - From The Fathers

    For The Daughters -
    From The Fathers
    How proud does he feel, read more »

    Stephen Styris
  • 41.
    Bring Back Our Girls.

    My good people of Nigeria, join me and search
    For her as I implore the church
    To pray for the return
    Of my daughter, our daughters, who has gone to learn read more »

    Chiazo Egbukwu
  • 42.
    Blood, Murder and Tragedy

    With anticipation the drama
    That unfolded
    Turned and stared into
    The devil’s eyes read more »

    Somebuddy Morgan
  • 43.
    A Personel Manager's Niece

    Hello Friend I mean my brother
    Have you a job for my young daughter
    She is back from the middle east
    And on the computerised board and "reception read more »

    Marlene Thaddeus
  • 44.
    her maker

    You anger me so,
    With the unresponsiveness that you show,
    You loved her with breathless inner soul,
    You held her with such sweetness and tender glow, read more »

    jayne carpenter
  • 45.
    Play Ball (Softball)

    Play Ball (Softball)

    My daughters use to play softball
    I wish I could have been to them all read more »

    Michael Gelb
  • 46.
    A Daughters Love

    She came into this world on a bright sunny day, the first time I saw her sweet face,
    She had the sweetest and loving smile on her face, read more »

    Stuart Smeltzer
  • 47.
    A Daughter

    The moment she's born is a blessed thing,
    Joy to the world, let us rejoice and sing;

    The moment she smiles takes your breath away, read more »

    John Hess
  • 48.
    Daughter of Death

    I was born
    Born to the blood of angels
    Born through the veil of a storm
    Born without love inside of me read more »

    Brittany Cook
  • 49.
    Missing you

    Born January 2,2008
    A beautiful daughter of two
    to early for life
    God told us so read more »

    Elizabeth Staples
  • 50.
    The Name

    Asked my daughter:
    Dad! What is the name of my country?
    I need the name, you know
    for my map of geography. read more »

    Jilani Kamran
  • 51.
    I'm a Kings Daughter

    I'm a Kings daughter
    I'm a Kings daughter
    I'm a Kings daughter
    I read more »

    Sylvia Loven Carter
  • 52.
    Confessions Of A Broken Heart - Lindsay Lohan

    I wait for the postman to bring me a letter
    I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better
    And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders
    A family in crisis that only grows older read more »

    orous glam
  • 53.

    Daughters, love your mothers
    from age one to one hundred one.
    At age 3, your mom is everything.
    At age 13, your mom is lame. read more »

    Aly Williamson
  • 54.
    Heartbeats Skip, Love-Struck Daughers Wait

    Heartbeats skip, love-struck daughters wait,
    For their infatuations to arrive.
    Heartbeats skip, love-struck daughters wait,
    The atmosphere oozing a vivacious vibe.
    Heartbeat skip, love-stuck daughters wait, read more »

    Francesca Marie
  • 55.
    Oh Daughter! Why You Weep So?

    Oh daughter! Why you weep so?
    Oh daughter! Why you weep?
    Oh daughter! Please do stop now
    You really need some sleep. read more »

    carole turner
  • 56.
    Father and Daughter

    A father and daughter share a special bond
    This bond they share is undesribable
    If you have it you will never let it go
    If you don't, you will spend forever looking for it read more »

    Erin B. H.
  • 57.
    Eternal Departure

    Don't be scared of losing me
    Even if I go
    Then think I was the best flower in the garden
    So God picked me read more »

    nahreen rahman
  • 58.

    Mom and daughter hand in hand
    Bonds so tight it's hard to imagine
    What love they have
    Holding them together read more »

    natalie tinnel
  • 59.
    Loving Too Much

    read more »

    Barbara S. Johnson
  • 60.
    Fathers hands

    Born in her mothers whomb,
    held so gently in fathers arms,
    such grace and ease as a young third born child looks
    up at the father with wide eyes and amazement, read more »

    Melissa Hatch
  • 61.
    Daughter of my womb

    Daughter of my womb
    You've stabbed my heart so bad
    You've killed the bearer of your life
    Daughter of my womb am dying read more »

    Robert Abok
  • 62.
    The King of Erin's Daughter

    The King of Erin's Daughter had wind-blown hair and bright,
    The King of Erin's Daughter, her eyes were like the sea;
    (O Rose of all the roses, have you forgotten quite
    The story of the days of old that once you told to me?) read more »

    Norah M. Holland
  • 63.
    Aqua Daughter

    Drips of time are slowly dripping
    An hourglass of mystic water
    A tension in the droplets, quite so gripping
    A serenade of tune read more »

    Kris Oberckal
  • 64.

    Be strong and courageous;
    For we are daughters of God.
    Be loving and loyal;
    For we are daughters of mothers. read more »

    Ry Weeks
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