Top 100 Poems About: DEATH

In this page, poems on / about “death” are listed.
  • 1.

    Death is forever
    So don't flirt with suicide

    Death is painful read more »

    Brandi Young
  • 2.
    Angel of Death

    In darkness of the night
    I spied him in a tree
    Sat I froze by the sight
    He was looking at me read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
  • 3.
    >>>I Want To Die

    Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
    No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
    And I want to become a holy ghost
    Whom the people would like the most. read more »

    Abdul Wahab
  • 4.
    Death is....

    Death is when your loved ones must depart
    Death is a sharp pain to the heart

    Death is a feeling of permanent sadness and pain read more »

    Rebekah Joh
  • 5.

    In death there is beauty
    We will sleep like angels
    With the tranquility of innocence read more »

    Bernice W. Wilson
  • 6.
    Six Six Six Revealed (repeating cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

    Love brings war
    Love breeds hate
    Love births peace read more »

    Nicholas McDonough
  • 7.
    It's Death Again

    It's Death again - He's always there -
    Watching, waiting - e'er the stare!
    Every time I look behind
    Or reach to pull the window blind, read more »

    Mark R Slaughter
  • 8.

    Death is when my loved ones must depart
    Death is a sharp pain in my heart
    Death is this feeling of permanent sadness and pain
    Death is when my loved ones have gone away read more »

    Nick Andrew Smith
  • 9.

    death can get you any time
    death can get you in your sleep
    death can get you in your wake
    death can get your friend read more »

    Jacob monkey
  • 10.

    Death paints darkness at noon
    Earth not feared of death
    Death paints darkness at noon
    Sun shines sky so bright read more »

    Rema Prasanaa
  • 11.

    It was my destiny to die,
    and no matter how much you try,
    it is everyones destiny to die,
    no matter old or young, read more »

    annabell callest
  • 12.
    Life Abide Death

    life abide death
    death abides the law of life

    abide the law of life read more »

    Cynthia Sok
  • 13.
    Death is... A Compilation of Death Poetry


    Death is when your loved ones must depart
    Death is a sharp pain to the heart read more »

    Shenise Ashmeade
  • 14.

    Death is forever, so dont flirt with death
    Death is painfull, so stay away from knifes
    Death is not for lovers, so dont die
    Death is not for me, so dont even try read more »

    Jc. Verro
  • 15.
    Life and Death

    Life and Death
    by Alex Lewis

    Life was born when Death died read more »

    Alex Lewis
  • 16.
    Death happens Oh Too Quick

    Death came
    And now my brother is gone.
    Death took
    The happiest child around. read more »

    melody mepham
  • 17.

    Death is when your loved ones must depart
    Death is a sharp pain to the heart

    Death is a feeling of permanent sadness and pain read more »

    TONY Arbash
  • 18.

    Death is a sharp pain to the heart
    Death is a feeling of sadness and a pain that won’t go away
    Death is a sign to let you know it’s your time to go
    Death is something you can’t run from read more »

    Davon Montgomery
  • 19.
    The Art of Death

    Death by murder- death by chance
    Death by secret night romance
    Death by number- paint the lines
    Death in color, or black and lie read more »

    Jessy Liz
  • 20.

    Death is the wave that takes the world,
    It can start in one place and end up in another. read more »

    Ben Borkan
  • 21.
    :) Six Of Twelve Reasons Not To Execute Moussaoui

    1. He wants death.
    2. He wants death.
    3. He wants death.
    4. He wants death. read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 22.
    I Stare Death in the Eyes

    Every morning I wake up
    To stare death in the eyes read more »

    Thomas Conner
  • 23.

    You shall not taste of death
    For there is no death for you:
    You cannot experience
    Your own death. read more »

    daubmir nadir
  • 24.

    When life gives us our first breath
    Standing by is our own death
    When we breathe our first sigh
    We know not our destiny is to die read more »

    Claude H Oliver II
  • 25.
    Death Is The End

    Death Is The End,
    Death Is Sadness,
    Death Is Dark,
    Death Is Light, read more »

    fade ward
  • 26.
    life or death

    what is life without death
    what is death without life
    people comes from the big blue sky
    people fly up high when they die read more »

    Demarcus Walker
  • 27.
    ~~~! Death! ~~~

    Death waits for prey,
    Death stalks, pounces then slays.
    Death waits for no-one,
    Death is an army of one. read more »

    Joshua Cheung
  • 28.
    My Friend, Death

    An escape from the world
    From all the sorrow
    The pain read more »

    Rachie West
  • 29.
    Death Reveals A Woman

    In the face without masks
    Death is a woman
    In the moment you know yourself
    Death is a woman read more »

  • 30.
    Death is only.....

    Death is only the beginning
    It is the start of all creation
    Death is only the end
    It is mankinds damnation. read more »

    Tressa Carliss
  • 31.

    Death is when your loved ones must depart
    Death is a sharp pain to the heart

    Death is a feeling of permanent sadness & pain read more »

    Jasmin Goldston
  • 32.
    Death of the life

    Death is not to be laughed at,
    Nor cried at,

    Death it is strong, read more »

    Anna Reeves
  • 33.
    death is

    Death is when your loved ones must depart
    Death is a sharp pain to the heart

    Death is a feeling of permanent sadness and pain read more »

    ava smith
  • 34.

    death can get you any time
    death can get you in your sleep
    death can get you if your are awake
    death can get your freind read more »

    Andrew woods
  • 35.
    Death - The Gift of Life

    There’s nothing certain but death
    Nor beyond nor before
    We are born and live to die
    Death the only gift of life read more »

    Thomas PJ New Delhi
  • 36.
    Learning to Die

    Death is not sudden, death does not grieve,
    Death takes a while to achieve.
    Death comes in layers;
    Death is the mouse read more »

    Caroline Misner
  • 37.
    Can we Heal?

    I looked in the eyes of
    Death and felt remorse.
    I looked in the eyes of
    Death and saw peace read more »

    Gangsta Sta
  • 38.
    Fear Of Death

    Fear of death, is the most futile!
    Death is slight comfort.
    Death have no grief!
    There is no fear from death. read more »

    mahmood shahidi
  • 39.
    Death Series 5 - Death IS

    Death is the irreversible cessation of life.

    Death is a complete change in the status of a living entity. read more »

    Ciaran Quirke
  • 40.
    a death of a women

    a death of a women is a lost for us
    a lost of a great personality
    a lost of some one special
    a lost of a mother n a loving sister read more »

    Angels beauty
  • 41.

    death, it just isn't fair,
    when it comes,
    for someone, you care,
    tearing them from your life, over night, read more »

    art kuttler
  • 42.
    Life and Death, How Ironic

    Life, it described my Mother
    Life, she was the image
    Life, she was healthy
    Life, she loved every day read more »

    Janice Karp
  • 43.
    The Death Clock

    Tick tock, tick tock
    Goes the death clock
    Forever it ticks
    The hands never stop read more »

    Azalea Bluewell
  • 44.
    The Fear Of Death

    Death comes to us all
    It comes so sudden
    There is no way to stop it. read more »

    soso khan
  • 45.
    O' Death

    O' Death, why have you taken everything I loved,
    O' Death, why do you keep taking my friends.
    O' Death, why do you always stand at my side,
    O' Death, why don't you release me when angels are calling me to heaven, read more »

    Christopher Tye
  • 46.
    What Is Death

    death is love,
    death is peace,
    death is all the non-violent things around you,
    death will hunt, read more »

    jaqualen roberts
  • 47.

    I am the slave of death
    I bring forth pain and sorrow
    I never sleep and never weep
    I am the slave of death. read more »

    Isabella Epona
  • 48.
    By the end of this...

    By the end of this poem you will love death
    because death is a figure of speech
    as heaven and hell
    to all that believe read more »

    Lady Viola Of The Grave
  • 49.


    Death is without struggles in living life to the fullest. read more »

    Corina Vigil
  • 50.
    The Eyes Of Death

    I have stared into the eyes of death with my own
    It is hard to see death eye to eye, face to face
    Many times death leaves a cold darkness
    Other times death leaves a bright light read more »

    Robin Conley
  • 51.
    Life is

    Life is the enemy of time
    Life is the movie you can't rewind
    Life is every state of mind
    Life is the answer we must find read more »

    Brady Culp
  • 52.

    Death is with me everyday
    Death never goes away
    Death is full of pain and sorrow
    Some people never get to see tomorrow read more »

    kirstie spratley
  • 53.
    Word Association Exercise

    Moon - Glow - Worm - Grave - DEATH

    Rose- Thorn - Cut - Bleed - DEATH read more »

    Neil Crawford
  • 54.

    What is the definition of Death?
    Death is when a plane crashes into a desert with no one around you see
    you crash read more »

    Matthew Bresette
  • 55.
    DEATH is peaceful

    Death is peaceful it's like eating at a dinner table in a white room by yourself……silent.
    Oh so silent like a silent night all dressed in black with invisible paint
    But i see you and death to i see my death, your death
    I see death on everyone but god read more »

    Miranda Judd
  • 56.
    The Saviour

    Death is the saviour
    Death is certain
    Death is the end
    Death is freedom read more »

    Lois Samba
  • 57.
    Enemy Series: Life and Death from Wizard 101

    Life and Death are different
    Life is warm
    Death is cold
    But they still share a school read more »

    Nikishioshianamariatolinda Madekieosafreamnuytuiyfed
  • 58.
    Do Not Dare Be Afraid Of Death

    Do not dare be afraid of death,
    As you are not of birth
    Death is just a travelling earth visitor
    Carrying burdens of grief and pain read more »

    Anele Komana
  • 59.
    oh! death!

    i'm afraid of death
    i'm so scared
    think about death make me mad
    no, i'm afraid to die read more »

  • 60.
    Death I Do Not Fear

    Death I do not fear
    Because it will come one year
    Live forever I will not
    For everyones fate is to die and rot read more »

    Joshua Johnson
  • 61.
    I Am Death

    I am Death
    Whom many fear
    To face directly
    When I'm near read more »

    Kyra Skal
  • 62.
    Build For Pain

    SORROW + PAIN IS TEARS read more »

    Used2Pain mopbfnl2d
  • 63.

    Death, oh deep brutal death,

    I know one day that you will take me,
    But until then I will forever flee, read more »

    J.T. Solomon
  • 64.
    Life After Death

    Life after death
    death after life
    no matter what
    death or life read more »

    Tristan Martin
  • 65.

    Death was near
    Hearts filled with fear
    Surroundings dark
    Death left his mark read more »

    Ian Sotto
  • 66.

    Death is like the color black,
    Black like the darkest night without any light
    Death is like the feeling of fear, Fear like as you watch your family suffers, dying a painful death, right before your own eyes
    Death is like the cold, Cold like the wind that blows down your neck giving you goose bumps and you know it’s the wind of death read more »

    Matt Bickimer
  • 67.
    day of glory

    My only triumph
    upon the whole universe
    is my death read more »

    sadistic wolf
  • 68.

    This a poem for all the loved ones I have lost.

    Death is as quick as a cheetah in the desert
    Death is as peaceful as a bunch of hippies. read more »

    Savannah SmithStinson
  • 69.
    Before Death

    My soul is strong
    my body is weak
    My heart is dying
    I want to sleep, death is at feet read more »

    Taca Dawkins
  • 70.
    Sweet Death

    Sweet death, sweet death, I think of you at night.
    When I open my eyes to the morning light.
    Sweet death, sweet death, I call to you at noon.
    When I look to the sky and see a full moon. read more »

    Jason Jinsung Lee
  • 71.
    My Death

    read more »

    ken hietaLa
  • 72.
    The Eve of My Death

    The eve of my death, a baby was born, and this kept me alive.
    The eve of my death, a baby took her first stumbling steps, and this kept me
    The eve of my death, a school bus filled with laughing children drove away, read more »

    Stephen Howard
  • 73.

    Death comes for everyone
    So why must it come for you
    Death is every where
    So why here read more »

    Kat Sistrunk
  • 74.
    Nothing Is Eternal

    Rich with insanity,
    Thick with hate,
    Drunk with love,
    Stinking of confusion, read more »

    Tanner Herndon
  • 75.
    Secret of Death

    ”What is the secret of Death? ” wonders the Sense
    “Life and Death goes hand in hand” answers Life
    “People don’t fear Death, they fear the thought of Death” exclaims Death
    “Those who fear Death has lost Life” answers Time read more »

    Saga Raijasdotter
  • 76.
    oh death

    Oh death oh death why are you here?
    am coming to get you and take you away
    Oh death oh death why take me?
    you cry of pain and you living in darkness read more »

    ishmeal balfour
  • 77.
    Dead End

    I wonder if Death ever fears death
    Or does he just waltz through his version of life
    Death is his Life…
    Life is our Death… read more »

    Tom Gambit
  • 78.

    Death is what we are.
    It is our fear and our sorrow
    Death is emotion,
    The constant knowledge that everything ends read more »

    Michael Card
  • 79.
    To certaine questions and Riddles ensuing: XIII

    Amongst the firiendships rare,
    Of which old writers tell:
    This may bee plaste in highest roome,
    And doth deserue it well. read more »

    Humfrey Gifford
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