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Top 100 Poems About: DEPRESSION

In this page, poems on / about “depression” are listed.
  • 1.
    'DEPRESSION Makes me.......'

    Depression makes me feel pain
    Depression makes me stupid
    Depression makes me feel low
    Depression makes me mad read more »

    Annie Juliet
  • 2.
    The Ultimate Denial

    Depression is being tired, when you're never able to sleep
    Depression is pity, when you hate other's sympathy
    Depression is longing for more, when you never acknowlede what's already there
    Depression is the feeling of self-hatred, when the arrogance is concurrently overwhelming read more »

    acd bcd
  • 3.
    Depression is a world

    Depression is a world
    Depression leaves you lost
    Depression drops you into a never ending black hole
    You want to get help read more »

    Ferret Girl
  • 4.
    Depression Is When

    depression is when you hate everyone around
    depression is when you don't want to make a sound
    depression is when all you want to do is cry
    depression is when you feel like you’re dying inside read more »

    Tashi Coote
  • 5.

    Depression is the looks that lie
    Depression is the tears I cry..

    Depression is the mistakes read more »

    Bianca Martinez
  • 6.

    Depression is when you hate everyone around
    Depression is when you don't want to make a sound
    Depression is when all you want to do is cry
    Depression is when you feel like your dying inside read more »

    jess jayne
  • 7.

    Depression is like a tidal wave pulling you further in
    You don't feel upto facing anyone or anything

    Depression is a huge emphasis on feeling sad and low read more »

    Lauren White
  • 8.

    Depression is my life without you,
    Depression is the darkness taking over the light,
    Depression is the thoughts of suiside
    Depression is islolation from the outside world read more »

    Carla Pizano
  • 9.
    This Depression

    here i sit, and here i cry
    my life has gone down the black hole of deep depression
    my life has gone down to hell
    so now i lie me, down to die read more »

    Shayli Harris
  • 10.
    When Depression Owns the Heart.........

    .......It's a depression so deep it finds a way into the Soul,
    traveling through every pore of your Heart. read more »

  • 11.
    dealing with depression

    Depression is being lonely in a room full of people
    Depression is being constantly tired but never able to sleep
    Depression is longing to be with others yet not being able to cope with company
    Depression makes you lose your appetite and eat yourself fat read more »

    Ricky Baker
  • 12.
    The Depression of the 1930's

    The depression of the 1930's was the time of my childhood days,
    There were a lot of worries and hardships in many ways.
    Whatever time people could spare, they would help each other out,
    Bad times also came when there was a draught. read more »

    Margaret Rodkey
  • 13.

    Depression is being lonely in a room full of people
    Depression is being constantly tired but never able to sleep
    Depression is longing to be with others yet not being able to cope with company read more »

    Ali Chapman
  • 14.


    Depression depression,
    Gets to us all, read more »

    Claire Page
  • 15.

    Depression is a dark place, a place you don’t want to be
    Some days are better than others, but those are few and far between

    Depression can make things look different read more »

    Debra Bunt
  • 16.

    Depression is like a wave pulling you further in
    You don't feel up to facing anyone or anything

    Depression is a huge emphasis on feeling sad and low read more »

    Kayla Mclendon
  • 17.
    Depression is...

    Depression is Loving someone with nothing in return,
    Depression is Slowly living instead of jumping head first,
    Depression is Acknowledging the mistake but without learn,
    Depression is Not trying, giving into your lifes curse. read more »

    Jodie Louise Pollock
  • 18.

    Depression is the sorrow in your heart…
    Depression is the feeling of being alone…
    Depression is knowing your best isn’t enough…
    Depression is knowing no one cares if your dead or alive… read more »

    tou yang
  • 19.
    'Depression is Anger without Enthusiasm'

    I read this quote
    “Depression is anger without enthusiasm.”
    I don’t believe that for a second,
    I think depression is loneliness, read more »

    simply here
  • 20.
    I Remember The Used

    I remember the used,
    The ones abused,
    Beaten to depression,
    Tears of pain, read more »

    Eric Adams
  • 21.
    camera obscura

    to be in the unlit bedroom,
    and watch the gleaming world outside,
    is the closest one can get,
    to understanding despair; read more »

    A.R. Brixton
  • 22.
    Depression (a mix of poems and mine)

    Depression is a fight
    Depression is a flight
    Depression is a thief
    That should be locked up read more »

    wicked wacked
  • 23.

    Depression is a trap
    With no escape
    Depression is the cuts I made
    Depression is the voice in my head read more »

    Cecilia Riley
  • 24.

    Depression makes you mad
    Depression makes you sad
    Depressions leaves you in pain
    Depression is deadly read more »

    Mike Viray
  • 25.
    There You were

    There you were

    You’re always laughing at me
    Is that how life’s supposed to be? read more »

    Lyrael Myrna
  • 26.

    read more »

    tara depaulis
  • 27.

    Depression sets in
    When you wanna die
    You're not willing to try read more »

    Kristen Freeland
  • 28.
    Liquid Depression (2)

    Liquid Depression
    A state of agitated depression
    Now facing the liquid depression
    Like a closed session read more »

    Frankie Stamey
  • 29.
    Depression destroyed my life

    Depression destroyed my life.
    It told me I was no good.
    It told me I was all bad.
    It told me I was not loved. read more »

    Anastasia Mimi
  • 30.
    Depression Monster

    Spinning faster and faster, spiraling down, down,
    Depression creates a suffocating heaviness
    which consumes and smothers your entire being.
    As i recall this space in time, read more »

  • 31.
    Confession In My Rhymes

    depression leaves me down
    it leaves me feeling lost
    friends they leave my side
    and left me feeling crossed read more »

    one man alone
  • 32.
    Depression and death

    Depression isnt just something you get over eventually
    depression stays with you till the end
    depression is my best friend
    and sorrow my main man read more »

    jose pena
  • 33.

    Just having a bad day?
    Just want to escape?
    Feel to stressed to even think? read more »

    Jessica Smith
  • 34.
    Castle of Thought

    Cold stone bricks,
    A Castle of thought,
    Holding feelings of myself
    A cold starving prisoner. read more »

    Heath Harrington
  • 35.

    Some one is hiding her depression
    She smiles and shows good impressions
    Never does she show her depression
    And to fake good impressions read more »

    Kaitlyn Bell
  • 36.

    Oh! Depression!
    I love you
    And you love me read more »

    Sonal Chhaya
  • 37.
    Great Depression

    Stars silently shine in midnight skies
    Dab away tears from my eyes
    Illustrate to the world there's nothing to hide read more »

    Alana Joy Bailey
  • 38.
    This feeling of depression

    This feeling of derpression
    i tell you it's just this
    a feeling is that which never was
    a thought one day you'll miss read more »

    sean steward
  • 39.
    Running From My Fate

    Why do I feel this way always
    I always wish to be free and to fly away
    I try to get away from my captors
    But they catch me every time read more »

    Gina Okafor
  • 40.
    Depression Hurts

    Depression hurts when you grow old
    And life has passed you by
    No more dreams to think about
    Or even wishes to come true read more »

  • 41.
    Depression: '(

    read more »

    Amber Burkett
  • 42.

    Depression has taken over me..
    Gobbled up my soul.. read more »

    Stacy Semi
  • 43.
    BEST Friend

    Best friend,
    This is dedicated to you. read more »

    Taylor Dee
  • 44.

    depression acts like a poison.
    it lurks into your bones and teeth.
    your thoughts, within your mind, turn to repetition
    depression, a thick slimy substance that comes up from the deep. read more »

    elenore elizabeth
  • 45.
    Lonely words

    read more »

    Mike poet
  • 46.
    What is Depression?

    I see around me
    'Depression is this'
    'Depression is that'
    Depression is hell read more »

    Nicole Brewer
  • 47.
    Amusement Of A Tortured Soul

    Shadows walk among the living
    in their own little sections
    of solitude and depression.
    Silent floating specters. read more »

    keegan bourke
  • 48.

    Depression sets in like a Cancer.
    Soothe my ache with velvet Smoke.

    I'm Healthy. read more »

    Rather Dead Than Cool
  • 49.
    The Poem Of Depression

    read more »

    Xara Smith
  • 50.


    Depression is when you wish life was better read more »

    Brittnee Perlin
  • 51.
    Blurry Lines

    Am I imagining this?
    My mind sleeps perpetually,
    boundaries fuzzy
    Memories take place in the read more »

    Lauren Harvey
  • 52.
    Depressed Vilanelle

    They say depression's like exhaustion of the brain
    And medication's there to help us cope.
    A daily tablet keeps me nearly sane read more »

    Pat Duggan
  • 53.
    Depression Hurts

    I feel so depressed all around I see people smiling and laughing enjoying every little thing in there life.
    I look around and ask my self 'why can't that be me? '
    I try and try to get out of my depression.
    It hurts me to see you knowing you love me and care. read more »

    Nicole Donoghue
  • 54.
    Even Depressed People Say That They're Fine

    Depression is something nobody gets,
    not even those afflicted with it.
    With the sponge on your eyes and the veil on your head,
    you’re too busy wond’ring what it’s like to be dead read more »

    Jesse Ellsbury
  • 55.

    The pain, the sorrow my self mstery fill my lonly heart
    The world around me i watch fall slowly apart
    With thoughts of sucide dancing in my head
    I wonder how the world would be if i was dead read more »

    manda depressed
  • 56.
    Depression Is Like...

    Depression is like
    being thrown
    into a giant sea
    where you can't swim, read more »

    anonymous dunno
  • 57.
    Depression makes me

    read more »

    cheyenne riegsecker
  • 58.
    Depression Sets In

    Depression sets in
    The mind begins to
    Think about stuff
    That happend read more »

    Lord Zeugma
  • 59.

    By Jason L Cozart read more »

    Jason Cozart
  • 60.
    manic depression

    manic depression encompassing my being,
    never living a normal life,
    my sight shaded black,
    never seeing, read more »

    Kyle Schaerffer
  • 61.
    Depression is

    Depression is
    An emptiness filled with nothing
    A blinding darkness you can’t ignore
    A crippling sadness that won’t desist read more »

    sam nancollis
  • 62.
    depression makes me feel and is

    depression makes me feel hurt
    depression makes me hurt
    depression makes me feel sorrow
    depression makes me feel sad read more »

    claire bear
  • 63.
    Struggle To Survive

    Everyday is a struggle.
    A struggle to survive.
    Survive the pain and heartache.
    The heartache caused by suffering. read more »

    Ally Stats
  • 64.

    One day that time will come
    That time when someone you love will die
    You will feel down & depressed.
    You can try to not cry read more »

    Oscar Lopez
  • 65.
    Insanity is in Sanity bred

    insanity is in sanity bred
    no lack of love to guide us
    without pain we cannot hate
    being broken only temporary read more »

    Tania Allen
  • 66.
    Living For Love

    I’ve lost the will to fight
    On this ever faithful night
    Where oh so finally
    Begins my time of misery read more »

    Iruuka Blackheart
  • 67.
    Who Am I?

    An empty shell, a gentle soul, a flower yet to bloom
    A discarded note longing to be heard
    I find myself out of tune. read more »

    Deena Wilson
  • 68.

    As the rain makes contact with my face and slides down my cheek
    It disguises my tears
    And washes them away
    So that no-one sees them emerge from my eyes read more »

    Dillon Keuthonymos Crawford
  • 69.

    I feel so empty
    The emptiness that only depression can fill
    Cased by stress the emptiness grows
    Like a tornado devouring all in its path read more »

    Timothy hopkins
  • 70.
    Depression Is

    Depression. depression is the the ultimate denial.
    It's the tear that I cry when I'm alone.
    Not knowing who to turn to, where to look, what to do.
    The blood that I bleed and the blade that I use. read more »

    Lauren Ellis Leung
  • 71.

    She sat tight in the corner with her head on her knees,
    As she quietly begged, let me kill myself please.
    With a knife tightly gripped in her left hand,
    Life as she thought was not going as she planned. read more »

    sidney hall (The Mad Poet)
  • 72.
    This is My Confession

    Depression is a sickness I possess deep within my soul.

    The cause of this depression I don't really know. read more »

    Elizabeth Kuykendall
  • 73.
    River Of Tears

    The black cloud of depression raises its ugly head once more
    This means I have another struggle to face
    One day I know I will eventually win my war
    But in the meantime I try to keep it in its place read more »

    Hazel Hirst
  • 74.

    I fell inlove but now hes mad
    and hes gone and now im sad
    i must have said the wrong thing
    i just wish this was'nt happening
    read more »

    Janel Roberts
  • 75.

    A smile fads over ages,
    they all get locked up in cages,
    the severity ranges,
    I want my smile back, read more »

    Aidan Nielsen
  • 76.
    Depression, Redefined

    Depression is being tired, yet you can never fall asleep.
    It is forever wanting more, and ignoring what you keep.
    Depression is the rock you trip on, when you could move around.
    It is a way of crying out, but never making a sound. read more »

    John Demon Jones
  • 77.

    Depression is a horrible feeling.
    When I am depressed there are times I just want to get a knife and cut.
    To see my blood flow from my arm on to the ground.
    Just to get rid of the pain. read more »

    Mysterygrl123 Angel
  • 78.

    Depression is the color of the blood in
    Everybody's veins;
    It sounds like someone is dying
    And it tastes like salty, wet tears read more »

    Macy Newkirk
  • 79.

    Eyes bulging
    Nose flaring – dripping
    Ears thick and blocked
    Bones frail and weak read more »

    isaac gracie
  • 80.

    Depression is a deep, dark, midnight blue.

    Depression sounds like your soft sobs, gently muffled by your soft pillow pressed against your fresh, moist face. read more »

    Ally Gedeke
  • 81.
    Depressing why are you here again

    Depression you surround me
    You follow me to school
    You follow me to bed
    You're there when I wake up read more »

    Laura Kilting
  • 82.
    Post War Depression

    read more »

    Ashley Mueller
  • 83.
    Lonely Christmas

    Left behind and rejected
    It's lonely in my room
    Snow falls silently to the ground
    The world will be burried soon read more »

    Alice Yelinsky
  • 84.
    I'm in Full Depression

    There's sorrow,
    And grief.
    There's pain,
    And no joy. read more »

    Cassie Lowe
  • 85.

    Depression makes me what I am, who I am.
    Nothing can change that.
    Depression is my weakness.
    I am weak. read more »

    Brianna mowry, alex vincent
  • 86.

    read more »

    Death hunter
  • 87.
    Darkness Of The Night

    read more »

    Emily Brush
  • 88.

    Has created Immunity
    For murderers and thiefs read more »

    Farirai Chiroodza
  • 89.

    read more »

    Brett Phillips
  • 90.
    A Dark World

    Depression is a dark hole in your heart it never leaves, it will alwys stay with you until you die.
    Depression is a fight you never win you try and try but some how you lose everything dear to you.
    Depression is a world were your stuck its so have no friends, no family, no air, you wish you could just die.
    Depression a pain that hurts you inside and outside. read more »

    Amanda Bruner
  • 91.
    Not Simple

    I try to stay away from you,
    But it's not that simple,
    I honestly hate you,
    Way down deep, read more »

    Cari Okayasu
  • 92.
    On Depression

    I don’t know if it’s my cynicism
    but depression seems
    very read more »

    Charles Zhang
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