Top 100 Poems About: DESPAIR

In this page, poems on / about “despair” are listed.
  • 1.
    A song of despair

    The night rain sing a song
    Over the hills of my silence
    To benumb my soul all along,
    Grief breaks my heart fence read more »

  • 2.
    You are My Teacher

    If I should meet you
    on the dusty road of life
    Do not despair
    for I am your teacher read more »

    Antoinette Kopperfield
  • 3.
    Cycle Of My Emotions

    Love leads to pain
    Pain leads to hatred read more »

    Evy Moore
  • 4.
    camera obscura

    to be in the unlit bedroom,
    and watch the gleaming world outside,
    is the closest one can get,
    to understanding despair; read more »

    A.R. Brixton
  • 5.
    Gust of despair

    A gust of despair
    far from your sight deep inside me
    where the days drown silently
    and nights go by slowly read more »

    irum inayat
  • 6.

    I woke up this morning
    scared and anxious.
    I woke up with despair.
    What ! A dangerous feeling. read more »

    Diane Jimenez
  • 7.

    Despair outloud
    Despair and fear
    Its all despair when noone hears
    My soul is screaching read more »

    belvet trejo
  • 8.

    Life is light leads people to a new world
    A world with two separate roads
    Roads separated by happiness and pain in our world
    A pattern between two roads read more »

    Lina Kim
  • 9.
    Trapped In Despair

    I was placed in sadness
    I was placed in darkness
    I was placed in fear
    Trapped in a place called despair read more »

    N.S. Colette
  • 10.
    Despair Comes Knocking

    When despair comes knocking
    There’s no one home
    Gone out shopping
    And not alone read more »

    Melanie Walendowsky Baker
  • 11.
    This Fear …

    That won’t disappear
    Heightening my despair
    Illumining phantoms in the midnight air
    Scorching flame in the atmosphere read more »

    Birgitta Heikka
  • 12.
    Silly Girl

    What is the darkness inside you?
    Does it rise like bile in the back of your throat?
    Choke, Choke, Choke. read more »

    Amanda Bell
  • 13.
    Despair in Love, Love in Despair

    Why do i find solace in my loneliness
    But find sorrow with those wit whom i share the same blood
    Why do i hide behind these fake smiles of happiness
    When this sorrow and unrest washes over my soul like a flood read more »

    Harrison Fairchild
  • 14.
    Birthdays Come

    Another day
    Another year
    O'god I so despair
    One year older read more »

    Keith Laidlow
  • 15.
    Love is.......

    8- letters, each filled with despair
    3- words that will always be there
    2- people who will share the same heart
    1- meaning that will eventually fall apart read more »

    Brooke Maples
  • 16.
    Angel of Love

    This poem is about an angel bringing a message of love to someone in despair, to give comfort in the knowledge that no matter who or where we are, we are all loved in some way.

    As you fall upon your bended knee
    Hands clasped together you make your plea read more »

    James Horn
  • 17.
    In Love

    He was gone
    She was having feelings of hopelessness and despair
    Her life was as empty and bare as deciduous trees are
    of leaves in winter she reckoned. read more »

    Glenda Gambill
  • 18.
    Laughing at Death

    Death has no power over us now.
    You were dead once,
    And I was dying.
    I could not breathe without you by my side. read more »

    K.M. Jones
  • 19.

    read more »

    Gad Ashther
  • 20.

    Go ahead and laugh in my despair.
    When im sitting in the corner with a sad glare.
    Nothing matters to my opinions.
    The world is drowning me in their evil words and their dirty looks. read more »

    Rain ...........
  • 21.
    The Mystery's Of My Despair

    In the depths of joy,
    My heart is waking,
    In the depths of sorrow,
    My heart is breaking, read more »

    Sez Farr
  • 22.

    Deep inside the spectrum of
    darkness, of bitterness and loneliness
    Deep into the valley of love and despair
    Hunting for things beyong my reach read more »

    Teresa Cooper
  • 23.
    The Sea Of Despair

    To the wings of an angel
    And the despair of the sea
    This is the way we must all see read more »

    George Wisbey Broom
  • 24.

    Pain and misery, despair and agony,
    War is nothing but a sad tragedy.
    For when all things have been said and done,
    All that is left is emptiness. read more »

    Alice Lai
  • 25.

    between daylight and pain
    between death and despair
    there is no daylight there is only pain
    death is the end for us all read more »

    samuel ward
  • 26.
    Whether In Joy Or Despair

    Whether in joy or despair
    God is always at our side
    And we never feel alone
    In His great friendly love. read more »

    Guido Berardi
  • 27.

    Banish despair
    Hope reappears
    Doubt disperse
    Into nothingness read more »

    Cherry Lodato
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