Top 100 Poems About: DESTINY

In this page, poems on / about “destiny” are listed.
  • 1.

    It was my destiny to die,
    and no matter how much you try,
    it is everyones destiny to die,
    no matter old or young, read more »

    annabell callest
  • 2.
    My Destiny

    My destiny is to dream
    Dream of who I want to be

    My destiny is to live the way I want to read more »

    some info is not ment to be known
  • 3.
    life is in our world

    life is in our world.
    were we are, we have feelings
    life is part of living.
    we live in harmony, but our poppulation grows read more »

    Andres Gonzalez
  • 4.

    My destiny haunts me day, my destiny haunts
    me at nights.
    My destiny speaks to me each morning,
    still I have not understood what read more »

    Wanita Hull
  • 5.
    It’s My Destiny

    If you had one chance,
    Would you take it?
    If you were given a taste of your dreams,
    Would you take it? read more »

    Charlie F. Kane
  • 6.

    Can people have faith in eachother?
    Do creatures trust themselves?
    Is faith overrated?
    A lot of questions, so little time read more »

    Ina Gabrielsen
  • 7.
    Fate and Destiny

    Fate and Destiny

    Who can tell us what Fate and Destiny are?
    Who can tell us what our Fate is? read more »

    Robert Grimes
  • 8.
    Love is (Found) is Love

    is found;
    are two, then shared read more »

    Jo Lynn Ehnes
  • 9.
    As Destiny Unfolds

    There is always a choice to make
    When two paths merge and life takes a break
    For a split second, all things are one
    As destiny and chaos collide once more read more »

    Nettie Pennington
  • 10.
    I Will Surely Lie

    Destiny dictates us who to meet in life,
    but it's only the heart that will decide
    who will really stay in this heart and mind
    and if ever destiny dictates me to live without you read more »

    Cynthia Aluning
  • 11.

    Narrow and board paths are roads
    which, will you follow?
    narrow crosse or broad jinx
    broad manoverous gruff way or, read more »

    nots andi
  • 12.
    My destiny

    I always met people
    at the places i went to
    but one certain event
    i wasn't goin'to do read more »

    Mustafa Khairallah
  • 13.
    Cruel destiny

    Cruel destiny that cursed me
    To the sky I’m wondering
    How could it be?
    Without love do I have to live? read more »

    Michael Vinicio Camacho Menéndez
  • 14.
    Fate vs Destiny

    To find your true happiness tempt fate to discover your destiny.
    You must hearken back to when real happiness was known
    Remember its impact on your life
    Opportunity knocks, open the door, you will see it coming. read more »

    William J. (Skip) Henderson Jr.
  • 15.

    My destiny is true
    For all I had done
    My destiny is you
    For what you become read more »

    morelson petitfrere
  • 16.
    Oh My Destiny

    Here is a frequent query
    Is my heart is too tiny
    To believe on Destiny
    This anxiety goes in my mind read more »

    khadera nargis
  • 17.
    Bear Him

    Wheels of destiny,
    Bring me my love,
    On your turn,
    As you turn read more »

    Tinuola olaiya
  • 18.
    Attitude of gratitude

    It takes life to higher amplitude,
    As the mind digs a higher altitude
    Make it a platitude
    To have an attitude of gratitude read more »

    Edson Kachitsa
  • 19.

    Before we were formed
    He knew our part here on Earth
    made in His likeness and
    for His purpose read more »

    Gwendolyn Anderson
  • 20.
    Destiny and death

    Love is something you can’t control
    Love can appear in great ways
    But it can disappear in horrible ways
    One day you love your soul mate read more »

    nicolas thomas
  • 21.
    The Fruity Taste of Life

    Sweet and sour is life
    What yours shall be, destiny shall contrive
    But dependence on destiny shall decrease
    And it will then depend on you, my friend decrees read more »

    Maureen Oby Iwueke Gbagir
  • 22.
    Through the Way

    I remember,
    two years before
    I started my voyage
    on a river by a boat read more »

    Sabari Vas
  • 23.
    Our Own Destiny

    We are our own destiny~
    Within us lies what is meant to be,
    Together we will set ourselves free,
    Free to love deeper than the sea, read more »

    Vanessa Lasseter
  • 24.

    Each of us has a destiny,
    For the good of mankind,
    Or for the destruction of it.
    We chose our own destiny, read more »

    cassidy lorent
  • 25.

    My ink had dried up and my feather caked
    But her voice bade me …write!

    They named me after a dreamer read more »

    Olalekan Joseph Ajayi
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