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Top 100 Poems About: DISCRIMINATION

In this page, poems on / about “discrimination” are listed.
  • 1.
    If I Can Change the World

    If someday I sit on the top of this world,
    Bring on changes with a single word,
    Throw away hatred; spread only love,
    Turn a vulture into a peaceful dove, read more »

    jimmy zepp
  • 2.
    All Across The Nation

    All Across The Nation,
    Is Hunger And Starvation.

    All Across The Nation, read more »

    James Lee Watts
  • 3.
    Discrimination Here's You Come and Go

    Discrimination’s like a snake
    Its teeth in poisoned prejudice,
    Causing ache read more »

    Jixin Gao
  • 4.
    My Dream Destination

    When we sleep in the night,
    we get wonderful dreams.
    Hundreds of miles away,
    ther's a place of happines and gay, read more »

    ziesha paul
  • 5.
    Racial Discrimination

    Have you ever dreamed?
    Of the liberation of a nation
    Where they carried on standing,
    Not deserving, fighting for what's right. read more »

    Thomas Inch
  • 6.
    Together We Will...

    Together we can weed out corruption,
    Together we can put an end to racial discrimination.
    Together we can fight against terrorism.
    Together we can wage a war against child labour. read more »

    Gita Ashok
  • 7.
    So you say (it just doesn't matter)

    so you say
    that there is no difference between you and me
    but if i asked for your daughter's hand in marriage
    what color would i be read more »

    Andre Bradford
  • 8.

    read more »

    Bamisaye Adeniran
  • 9.
    Black and White Against the World

    read more »

    Rachel Spinelli
  • 10.
    To That Black Man

    We love you even though sometimes
    you don’t deserve it.
    We are your friends, your sisters, your girlfriends,
    your wives. read more »

    Lorna Gero
  • 11.
    True Love

    True love can thrive anywhere
    True love knows no hindrances
    True love crosses every bridge
    True love climbs all mountains read more »

    Attorney Chuchuchu Nchunga Nchunga
  • 12.
    Colours From A Rainbow

    A cloudy day filled with dark skies,
    Only God knows what this could bring.
    Here we are down here from different part of the world
    Different moods, different life styles with one common problem. Greed! read more »

    Adeoye Olaneye
  • 13.
    O God, let there be peace

    O God, let there be peace
    Let differences among people cease
    Let there be happiness everywhere
    Let there be suffering nowhere read more »

    Manisha Tulaskar
  • 14.
    The Angel Tree

    A leaf broke away, spinning to the earth
    droplets of dew formed from unheralded sadness

    As the leaf spiraled downward, a beautiful angel read more »

    Sandra Hawkins
  • 15.

    They touch and no one cares,
    They melt and no one cries
    They beg and beg in misery,
    Praying for their lives. read more »

    Rachael Lee
  • 16.
    Labour Day

    What I saw on Labour Day

    Could not stop me to say read more »

    Mahjabeen Aslam
  • 17.

    We, the human beings are blessed with pride
    And power.
    We have everything as the nature
    Helps us giving delicious fruits and flower. read more »

  • 18.
    Colour Blindness

    Race ought not play a role,
    In the assessment of an individual.

    This commendable thought on racial conduct, read more »

    Simon Samuda
  • 19.
    Loving Hope

    I hope for a world
    without discrimination
    with love and peace
    and with the happiness read more »

    Yasmin Ruiz
  • 20.
    What I've Been Through..

    If you knew what i've been through
    you wont act the way you do
    but you dont have a clue
    you never will, at least until. read more »

    Dustin MacDougall
  • 21.
    A Brief Moment Out of Time

    A year ends under a monstrous wave.
    Eleven countries bury their dead, and
    Cry for the hopelessness of what is.
    Water recedes, spitting out what once was read more »

    kathy koppang
  • 22.
    Tied Up In Knots

    Tied up in knots,
    Unable to unravel,
    Starting to slip through,
    Tied up in knots, read more »

    Gaia Moore
  • 23.
    I Cry

    How long,
    I ask,
    must I see the injustice and violence thrusted upon a people that's struggled since coming into this world?
    How long must I hear of discrimination? read more »

    sarah hill
  • 24.

    Peace every one is looking in a mirror to see
    But it is hidden way down within thee
    It is call simplicity and trust
    It cannot be achieved without diginity and trust read more »

    Karran Deokarran
  • 25.
    Stop violence and terrorism

    read more »

    gurmeet singh dang
  • 26.

    The he is
    The Clergyman
    With the sceptar and the gun
    Godly work read more »

    Ben Cope
  • 27.
    The Big Picture

    In the picture of life, where do I stand?
    Over by the workers,
    scrapping daily,
    just to make it though each day. read more »

    Peter Sugura
  • 28.
    Helter Skelter

    In a life we find
    sequences of space n time
    One moment is never like the next
    Destined to exist in Memories' read more »

    Marxist illuminatti
  • 29.
    Never Forget

    Never forget the pain..that pushed you to the limits
    Without rememberance there is reaccurence
    So don't look at your past as a liability...but only as a capability
    To succeed upon your failures read more »

    Tattoo Magic
  • 30.
    Dream Of A Better Tomorrow

    This is from kolkata*1,
    the city of joy.
    In one side lies the Taj*2,
    and the other side a homeless boy. read more »

    AArya Roy
  • 31.
    Our Class

    Our class is best in school
    Other classes are not so cool.
    We study, we write,
    But sometimes we fight. read more »

    Mohit Chahal
  • 32.
    Judgment Day

    It seems our complete lives
    Are crashing to an end
    All the stress is put upon
    The mind of a friend read more »

    David Matthew Smith
  • 33.
    Green And Greener

    Reminiscent of dark days
    When ancestors were
    Fettered and ferried
    Across oceans read more »

    Tobi Adebowale
  • 34.
    Let Us...

    Under the same sky we're born,
    Having the same red blood we live,
    Tears fall from the eyes of everyone,
    And everybody has a heart that beats, read more »

    Melam Tashi Tamang
  • 35.
    The WORLD

    THE world has changed
    from being tough
    and has been puffed
    creating noise and disturbance read more »

    Yesheswini Rajendran
  • 36.
    Dark Fairy

    Abomination, disruption to
    Ethical code, spawns discrimination.
    Dreams wither and die.
    She is the hatred child. read more »

    Kyon Shade
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