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Top 100 Poems About: DOG

In this page, poems on / about “dog” are listed.
  • 1.
    Happy Dog

    I’m a happy dog at the beach
    If I had the power of speech
    I would tell you all
    To throw my ball read more »

    Flying Lemming
  • 2.
    A Dog's Love

    A dog's love
    seems to have no end
    When humans want to hate
    a dog, simply wants to mend read more »

    Terry Mar
  • 3.
    Me, My Dog, And The Beach

    To the beach, my dog and I run,
    Play catch frisbees, just for fun.
    Umbrella's to block the sun,
    Waves crash upon the sand. read more »

    Karen Curcio
  • 4.
    A Dog of Few Words

    A clerk said, 'Next in line - this way.'
    A dog spoke up, 'I guess I am.'
    'What can we do for you today? '
    'I want to send a telegram.' read more »

    Ima Ryma
  • 5.

    Dogs are a pain
    Dogs are a drain
    Dogs stink when wet
    Dogs give you affection read more »

    Don Eckles
  • 6.
    Black Dog

    A black dog follows me,
    No collar nor a lead,
    Its form I can not measure,
    Of undetermined breed. read more »

    Greg Davidson
  • 7.
    Dog And Me

    I only have a group of three,
    me, my dog, my dog and me

    It's a lonely way to be, read more »

    Emily Guthrie
  • 8.
    Macho Mans Dog

    Macho man once had a dog.
    A very nice dog.
    That dog found another dog.
    That dog got pregnant. read more »

    richmoo silverstein
  • 9.
    Plague Plague Plague

    Dead dog dead dog
    Guts all down the freeway
    in a dirty red streak
    fur all mangled lookin read more »

    Smack Thompson
  • 10.
    I Have a Dog

    I have a dog, I have a dog
    that jumps about and leaps like a frog.
    I have a dog, Yes, a pure black dog
    who leaves behind brown turd logs. read more »

    Rafael Cazares
  • 11.
    Dog Eat Dog

    It’s a dog eat dog world, a dog eat dog world, a dog eat dog eat dog eat dog world.
    Live like a dog die like a dog, as the old saying goes,
    The plant you water is the plant that grows, everybody knows,
    Give blows, get blows read more »

    Nim Lee
  • 12.
    The Dog And The Cat

    I saw the dog and the cat
    Both sitting gently on the mat
    Hearing the cat miaowing
    I know its happening read more »

    Chris Ekong
  • 13.
    Those Dogs

    Many people love dogs,
    love dogs, love dogs,
    for dogs can do many
    positive chores. read more »

    Juliet Languedoc
  • 14.
    Dogs........ My One Desire

    Dogs for me are gorgeous animals
    loyal to man for friendly and work based purposes
    Walk them play with them
    pet them and feed them read more »

    Ashleigh Leona Mellon
  • 15.
    A Rumpus

    Dog and Cat,
    Around they go.
    Dog is excited,
    But Cat takes it slow. read more »

    Ryan Brooks
  • 16.
    math poem: My Dog Multiplication

    Late last year,
    During winter vacation,
    Dad got us our dog,
    Multiplication... read more »

    Mr. R..
  • 17.
    Rottweiler Stew

    i am hungry for Rottweiler stew
    the hungry dog
    stirred the broth
    hot dogs read more »

    Kevin Rottweiler
  • 18.
    I'd Prefer to Live With Dogs

    Once one of students
    Asked me how I would live
    After my retirement
    I said her straightway read more »

    Madhav Sarkunde
  • 19.
    Dog like friend

    read more »

    David Torres
  • 20.
    The Silly Dog

    Upon the hills of Valley Drive
    Lived Auntie Lil and Uncle Clive
    There dog was aged, as much as five
    It was still, staying alive read more »

    Tom Ashman
  • 21.

    thats a cool dog
    thats a dog with big teeth
    and read more »

    lalalalalalalalal dedaaaaaaaa
  • 22.
    To my Beloved Dogs

    Yesterday my dogs were two little white dots
    In the dark wooden floor
    Today my dogs are now mother and father
    Of pesky six puppies read more »

    Lilia Fer.
  • 23.
    The Greedy Dog

    Once upon a time, a dog
    Barked away in his bog
    Hunting away for food was he
    As he was really hungry read more »

    Sumit Chahal
  • 24.
    Dog, Actually

    Don't waste your time calling my name
    I'm far too busy to play your game
    I'm sniffing a dog's bum and it's doing the same
    Cos I'm a dog: and that's what dogs do read more »

    Kevin Crinks
  • 25.
    Freedom of Press

    ‘Freedom of Press’, ‘Freedom of Press’, the old lady cries
    ‘Shut the hell up’, the old man denies
    ‘Are you gay and how much do you pay? , the old lady asks
    ‘Shut the hell up’, the old man blasts read more »

    Purushottam DDD
  • 26.
    Dog Power

    Those mutts!
    the ones that drive us nuts
    barking, everyday, every time
    and at everyone read more »

    Asantewa Eshun
  • 27.
    Death of a pet

    A best friend
    Someone you can talk to
    Someone that will never judge you
    Someone that will always be there for you read more »

    Jacob Wortman
  • 28.
    My dog

    My dog,
    My dog is a special dog,
    whenever u feel blue,
    she here with you, read more »

    Maria Aguilera Garcia
  • 29.
    eating the dogs scraps

    yesterday i brought home scraps for the dog and ate them
    he watched me the whole time
    i had dug hotdogs out of the garbage
    brought them home read more »

    jack Quehoff
  • 30.
    The Cat and the Dog

    Once upon a time a cat
    And a dog, silently followed by a rat
    Set out on a journey
    To the land of Timberney read more »

    Vignesh Venkatesan
  • 31.
    Dog is God Spelt Backwards

    Dog is god spelt backwards,
    Said I one day.
    Therefore you should (must) be nice to Todd today.
    No way! read more »

    Felix Lee
  • 32.
    The Rescue

    The wind is loud,
    The wind is blowing,
    The waves are big,
    The waves are growing. read more »

    Amy Cadler
  • 33.
    Going To The Dogs?

    Some say your going to the dogs
    I say not so to you sweet friend.
    For can a dog make springs or cogs?
    with out which time will find it's end. read more »

    Tamsin Burnett
  • 34.

    Sporty is my dog

    through out the day he snores in slumber
    when other dogs go out hunt he pulls out a stunt read more »

    Andile Sidali
  • 35.

    My mother and I and the dog were floating
    Weightless in the kitchen. Silverware
    Hovered above the table. Napkins drifted read more »

    Tom Sleigh
  • 36.

    Your breath once sacred on my neck
    Now has the putrid stench of a stray dog
    I cannot imagine a single slice of your skin on mine
    For I should vomit your vile stench infused read more »

    Elmarie Swart
  • 37.
    Dog Day

    All dogs are born to sleep in the sun.
    When the ground a blanket, green grasses pillows
    When the spring breeze exhales
    puff of dandelion that float for homes read more »

    Christopher J. Grasso
  • 38.
    God Dead Dog

    god dead dog
    aims lips of ooze
    fruit of strength
    tongue of passion, read more »

    David McLean Mathews
  • 39.
    Goodbye To Mans Best Friend

    My dogs name was Dotty Ive had her almost ten years
    Ive just had to have her put down and its brought my family to tears
    she was a great dog and yappy all the time
    seeing her last night i knew she wasn't fine read more »

    Elusive Conclusive
  • 40.
    the death of the baby

    The death of the baby

    the family went for a walk
    the dog ran off read more »

    arron john
  • 41.

    i maybe weird but i don't care,
    i love my dogs as they are always there,
    when things go wrong and life seems a muddle,
    i can always really on a warm soppy cuddle, read more »

    sam coleman
  • 42.
    Doggy Style

    1-My dog
    my lovely dog
    that sees everything
    listen everything read more »

    Arian Llalla
  • 43.
    dog life

    It`s too painful to continue this dog life,
    for all the doghouse walls are like the edge of knife, he had thought.
    A collard hound prowling around a cruel, immortal millstone,
    -rounding by an old dogmatic dog in the manger- read more »

    mahdi karimi
  • 44.
    Why why Why...

    read more »

    ginger longora
  • 45.

    Dog, dog, cute and loyal
    A pet for anyone even the royal!
    Cherished by young and old,
    But will you do what you’re told? read more »

    Elijah Yii
  • 46.
    Dogs Know Acrostic

    Dogs are creature
    Other than wolves
    Guarding us from danger
    Stopping us from worrying read more »

    Bianca Harkild
  • 47.
    Beware: The Dog

    Beware the dog because he's lurking the streets.
    Do not let him get between your sheets.
    He will do his business, and leave his seed behind.
    He will leave you losing your mind. read more »

    Shukiera Johnson
  • 48.
    So Much Depends Upon

    So much depends upon,
    that little black dog.

    So soft and fuzzy, read more »

    Miranda Fenton
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