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Top 100 Poems About: DREAM

In this page, poems on / about “dream” are listed.
  • 1.
    I Dreamed.

    I dreamed a dream and in that dream,
    I dreamed that I had dreamed a dream,
    Of hope and fairytales come true,
    I dreamed a dream and thought of truth, read more »

    Emma Wright
  • 2.
    They say dreams never do come true.

    They say dreams never do come true..
    But they are wrong, I say they do
    I dream of violence, I dream of hurt
    I dream of children, they live in dirt read more »

    Sylvi Hart
  • 3.
    'Dream Catcher'

    Dream catcher a little device
    Dream catcher I see your surprise
    Dream catcher wake me up
    Dream catcher don't be rough read more »

    Kimberley Waldron
  • 4.
    Dare to Dream

    Dare to dream of far off lands,
    Dream of deserts, covered in sand.
    Dream of rainforests, trees high above
    Dream of finding your one true love. read more »

    Lexi Smith
  • 5.
    My Dream

    I dream of a dream. read more »

    suchul Jin
  • 6.
    My Dream

    I dream of a dream.
    I dream that my dream shall someday come true.
    I dream that all my dreams shall not remain just a dream.
    I dream for that day when all these dreams are realized. read more »

    G. Siva Shankar
  • 7.
    I dream...

    I dream of floating away on a cloud
    I dream of catching a falling star
    I dream of my prince charming
    I dream of how I'll save him from the dragon read more »

    Tsunami HiroshiSu
  • 8.
    Dream A While With Me

    I dream of rainbows, Bright in the sky,
    I dream of lightning, together we cry,

    I dream of flowers, I feel such delight, read more »

    Cathryn Martin
  • 9.

    I am a dreamer
    I dream of peace
    I dream of reason
    A dream of greed read more »

    J.I. Stuart
  • 10.
    My Dreams Are the Sun

    See that golden hue
    Burning in the west
    My dreams are with that color
    My dreams are the sun read more »

    Dawn Michelle
  • 11.
    I Have A Dream

    O my God,
    Give me a wonderful dream,
    Hope for a successful dream
    Give me the best dream. read more »

    Lawrence CH Hiun
  • 12.
    My Lullaby (Song)

    Close your eyes
    Go to sleep.
    Find your soul
    In arms I'll keep read more »

    Sans Serif
  • 13.
    If only

    When I dream, I dream of falling
    Falling, Falling
    Falling onto you
    When I dream, I dream of drowning read more »

    Ashley Morris
  • 14.
    one last dream of....

    one last dream of being on this universe,
    one last dream of being under this horrible curse,
    one last dream of loosing hope,
    one last dream of being under the scope, read more »

    Corina Rose Guard
  • 15.
    Everybody dreams.

    Everybody dreams.
    Children dream,
    Adults dream,
    Old people dream. read more »

    Twilight Whispers
  • 16.
    Dream a Dream

    When I dream the dream of paradise
    I see a picture of you
    And when I dream the dream of love and care
    I see a picture of us two read more »

    Tim David Cook
  • 17.
    A dream

    a dream
    an illusion?

    a dream read more »

    cyclopseven Ram
  • 18.

    Once upon a time I dreamed
    I dreamed there was a once upon a time
    I dreamed with the mind that dreams
    I dreamed in the darkness of dreams read more »

    Harley White
  • 19.
    Dream A Little Dream For Me

    At night when you think through your day
    Think on the things that you did say
    When you think through the things that you should be
    Dream this little dream for me read more »

    Jack Harris
  • 20.
    Waiting... For My Dream Girl

    Who is my Dream Girl?
    Who is my Dream Girl?

    Who is made just for me, read more »

    Akash Agrawal
  • 21.
    A Dream, a Dream

    A dream, A dream,
    another dream.
    A dream of you,
    A dream of love, read more »

    Matthew Petranovich
  • 22.
    Hold Onto Your Dreams

    Start of a scene begins with your dreams
    Reality given to what you believe
    What you see hold onto your dreams
    What you need hold onto your dreams read more »

    Larry Davis
  • 23.
    If Only Wishes Were Horses, Part 2

    I dream and dream and dream
    And dream and dream and dream,
    And keep on crying and praying
    For chariots many and huge horses - read more »

    Comfort Ndlovu
  • 24.
    I Dream

    I dream of you coming back to me
    I dream of you touching me
    I dream of you contacting me
    I dream of you holding me read more »

    Roxanne Stanton
  • 25.
    A dream

    A dream is something
    That’s completely you

    A dream is something read more »

    Monica Hinson
  • 26.
    A Dream Is A Dream

    A dream is a dream.
    Some dreams can come true,
    and some cannot.
    How you attempt to achieve that goal, read more »

    Rebecca Ryan
  • 27.
    You dream and I dream

    You dream and I dream
    In my dream I am with a woman.
    In your dream you are with a man.
    In my dream she is beautiful and small. read more »

    Nadim Lost Soul
  • 28.
    A Dream From that Lives

    I dream of an embrace,
    to keep me warm at night.
    I dream of a voise,
    that can calm my nerves. read more »

    IronMan J.r.
  • 29.
    they say...

    They say dreams never do come true..
    But they are wrong, I say they do
    I dream of violence, I dream of hurt
    I dream of children, they live in dirt read more »

    Cheyanne Whien
  • 30.
    Love Is

    Love is just a dream
    A dream you can never hold in your hands
    A dream that never stays for long
    A dream that fades away read more »

    Kailey Marie Abbott
  • 31.
    My Dream

    My dream is to share both Life&love with you
    My dream is to always wake up next to you
    My dream is to build a life with you
    My dream is to constantly remind you read more »

    Neo tshegofatso Molefe
  • 32.
    My Dream

    I dream of a life, full of love and care
    Blessings and joy, pampers and happiness
    I dream of a life where less of expectations, more of serving
    I dream of a life where I find one who is all mine read more »

    Pearl Kedare
  • 33.
    Dreams Make the World Go 'Round

    'Hope is a waking dream.' Aristotle

    Hope is a dream - a survival of our inner thoughts,
    Love is a hope that opens up our hearts, read more »

    Jona PoloRamirez
  • 34.

    Dream of me
    Dream of love
    Dream of joy read more »

    chiku bvumbwe
  • 35.

    Dreams are fleeting,
    Dreams break free from this world,
    Dreams make a poor man powerful,
    Dreams live in sleep, read more »

    Stewie Johnson
  • 36.
    My Secret Garden

    I dream of a secret garden
    Filled with roses
    And a bench that seats two read more »

    John McClay
  • 37.

    Dream of distant cities
    Dream of choirs or song
    Dream of buried treasure
    Waiting for so long read more »

    Meg Lealand
  • 38.
    The Woman In My Dreams

    I remember when I would dream
    Dream of a woman who could sing
    Dream of a woman with such grace
    Dream of a woman with a face only god could create read more »

    Joshua Shumate
  • 39.
    I Have A Dream

    I have a dream,
    That justice will be done.
    I have a dream,
    That we will shine like the sun. read more »

    Katie Goodrum
  • 40.

    Dreams have no borders
    and no particular orders

    Dreams are imagination read more »

    Cheryl Cheng
  • 41.
    On our ship of dreams

    I dream 
    And feel
    Your heart's gaze
    And smile amazed read more »

    Shelley Jones
  • 42.
    A Dream

    A dream isn't dream if it's not worth fighting for.
    A dream isn't dream if you aren't working on it.
    A dream isn't dream is you have many dreams.
    A dream isn't dream if you are still dreaming. read more »

    Tshering Chekii
  • 43.
    Can You Dream For Me? -new-

    Can you dream for me?
    Because I've known nothing but this village sand
    my pillaged land desolate of dreams so,
    Can you dream for me...? read more »

    Travis Thomas
  • 44.
    In my dreams

    In my dreams I hide
    In my dreams I reside
    In my dreams nothing is wrong
    In my dreams our love is strong read more »

    Tess Tessier
  • 45.
    All is dream…

    These faces, these places..
    ..stumbled upon many times
    & many times forgotten..
    This pain, this pleasure read more »

    kedar thapa
  • 46.
    poem to a stoner....2

    I had a dream
    this dream it was so real
    but a dream which i could feel
    and my broken heart this dream began to heal read more »

    Maneshree Govender
  • 47.
    A Dream I Dreamt

    I dreamed a dream
    A dream I would love to forget
    In the night I would love to forgive
    I dreamt ‘us’ read more »

    mmemezi khumalo
  • 48.
    Close your eyes

    Close your eyes
    and dream away,
    the night is kind,
    but will not obey read more »

    Iselin Steinsto
  • 49.

    They are sometimes forgotten
    They are the definition of who we are
    They show us answers to questions we never dared to ask
    They are frightening, but they give us more hope then anything else read more »

    Roy Bos
  • 50.
    I Am A Dreamer!

    I dream of life
    each and every day how it could be better
    If things were this or that way read more »

    Rhonda Pilcher
  • 51.
    I Dreamt

    I dreamt of you i felt your heart
    I dreamt of love dreamt us apart
    I dreamt of you in silken white
    I dreamt your an angel in lovely flight read more »

    robert ross
  • 52.
    Dreaming Of You

    Dream and Dream, thats all i want to do
    Dream and Dream all about you
    making wishes, and dreaming the'll come true
    our kisses would be magical, our hugs will be filled with joy read more »

    CaItLyN MaRiE
  • 53.
    My Dream

    like snowflakes
    ever unique and never the same read more »

    LiimuJ (Jim)
  • 54.

    I am dreaming
    I am dreaming

    of a nice warm home read more »

    Kira Kira Kira
  • 55.
    Dream A While With Me

    I dream of rainbows, Bright in the sky,
    I dream of lightning, together we cry,

    I dream of flowers, I feel such delight, read more »

    Sydney Bell
  • 56.

    Dreamin' of dreams past the morning light
    As we stare at the stars in a wonderful night
    As we venture our endless imagination, o what a sight
    So dream, dream everything that you might read more »

    Mahru Francis Antonio
  • 57.
    To Dream Is To Live

    To dream is to live, though it is a dying action,
    We live each day without living, knowing not of true life,
    Knowing not of what it truly means to dream, of traction,
    Drawn to a larger purpose, one worth our sweat, tears, and strife, read more »

    Brandon Kolb
  • 58.
    A Dream

    I dreamed a dream, one so full and new

    And woke up with thoughts of being with you read more »

    R.H. Olivera
  • 59.
    It's Us

    And every night it's the same old dream
    It makes me smile and leaves me feeling warm
    It's the dream of you and me
    It's the dream of you loving me to your fullest read more »

    Lauara Sii
  • 60.

    Where the earth and sky collide
    That's were sea-dreams are found read more »

    johnoe mc guckin
  • 61.
    In New York The Women Are Dreaming

    In New York, yes, the women are dreaming.
    In lacework of hallways, hesitant with pearls,
    In the violets of evening, one night reaching the next,
    In the amber water of Victorian aquariums, read more »

    Richard Cole
  • 62.
    Dreams Of My Fathers

    Dreams oh! Dreams,
    Littered in the shadows of our memories,
    A remnant of shattered hopes,
    From the futility of unutured past. read more »

    Ben Chukwuemeka Okere
  • 63.

    My dreams tells it all,
    My dreams saids it all,
    But for some main reason, My mind don't want to
    Remember it all read more »

    Ambril Hutchinson
  • 64.
    “Analyzing Dreams”

    What are dreams but things we want
    And think that they will do themselves;
    If dreams do not come true it seems
    Those dreams were hindered by ourselves. read more »

    Carlos Ornelas
  • 65.
    Dream On (free Verse)

    Dream on with your life,
    Keep dreaming because you’ll,
    Never get this back,
    Dream on till you can’t dream no more, read more »

    Rochele Harkleroad
  • 66.
    Dream Seller

    What fills your sack O! dream seller?
    I am too poor to afford for dreams so rare
    Dreams of a radiant youth and dreams of soaring high
    Dreams of glittering gold and dreams of country wine read more »

    Suraj Mazumder
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