Top 100 Poems About: EDUCATION

In this page, poems on / about “education” are listed.
  • 1.
    Stay In School

    Stay in school, don't be a fool
    A dropout gets left out
    A dropout gets pushed out
    Show me your name, what does it mean read more »

    Leon Thomas Lee
  • 2.

    You want to be in a gang
    And shoot up everything with a bang
    You say they'll have your back
    But education is what you lack read more »

    Norena M. Jones
  • 3.

    One of the most heart felt feelings is
    Putting your family first
    It doesn't require a scholar or math whiz
    To recognize one suffering from thirst read more »

    Ouida Nell Greene
  • 4.
    The Key to Success

    Education is relevant for a person to be successful.
    Education empowers a person to become a leader.
    Great opportunities are presented to professionals.
    The future of a Person can be unpredictable if she lacks education; read more »

    Sofi Martinez
  • 5.

    The rhythm, the beat,
    The love, the hate,
    The cold, the heat,
    The destiny, the fate read more »

    TracyLee Eckstein
  • 6.

    Education is our leaders spoiled system
    they spend the money on other things that's not for education
    they raise taxes on the people that can't afford it to get more money
    and raise their own wages instead of cutting them as they should do read more »

    Irene Mary Larson
  • 7.
    Oh! Education

    In GK it is ABBREVIATION read more »

    neelabha mahajan
  • 8.
    Girl Education

    Education should be given to all girls,
    whether she urban or rural.
    Girls are not less than boys,
    Education will take them up away. read more »

    AYUSH golu
  • 9.
    The Key To Life

    the light of our life
    A gift of academic rife
    Education read more »

    Stanley Oguh
  • 10.

    education is life
    education is famous in the society
    education is the best car of prestige
    a prestige that can not be forcefully taken away read more »

    kehinde Olushola
  • 11.
    (001) In waiting..........

    Education in Kenya for the poor folk:
    Nothing but, going with dragging legs,
    Eager eyes, grieving minds and
    Empty stomaches...craving for read more »

    venkatesh ram
  • 12.

    read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 13.

    What do you term a Nation
    Lacking innovation
    With no visions
    Not to mention read more »

    Nana Hauwa Ibrahim
  • 14.
    0071.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 69

    To Get Anything Precious

    Tamil Transliteration read more »

    rajagopal. h..
  • 15.

    education is life
    education is famous in the society
    education is the best car of prestige
    a prestige that can not be forcefully taken away read more »

    Siawash Rustami
  • 16.

    A good leader
    leading by example
    is a good leader
    showing the way read more »

    james prince
  • 17.

    Learn and gain education,
    Be free from confusion.
    Drive out every doubt,
    Be happy and be stout. read more »

    umaprosad das
  • 18.

    Education is the foremost thing required
    Because without it only defeats are acquired

    Education is a life sustaining material read more »

    shanky jainy
  • 19.


    Enlightening is education in every instance
    Drives the darkness of ignorance read more »

    Mittur Ramprasad
  • 20.

    Education read more »

    Andrew Houston
  • 21.
    Being a Man

    Is the man's role
    Doing anything to provide
    Protect read more »

    melissa pierre
  • 22.

    C section
    Education read more »

    Stephen Mellor
  • 23.
    Human Rights

    My rights, yours rights, our rights
    Human Rights
    From a mechanic shop came a cry of a boy
    What are my rights? Education or being a mechanic read more »

    Shifa Tauqir
  • 24.
    Education, The Key To Success

    From generation to generation, from time to time,
    Hast education among men been exalted,
    We’ve our children been telling two things do rhyme,
    These are diligence and education-possessing value untold. read more »

    Jonathan Karanja
  • 25.

    Education is the light of our life
    It is the key to a bright future
    Of not only ours but also of the nation's
    It gives our thinking a different appearance read more »

    pritika rajbanshi
  • 26.
    education light

    Education Light

    Is there a light brighter than sunlight
    which can lead brain and heart out from twilight read more »

    slamet muljo
  • 27.
    It is my life

    It's my life,
    It's not yours to live,
    It's my choice,
    It's not yours to pick. read more »

    Eva Pearl Frost
  • 28.
    Education Is Success!

    Education is an access
    To the key of success
    Education is the process of teaching and learning
    Which will help us in our future earning read more »

    HZ... DeAwsumPoet
  • 29.
    Quality education amidst Nobility Grateful...

    Well knitted tie and silvery college uniform
    Hair, socks, shoes but not perfumes
    Oozing lowly smile depict innocence fragrance
    Yes, sir madam we Peessa school children... read more »

    sisirachandra vaduge
  • 30.
    Please Wake up to the Factors That Have Created Such an Education Mess; Our Education System is Fundamentally Flawed

    Our leaders have determined that everyone should have at least an undergraduate degree. So we push students during their prime years of study to become Jacks of all trades. While the Germans make their students into experts in particular professions.

    What has Wisdom Education got to do With Regular Education and Why the German Education Model is Superior and More Effective Than the American Model? read more »

    Sajid Khan
  • 31.
    I Am A Blackman

    I am a Black man who understands that any other man can take anything that was physically then mentally
    Thats why I responsibly choose to expand my education not because Abraham signed the declairation
    But because my own organization and affiliation of Blackmen my age don't believe in education
    But just as one item out of a group of similarites can change it from being similar to mixed. read more »

    Warren Scott
  • 32.

    I sit waiting for my sister
    To come into the house
    I know I must be mellow
    For shell be quiet as a mouse read more »

    Barbara H..
  • 33.
    Teachers Day.

    Every heart that beats,
    Year after year it repeats,
    We sing in the praise of God,
    For giving us the opportunity to take birth, read more »

    Charnjit Patialvi
  • 34.
    Brain Master Arithmetic System Pvt. Ltd

    India’s fastest growing abacus education centers. Brain Master has a talented team of abacus experts and is headed by dynamic leadership with years of experience in education arena. The gifted team has trained thousands of students in this unique mental math technique.

    brain development, abacus education, abacus franchisee, education business, abacus training read more »

    anil dixit
  • 35.
    Literature Cosmology

    Literature is mother, motherly approach.
    When mother born she does join in rearing crystal job that is wholesome for her child. read more »

    Emranor Reja
  • 36.
    Endless Possibilities

    Fred is fine
    Steve is fine
    I want to buy a VW
    Need to call my mother read more »

    Graham Wolfe
  • 37.
    an aide avowed

    Beautiful autumn mildly draw nearer
    cold wind and inspiring colors
    peace of mind and genial smiles draw near
    replace the tears we shed read more »

    UKWENI engee
  • 38.
    Cry For Education

    All of them are running after you.
    i can't because i don't have money.
    My parents cannot provide me with a penny. read more »

    jalloh Alusine
  • 39.

    Life is a deluge of Education,
    From which we should not run.
    But we should sail,
    In the boat where no one fails. read more »

    ManmeetSingh Boyal
  • 40.
    A Father's Legacy

    My advice, son:

    Alphabetise(!) read more »

    Aaron Wyton Greenwood
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