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Top 100 Poems About: ELEGY

In this page, poems on / about “elegy” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Neighbours Tears

    O heighth! o Depthe! upon my bended knees
    Who dare Expound these Wondrous Mysteries:
    That this rare plant is cropt before mine Eyes
    (Meer Shadow) left to write her Elegies. read more »

    Benjamin Tompson
  • 2.
    I Am A Girl!

    I am a girl
    with all feminine worries
    complaints and objection to all
    just for nothing read more »

    Sajna Kailas
  • 3.

    I kiss birds in a drowse
    I kiss contours of trees to clear
    I kiss a bead of dew on cornflower read more »

    Kae Morii
  • 4.
    a bartender's good-night

    Sad bar
    each night a collection of poems more & more tipsy

    sensual female tongues at the board meeting here read more »

    Mikael Ejdemyr
  • 5.
    New Year's Eve Midnight

    There is excitement in the air
    Hearts are bubbling with joy and light
    We feel the Death that is near
    And we sit in wait wit smiles wide and bright. read more »

    Goddy Nana Mens
  • 6.
    Elegy of a poet

    I do not understand
    as to why the people
    are weeping,
    crying, read more »

    Sandesh Shinde
  • 7.

    heart lost read more »

    Kathup Tsering
  • 8.

    Your rainbow feathers
    remind me of my dreams
    So my eyes read more »

    Bharat Mehru
  • 9.

    To love,
    We feel you from the heart.
    We feel you from the very start.
    You gripe all our body part. read more »

  • 10.

    The poetry starts at the point
    Which you do not understand.
    You are an elegy
    I am a word exaggerates in love. read more »

    Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen
  • 11.
    sri lankan soldiers

    A Tribute to the immortal Fallen.

    Soldiers, Soldiers standing sentinel to protect our mother land read more »

    nuwan silva
  • 12.
    The Mirage of Music

    The music of dawn opened my eyes
    the birds were singing in the elysian sunrise;
    my thoughts held me close to my heart
    and made me a beatific dream read more »

    Saberi Roy
  • 13.
    The Elopement

    with our fingers knitted into one
    like a cracked verse
    we stood in the space
    between elegy and romance read more »

    chize ryan ogunkah
  • 14.

    Like a sorrow at the end of a smile
    You came to borrow my pangs a while
    Like a dew from winters of rapture
    Fell in me, smeared and capture read more »

    yesk nair
  • 15.
    The Wind of Spring

    Hark! The wind of spring hath come
    The hansom pulled by the vernal angel
    Hath made its way through the wrath of tempest
    With the fallen squall and Mother Petal read more »

    Fiona Sunny
  • 16.
    On A Dusty Lane

    On a dusty lane in Crowne Plaza
    We happen to meet,
    'Why do you turn them away'?
    'Why do i lower them down'? read more »

    feroz rather
  • 17.
    Moods of the Macabre

    Fragmented by each malevolent mood
    tranquility would boast in abundance
    whereas abhorrent ramblings enfeeble
    sustaining one's savagery of the mind. read more »

    Titus Llewellyn
  • 18.

    The sun has died again,
    Buried there behind the palms.
    The last blushes of shame will disappear from the chins of the sky.
    At the graveside the countenance is contagious and dark. read more »

    Onyenankeya Nzubejah
  • 19.

    After a memorable day,
    When death has wrapped,
    Our kinsmen,
    With a soft naked sand, read more »

    Rasaq Malik
  • 20.
    A Mile Outside of Yellowstone

    A Mile Outside of Yellowstone
    loose sky fallen into bruise
    I put down my hitchhiking sign
    wait for dawn at a gas station read more »

    Ed Skoog
  • 21.

    A mosquito bit me and said something
    but it doesn’t know that I am waiting for that sweet nothing

    A warm hello’s and sweet good nights whimsical at this hour of life read more »

    Pitta Sudarshan Dev
  • 22.
    I Am A Poem

    I am a poem. God wrote me. Many will have an interpretation of me But I am what I was
    Written to be, nothing less, nothing more. Some say I am a tragedy, While others call me an
    Epic. Some say I am an elegy, while others call me an ode and others Still, a sonnet. Many
    Have their interpretations some are close, some are completely wrong But only God knows read more »

    Kingsley Olaleye Reuben
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