Top 100 Poems About: EPIC

In this page, poems on / about “epic” are listed.
  • 1.
    Ramayana Epic poem.

    Ramayana the epic poem of India
    The story of a noble kingdom
    The story of noble couple
    The story of truth, sacrifice read more »

    Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  • 2.
    World Of Warcraft

    In the realm of Azeroth
    Where mighty heroes battle
    The epic soldiers rush about
    Many in a brattle read more »

    Alex Scherling
  • 3.
    Epic Poem

    This poem is epic
    so I named it so
    it's more epic than wind and snow
    which are in there own respects quite epic read more »

    Torben Duncan
  • 4.

    Epic, strong
    Swimming, attacking, winning
    Death in the sea by his horn read more »

    Bob Ubetcha
  • 5.
    Epic Smile

    Time slows;
    then stops.
    You have an epic smile,
    shining brightly to challenge the sun. read more »

    Brian Hinckley
  • 6.

    I do not like the silly poem,
    I do not like the angsty poem,
    I do not like the ridiculous poem,
    I do not like the damned poem, read more »

    David Carter
  • 7.
    Epic love story.

    It was not meant to be,
    its a chapter closed and finished.
    An epic story of loves young dream,
    has faded and diminished. read more »

    Jenna Johnson
  • 8.
    epic night elipse o' light

    epic night
    with a spark of white
    a whimper
    then silence read more »

    mitch king
  • 9.
    Dawn of the Days -new-

    Do you remember
    my poem about
    my epic meeting
    in the dawn of the days read more »

    Dorthe Wisbech Clausen
  • 10.
    Warrior of the Caribbean

    Far west lays the Caribbean sea,
    Where this young Warriors will rest with ease.
    As there will be tales to be told,
    Of an epic adventure that will surly unfold... read more »

    Greta Wolzak
  • 11.
    GOD Blew on a snowflake...

    GOD blew on a snowflake and blanketed New York

    Unleashed a blizzard of epic proportions; a snow storm read more »

    my Words my song
  • 12.
    A Path to Wales

    An old woman set me on a path to Wales

    Where dragons roamed and Knights had homes read more »

    Sanjay Amruce
  • 13.
    Ode to the World

    Human words cannot express your beauty

    Even ‘Epic’ won’t be enough, I guarantee read more »

    Jaya Razo
  • 14.
    I and my dear death

    I and my dear death by Emad A. Ghani

    I and my dear death
    Were two close friends read more »

    Emad A. Ghani
  • 15.

    All my friends are film maniac
    No doubt movie is their breathe
    I usually enjoy there company
    Walking, smiling and eating read more »

    Joram Muinamia
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