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Top 100 Poems About: EPIC

In this page, poems on / about “epic” are listed.
  • 1.
    Epic Poem

    This poem is epic
    so I named it so
    it's more epic than wind and snow
    which are in there own respects quite epic read more »

    Torben Duncan
  • 2.

    Epic, strong
    Swimming, attacking, winning
    Death in the sea by his horn read more »

    Bob Ubetcha
  • 3.
    Epic Smile

    Time slows;
    then stops.
    You have an epic smile,
    shining brightly to challenge the sun. read more »

    Brian Hinckley
  • 4.
    World Of Warcraft

    In the realm of Azeroth
    Where mighty heroes battle
    The epic soldiers rush about
    Many in a brattle read more »

    Alex Scherling
  • 5.

    This one is for the Ladies, They're Looking so Amazing.
    Let's Get crazy, ain't Nothing gonna save me.
    Make this an epic night
    Make this an epic Night.. read more »

    Jojo JAC
  • 6.
    Life Is An Epic

    Life is like an epic
    Some pages are dull
    While others are exciting
    Some pages transpire gloom read more »

    Jaipal Singh
  • 7.
    A Path to Wales

    An old woman set me on a path to Wales

    Where dragons roamed and Knights had homes read more »

    Sanjay Amruce
  • 8.
    Lines Written After Reading Southey's

    Base is the purpose of this Epic Song,
    Baneful its powers: but, oh, the Poesy
    ('What can it less when Sun-born GENIUS sings?') read more »

    Anna Seward
  • 9.
    Fortune Teller

    For me this is real epic

    a complete heart blood letting read more »

    Gypsylover (Letters)
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