Top 100 Poems About: FAIRY

In this page, poems on / about “fairy” are listed.
  • 1.
    He loves me, He loves me not

    He loves me,
    he loves me not

    Like a fairy tale read more »

    Bailey Logan
  • 2.
    **Little Miss Fairy**

    glittering, shimmering,
    little miss fairy goes,
    as she walks up to girls,
    fulfills their dreams, read more »

    Fathmath Sana
  • 3.
    Little Fairy

    Little Fairy,
    Shine so bright.
    Little Fairy,
    Show your light. read more »

    Brittany Graviet
  • 4.
    A Song Of Faries

    Flitter flutter here and there
    Flying high up in the air
    Fairy dust is just so fragile
    And the fairies flying are all so agile read more »

    Chloe White
  • 5.
    fairy dust

    read more »

    kristyann celello
  • 6.
    It's All Just A Fairy Tale To Me

    Princesses and dragons
    Horses pulling wagons
    Sun shining bright
    The moon glowing at night read more »

    Victoria Perriola
  • 7.
    I Try To Think Why Her Answer Always Ends In A No

    May be she is trapped inside a water droplet
    Resting on a green leaf
    Of a rose plant
    in the eden garden read more »

    chelliah pandian
  • 8.
    fairy tale (age 14)

    'Above the shadow is the moon no further then the sun
    As I sit under the big willow hoping a Fairy Tale has begun
    Giant stars flutter through the sky as graceful as a dove
    Hoping the everlasting Elf will find his true love read more »

    Jessica C. Galvan
  • 9.
    Fairy Lights

    the very first firefly
    of the season
    flew into my yard read more »

    Maggie DeMay
  • 10.
    Fary Tale Ending

    It started out like a fairy tale
    You were my prince
    And I was your princess
    That’s exactly how you treated me read more »

    Stephanie Sanchez
  • 11.
    I believe in fairies

    I believe, I believe, she told me to say,
    just 1 year before my fairy went away.
    I lifted up my hands, high above my head
    up toward the ceiling fan, whilst standing on the bed. read more »

    Lucy Hall
  • 12.
    its a b'day of a fairy....(1) ....

    it's a b'day of a fairy lets sing a song,
    you'd gotta do it hurry since the party's on,
    everybody celebrating mood is on song...
    it's a b'day of a fairy lets sing a song.. read more »

    arpit kulshrestha
  • 13.
    Fairy's Drink Too!

    Spider webs on a Spring morning,
    you know the kind,
    is a fairy's reservoir. read more »

    allison guggy
  • 14.
    Making Fairy Dust

    Want to attract a fairy?
    Here is what you have to do.
    Make a bit of fairy dust,
    With sparkles through and through. read more »

    Carla J Nelson
  • 15.
    One Fairy Night

    one fairy night, a song unveiled a world of dream-come-true:

    it laid it bare before my eyes so fresh and bright and clear read more »

    tolu ogundare
  • 16.
    Fairy Tales

    Do you believe in fairy tales?
    Or do you feel that fantasy always fails?

    Fairy tales show the hand of God read more »

    Nitin Menon
  • 17.
    Fairy Wings

    There's a fairy sitting by the pool making fairy wings. from gossamer
    and spider webs and silk worm's silk and things.
    In summer-time they have a ball; the elves and gnomes come one and all.
    The music's played in trumpet flowers; the ball goes on for hours and hours. As dawn begins to break and people start to rise, read more »

    rita alyson petts
  • 18.

    fairies oh, fairies
    Hid behind berries
    They strike their wands
    And have golden bands read more »

    sharon ann shiju
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