Top 100 Poems About: FAITH

In this page, poems on / about “faith” are listed.
  • 1.

    People call it a believe
    Some call it tolerance
    But faith justified a person
    By faith we are sanctified read more »

    ogunleye kayode peter
  • 2.

    Faith on which one can live whole life
    Faith on which one can keep hopes alive read more »

    pinky porwal
  • 3.

    Can people have faith in eachother?
    Do creatures trust themselves?
    Is faith overrated?
    A lot of questions, so little time read more »

    Ina Gabrielsen
  • 4.
    Love, Hope, and Faith

    We live tomorrow
    the dreams of today
    Our hopes of the future
    gives us faith along the way read more »

    Rusty (Ed) Gibson
  • 5.
    Just a little Faith...

    Just a little faith can light your path
    When everything seems dark,

    Just a faith can push you forward read more »

    Vijaiya Ramkissoon
  • 6.
    Hope And Faith

    Born of the same mother,
    Hope and faith were brother,
    But destiny threw them apart,
    God gave both a different part. read more »

    Aditya Raj Verma
  • 7.
    A belief

    A belief,
    the most peculiar feeling.
    a belief,
    the most weirdest feeling. read more »

    choco pie shreyasi
  • 8.


    Faith, is all we have, to make it through the day.
    Faith, that when we are lost, we will find our way. read more »

    Iris Park
  • 9.
    There Is No Hope

    There is no hope in the sun
    It may end someday getting
    Burnt to pull everything in its
    Black hole, even the human soul; read more »

    nitin sahni
  • 10.
    Till Your Dreams Come True

    Often your taskes will be many,
    And more than you think you can do,
    Often the road will be rugged,
    And the hills unclimbable too, read more »

    Kevin Massimino
  • 11.
    keep your faith in me

    Keep your faith

    Please keep your faith in me,
    for i have sinned that i know. read more »

    sarah scot
  • 12.

    Faith is what
    Brightens the darkest of nights,
    Gives you strength
    To fight the hardest of fights read more »

    Parvathy Nair
  • 13.

    The heart of faith has no presumption,
    It simply trusts His Word.
    It stands secure, and in His Promise
    Finds eternal worth. read more »

    Domenic Marbaniang
  • 14.
    Faith and courage

    Faith and courage is something that
    I love now
    Its my new phrase that my mouth speaks
    Faith and courage is my new term in my read more »

    Lilit Movsisyan
  • 15.


    Faith is the one you don’t find because you hav, e faith is the one you need when you need
    Faith gives courage to believe again read more »

    viki suha
  • 16.
    Faith That Echoes Hollowly

    Her mind quickly flips through her memory
    reminding her of the constant rain
    pouring out from her eyes
    but tonight her eyes were dry as the desert read more »

    Alecia Nak
  • 17.

    Oh faith, oh mother faith
    where is thy power?
    why are thy long sought yet not found?
    who chased you so thus far from nigh? read more »

    Eze Maximus
  • 18.

    Your world simply reflects your faith.
    Faith is your consciousness and your substance.

    Don't place your faith in fear and misfortune. read more »

    Juanita Nickel
  • 19.

    Faith the fountain of life
    Men has searched for but never realizes
    When it springs up in front of them rather they
    Lay waste in ignorance only to question read more »

    sunny Uzoma okoro
  • 20.

    Forever don’t mean forever
    Forever always change
    We pay further respect to eternity
    But forever we say in vain read more »

    debra ernest
  • 21.
    “Faith Like Potatoes“

    Only to trust God with our faith
    Only that is what might be needed to see
    when the spell of darkness falls
    Like the gurara waterfall. read more »

    Meshack Dasco
  • 22.
    What Is Faith

    what is faith when you can not see.,
    when the ones around you do not belive.,
    when you try an try an still dont achive.,
    but can pick your self up an say i still belive., read more »

    caleb mathews
  • 23.
    Faith Of My Dream

    Faith of my dream,
    Hold my heart to a tide.
    Never this feelings could
    I hide. read more »

    Lucky Ovos
  • 24.
    Hope And Faith

    Since we have to live
    By hope; by faith we live
    Since we have to vanquish
    By strength; by determination we vanquish read more »

    Collins Nkemjika Nzomuche
  • 25.
    The Instrument

    O Ye of little faith have
    Have faith in me, read more »

    Diana Kouprina
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