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Top 100 Poems About: FAMILY

In this page, poems on / about “family” are listed.
  • 1.

    Family is supposed to have your back,
    Family is supposed to know you,
    There are supposed to be no secrets with family,
    There are supposed to be no lies with family, read more »

    Violet Creek
  • 2.
    I love my family so much.

    To be apart of a family like mine
    is so divine
    where love is shown
    hurt is shared read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 3.
    Family I love

    love my family with my hold heart.
    My love is Joy to love my family
    Family is sad and happy and love.
    Family is fun and painful and pretty. read more »

    Kristina Riggs
  • 4.
    We Are Family

    we are family,
    although we do not resemble
    although i am black and you are white
    although you are rich and i am poor read more »

    Michael J. Burt
  • 5.
    Family Comes Together

    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    In sickness and in health
    In poverty or in wealth read more »

    Glaedr the poet
  • 6.
    Family First

    Friends may come and friends may go
    Family is first and this I know
    Putting friends first is a mistake
    And not one that you should make read more »

    Bonnie B Long
  • 7.
    Once Upon A Time

    Once upon a time
    In a house so big and wide
    The family that lived there
    Were so happy inside read more »

    Jacqueline Shor
  • 8.

    One of the most heart felt feelings is
    Putting your family first
    It doesn't require a scholar or math whiz
    To recognize one suffering from thirst read more »

    Ouida Nell Greene
  • 9.
    a family

    a family
    like no one can see
    a family
    everyone wants to be read more »

    angel of passion 016
  • 10.

    when i need help my family is always there for me.
    my family never let me down.
    family is always around when u in trouble.
    my family is my close friend. read more »

    justin kamara
  • 11.

    my family is everything to me
    family is always going to
    be there for you
    family is the people read more »

    krista something
  • 12.
    Why Can't Family Be Family Again

    why can't family be family again
    we used to always be friends
    we used to huddle together
    whenever we got scared read more »

    Marco Jimenez
  • 13.
    ''A Girl Child Is God's Gift''

    Girls are treasure to one's family,
    Girls give moral strength to the family
    Girls are the future of every nation
    Girls needs a little amount of care, read more »

    seemakhera (Aanamika 805)
  • 14.

    There is no life
    but Family.

    When I am young read more »

    Ali Eckermann
  • 15.

    A family gives you unconditional love,
    Strength and guidance they got form above
    They listen when you need and ear
    And one thing is they always care read more »

    LaTisha Parkinson
  • 16.
    My great Family

    My parents are great as god
    My brother mean more to me
    more than my life.
    My family will forever be in my heart read more »

    Neethu Nandakumar
  • 17.
    “My Family”

    My family is very strong like me
    My family is actually very sweet
    My family can be a little strict
    My family always acts like this read more »

    Va Rockeya Foy
  • 18.

    Love respects everyone always,
    Love respects everyone's way of life,
    Everyone's way of living needs respect,
    Love respects everyone always :) read more »

    Paul Jensen Jr
  • 19.
    My Family

    My parents, My brother, My sister is My Family
    My Family is my Strength
    My Family is my Support
    My Family, My Motivator read more »

    Neha Khangarot
  • 20.
    Family & Friends

    We all have a cherished garden we tend -
    It is planted with love of family and friends.
    The memories and dreams we treasure and share
    Are like beautiful roses found blooming there. read more »

    Lizzy Pureheart
  • 21.
    I Love My Family So Much

    To be apart of a family like mine
    is so divine
    where love is shown
    hurt is shared read more »

    filoi hemopo
  • 22.
    A Perfect Family

    A perfect family is what we all wish for.
    We see people that have families that are much different than ours.
    As we experience their unique culture, we wish we had a family like them.
    But really, having a perfect family isn’t possible. read more »

    Casey Lyon
  • 23.

    The warm feeling
    The tears that get wiped
    The hug that holds you tight
    That is family read more »

    H.T.P T.P
  • 24.

    Tell me what does family mean to you
    Is it all the little special things one another do
    Or is it the bond that one another has
    Maybe its the love from one generation to another one it pass read more »

    Jeanette Matthews
  • 25.

    A family is a tree
    with its branches and leaves.
    Come rain, come shine,
    it staggers yet lives. read more »

    Robert Reuben
  • 26.
    Family Love...

    The love of the family is so sweet
    Very unique
    The love of the family holds a special bond of concern for the unknown
    The love of the family strengthen as the years past from birth to adulthood read more »

    Ms. Anika Martinez
  • 27.
    BIGBIGThe Loss Of LoveBIGBIG

    without your family life would be cold
    without your family the tears will flow
    the more you think the more you know
    how you need your family read more »

    Alia Ford
  • 28.
    A Familys Love

    A family's love is always there
    A family's love will never go anywhere
    A family loves with all their heart, unconditional no matter what
    We laugh, we cry, but we never leave each others side read more »

    dina acuna
  • 29.
    Oath to family

    Family is the people who
    Talks us through everything
    Family are the ones who
    Listens to what you have to say read more »

    Desserray Whitcomb
  • 30.

    Family suppose to love
    Not put down
    Family suppose to care
    Not hate read more »

    Nathaniel Hayes
  • 31.
    Family Means To Me What? !

    Family comes together
    For always and forever –
    In sickness and in health,
    In poverty or in wealth. read more »

    Istiqur Rahman
  • 32.
    Family Love

    By: Kevin Lam
    Your family loves you
    Whatever you do,
    They love you when read more »

    Kevin Lam
  • 33.
    Family Of Friends

    How do you live,
    in a family,
    that never shows love,
    that only brings drama and chao, read more »

    Broken Angel
  • 34.
    my family

    my family is fun and sometimes boring

    my family is funny and sometimes serious read more »

    adriana salomon
  • 35.

    Family is the special tie,
    you can feel inside your heart.
    Family is the love and care,
    that stops you from growing apart. read more »

    Candice Monaghan
  • 36.

    I've been so thankful and blessed to have a family like this.
    A family that i can count on;
    A family that cheers me on;
    A family who always there to guide and support me; read more »

    Amor Olorvida
  • 37.
    Family Love

    We are a family created by God’s design
    Rejoice, love each other, and cherish this precious time read more »

    Darwin Eady
  • 38.
    Special Times

    It is not an ordinary day,
    But a special time to remember.
    My family will come join together,
    To celebrate and rejoice. read more »

    Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra
  • 39.
    What is a real family?

    A family is always..........
    thoughtful, read more »

    ceina Boyce
  • 40.

    The warm feeling
    When tears get wiped
    The hug that hold you tight
    From this family read more »

    Yvonne Kania
  • 41.

    Family is with you
    through the ups and the downs
    family is forever
    their always around read more »

    Emma Conlan
  • 42.

    Family is the best
    Sometimes strict and mean
    Mostly loving and helpful
    Like a chirping bird read more »

    Julian Ohayon
  • 43.
    Family Gatherings

    Family Gatherings - They Bring Happiness And
    Cheer.. Moments Of Precious Memorys To Hold
    Within And Remember The Following Year. read more »

  • 44.

    Family is love
    Family is care
    When you are in trouble
    They are there read more »

    Lee John Siebritz
  • 45.
    Our Family, My family

    Our family, My family, so broken and divided are we
    So caught up with anger amongts ourselves, so much we cannot see
    So focused on bitter disputes and drawn out battle lines
    Still trying to achieve victory against these unbreakable vines read more »

    Patrick Villareal
  • 46.
    United We Stand Divided We Fall

    I love them all
    They love us all
    There is no reason to fear and fall
    Each step that I falter, there is someone to hold my hand. read more »

    anya sharma
  • 47.
    My Family

    A family is like a seed.
    A seed that will grow into a beautiful tree.
    A tree with many leaves.
    Leaves with precious memories. read more »

    Alieta Anae
  • 48.
    God's Gifts

    As God was looking at the souls of the babies about to be born
    His eyes rested on me
    He knew that this soul would need a lot of care & love
    He searched the world & found the perfect family read more »

    Barbara Culbertson
  • 49.
    Family Proud

    Blowin' Cannabis clouds
    i let my family down
    gone away are the days
    I was the family clown read more »

    Jessica Dawn
  • 50.

    all families are different
    helpful read more »

    christina weinke
  • 51.
    Perfect Family

    It’s okay if we quarrel, but have an emotionally sweet reconciliation
    Problems are inevitable, but if we carry them together
    Then they become bonding circumstances
    Deny me every riches, all comfort, but maintain love read more »

    Tracee Olga
  • 52.
    Importance of the family

    My family is strong and lovely
    Even if they don't feed me when I'm hungry
    Facts about my family is great
    Like they are trying to remove my mistakes read more »

    Khader Zabaneh
  • 53.
    My Family

    the family i wish i had
    the family i thought i had
    the family i wish i never had
    the family i thought was perfect read more »

    shanicka mcdougald
  • 54.
    life is family

    like a bug on a wind shield,
    like the sand on my toes,
    you my family,
    even when i want to be free, read more »

    shalimar mageswary
  • 55.
    My Family

    My family's dear to me
    Dear like nothing else

    My family's there for me read more »

    Adele Katie Bowling
  • 56.
    The family that used to be

    The family the used to be

    There was once a happy family
    Everything seem to be going right read more »

    atiya smith
  • 57.
    My Mother

    Mother, mother what shall I do?
    You taught me things old and new
    I have a family of my own to raise
    Learning about kids, I'm truly amazed read more »

    Louise Davis
  • 58.

    I thank God for giving me
    a perfect family.
    A parents that so loving,
    and a joyful good siblings. read more »

    Dianna Diaz
  • 59.
    Blood Is Thicker Than Water

    Blood is thicker than water until a family inheritance
    more often than not it will quickly become quite diluted
    love among a family should forever have deep roots
    but that love will suddenly change and come polluted read more »

    John Gabriel
  • 60.
    To Find My Family

    To find my family, is no more
    I found my family that is to adore
    I feel as if i'm complete
    Isn't life just so sweet read more »

    Christina Posey
  • 61.
    Family Pain

    Why do family lie?
    Why do family fight?
    We suppose to be there for each other.
    Family is suppose to be tight. read more »

    Kayla Martin
  • 62.

    Family is a magic circle
    an alliance, for decades,
    roots, that lead through centuries.
    Family, those are many waiting plates on an old table: read more »

    Kathrin KissElder
  • 63.

    Family is the keys to life we hold
    we protect like a shield
    the circle we grow
    the love we share in our hands read more »

    carley jones
  • 64.
    Family vs. Friends

    Friends come in your life as ocean waves come and go.
    You friends may be there one day and be gone the next.
    Family is like blood, you need it to survive and it will always be there.
    Family is there the day you are born and will be until the day you die. read more »

    Nina Grobe
  • 65.
    Family, Friends and Fellowship

    He gave you arms to hold me up when I am falling down
    He gave you lips to cheer me up when storms are all around
    He gave you songs to fill me up when words will never do
    For this family, oh Father I thank you! read more »

    Marquita Lawson
  • 66.

    Family means alot of words
    some people dont have family
    but i do and i love my family
    ever though we had our up and downs read more »

    Anyssa Smith
  • 67.
    They don't get it

    My family are so ignorant
    My family never listen
    My family are always preocuupied
    My family are never there read more »

    ireti lawal
  • 68.
    A Father

    The Classic Family
    A man, his wife, and four children
    Is this a dream?
    Could this be the perfect family? read more »

    Alexander Antonuccio
  • 69.
    This ones for my family

    This ones for my family
    People whom will never comprehend how much they mean to me
    Without these shooting stars in my life
    I have no ability read more »

    one tap tap
  • 70.
    My Decision

    Torn apart between me and my family
    torn, like a paper split into two
    want freedom on one hand
    and family on the other read more »

    Fadhlihan Bin Mydin
  • 71.


    Amber Ross
  • 72.


  • 73.
    A Broken Home

    A family in demise
    A single pebble, a lonely stone
    They fall down, tears fill they're eyes read more »

    Cryssi Lawliet
  • 74.

    For generations of families by marriage
    There are names that are given to children
    It’s the names that are coupled to lineage
    That builds a tree as the branches begin read more »

    Loren Page
  • 75.
    The Family Key

    Their there for you when you’re up
    Their there for you when you’re down
    It’s a family
    A family is an amalgamation of people read more »

    Troy Robertson
  • 76.

    Familys are greater then any car or house
    Familys are stronger then any animal, whale or mouse
    Familys are never forgotten far or wide
    Your family loves you from whatever side read more »

    charlie sims
  • 77.
    Family Portrait

    I was there
    You didn't see me, but I was there
    I watched
    I saw read more »

    Megan Ayscue
  • 78.
    The Family's First Television

    Mama plugs the cord into the wooden wall,
    The bare outlet thrumming with manmade life.
    With a rousing growl, the box awakens.
    Mama steps out from behind the little stand to sit with the family. read more »

    Claudia Durand
  • 79.
    The Family Affair

    Its a family affair
    With problems everywhere
    But nobody cares
    And lots of people stare read more »

    Daria Cooper
  • 80.


    Happiness a choice read more »

    ronald sorenson
  • 81.

    A restless night,
    a sleepless bed
    a child stays awake read more »

    Emily Agud
  • 82.

    Family is a great thing to have
    When family is together its a great thing
    but when family is together all the time it gets annoying
    i dont like this at all when family get together all the time read more »

    kelsey hubbard
  • 83.
    Angelic Family

    My family is fun sometimes boring
    They are also funny but sometimes serious
    They are cool but sometimes embarrassing
    My family will never let me cry read more »

    Taimour Arshad Ali
  • 84.
    my family

    My family is funny and smart
    we usually get along good
    but we have our differences.
    Being in this family has taught me read more »

    monica tarver
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