Top 100 Poems About: FAREWELL

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  • 1.
    A Farewell To Idiots

    Come on, come on
    Join the party
    Mingle with our fools
    A farewell to your bloody rules. read more »

    abhimanyu kumar.s
  • 2.

    As we travel Life's weary journey,
    And plod through the gathering years,
    With our burdens of care and sorrow,
    O'er a pathway bedewed with tears. read more »

    Thomas E. Spencer
  • 3.
    The Life of a Season

    Autumn bids a fond farewell
    As Sister Winter takes her place
    The colors of the trees in glory
    With Winter's white is soon replaced read more »

    Dee Slater
  • 4.
    Kiss me

    Kiss me tonight without saying anything
    kiss me until the blood sprouts
    kiss me with rage, it is my farewell
    tomorrow I emigrate without knowing where! read more »

  • 5.

    Today I step into a new world,
    old memories to you I bid farewell.
    Today I come out of my shell,
    hidden pain and dismal thoughts farewell. read more »

    joana bluementhal
  • 6.
    Farewell My Love

    Farewell to you my love,
    I can't longer give you my heart,
    I kept my love for a long time,
    Waiting for you to come back. read more »

    Ailei ...
  • 7.
    Farewell, My Friends, Adieu

    I hate to say good-bye
    Yet we have to say farewell
    For we shall meet again
    That I can foretell read more »

    Verona Valentine
  • 8.
    I Bid Thee Farewell

    I bid thee farewell my sweet love
    All the staggering moments we both shared
    All the joy we both brought to one another's heart
    All the great things we did for one another read more »

    Gabriel Gauci Maistre
  • 9.
    Red Rose

    A red rose is so sweet and so delicate,
    A red rose is always so bright and glimmering with red,
    A red rose has always grown so gracefully,
    and always before the end of the rose's life it starts to wilt, read more »

    sarah bishop
  • 10.
    Goodbye, Farewell

    Farewell is beautiful
    A glimpse into the future
    Farewell is wonderful
    It sets for Adventure read more »

    Kolabomi Adeko
  • 11.
    Ballad IV

    Farewell, my lady dear and dread,
    Farewell, of all sovereign and queen,
    Farewell, perfect and sacred head, read more »

    Christine de Pizan
  • 12.
    A Farewell to a Manager

    'Today brings the end of our trip
    our time as a group is now over, that's it
    I love the simple word hello
    It always rings an enjoyable bell read more »

    Wida Tausif
  • 13.
    Sunrise and Sunset (Diamante Poem)

    Sunrise -

    fresh, joyful, read more »

    Jezebel Myschka
  • 14.

    Farewell is a word that is filled with sorrow...
    a word that promises nothing
    except sad goodbyes...
    You wave a sudden goodbye, read more »

    jennifer her
  • 15. inevitable parting...

    Through these years,
    Memories blooming in our mind read more »

    Badhri Narayan
  • 16.

    Farewell, some say,
    Is better left for nightfall
    But when the sun departed that day,
    To me, life just began to crawl read more »

    Jay Decenella
  • 17.
    Farewell with a Hope -new-

    Heart delicate!
    Thou eradicate!
    Farewell read more »

    Tabish Raza
  • 18.
    Farewell and Remember

    Farewell me as I go,
    Into the world in which you cannot see
    You may grieve for me,
    You may miss me, read more »

    Geanina Haultain
  • 19.


    ً When we were in farewell, read more »

    basim al aoda
  • 20.
    Bye Bye Friends.......

    I'll miss you all for all my life,
    Tiny, tiny joys of life will be gone,
    And i'll be left with none. read more »

    Koushik Poolla
  • 21.

    Dwelling in
    A soft green meadow
    Butterferflies surrounding me
    Little white puffs of almost free read more »

    Emily Slm
  • 22.

    We live, we love and
    rejoice together but when tomorrow comes we have
    to say goodbye.

    I run and try to hide read more »

    Loveness Jamela
  • 23.

    Farewell to my death,
    As I'm going to heaven with a smiling face.
    All mourn for my untimely death.
    But I laugh with pride read more »

    M S Ahas
  • 24.

    We live, we love and
    rejoice together but when tomorrow comes we have
    to say goodbye. read more »

    Loveness Jamela
  • 25.

    After all these years
    it has finally come to this
    this will end in tears
    so listen to this read more »

    Josh Graham
  • 26.
    My Final Farewell

    farewell to her i will miss her so, and all the times we shared geting to know each other, she was something special like the first blossom in spring or the first snow fall in winter and i can love no other. so farewell to that lovely lady sent from above, farewell farewell to the woman that i love. read more »

    Denzel JONES02
  • 27.
    The Parting Song

    Farewell nooks and cranies
    Of elysian blissful land
    Farewell friends and foes
    Dwelling and indwelling upon this plain read more »

    S.Ovwata Onojieruo
  • 28.

    A man, a woman, a restaurant
    A look, a smile, a word
    A sentence, another, a chat
    A minute, an hour, a moment read more »

    Farshid Rezaee
  • 29.
    Farewell or not

    Time is passing as it is running
    Without caring what it has left behind
    Moving towards an unidentified fate
    Without even letting me hugging my memories read more »

    Tumer Berk
  • 30.

    A nice farewell for those in hunt
    the nice farewell for those they seek
    a nice farewell for those who love
    the nice farewell for those who zoom! read more »

    black black
  • 31.

    I wanted to say ‘goodbye.'
    But it was hard for me to
    Shoot for the stars.
    A heart so tempered read more »

    IkpoBari MeneSENEWO
  • 32.
    Kashmiri Song

    Pale hands I love beside the Shalimar,
    Where are you now? Who lies beneath your spell?
    Whom do you lead on Rapture's roadway, far, read more »

    Laurence Hope
  • 33.
    Farewell Cambridge

    Farewell, farewell the ancient Cambridge,
    Loving, feeding and nourishing your children
    With knowledge, wisdom and intelligence,
    But, tired not you at all, even after eight hundred years read more »

    Ranjith Rajasekharan
  • 34.
    A Farewell Song

    A farewell song to a loved best friend
    But I can't stop this care to tend
    Because my heart will never bend
    For Its Because I love you friend read more »

    Dwight Moody Bernardo
  • 35.
    Farewell My Love (Te digo adios)

    This was a farewell poem that the poet persona gave to the one he once loved and would never see again.

    Farewell, farewell my love,
    but in my heart I hide this sorrow, read more »

    Roberto Echanes
  • 36.

    read more »

    Rebecca Pyrah
  • 37.

    Our Mandela
    may angels uplift your soul
    on your journey to Heaven. read more »

  • 38.
    Our Final Farewell

    To say our final farewell it happend not that long ago.
    Our final farewell, I remember it so clearly.
    Our final farewell, I remember your smile.
    Our final farewell, I remember how proud you were read more »

    Nikki Hamilton
  • 39.
    Farewell to the brave

    before the falling bombs
    eerie winds blow through the battle field
    fires from the foe's guns flow
    toward you from thier eyes read more »

    unknown to mind
  • 40.
    Farewell Song

    About meetings and farewells
    I know.
    About travels and foreign lands
    I saw. read more »

    Celia Petry
  • 41.
    Don't Come Around Anymore

    Goodbye, farewell
    I don't wanna see you around anymore
    Don't come knockin' on my door
    Coz i won't answer it to you read more »

    Donna Hendra
  • 42.

    And, you realized, it did not
    Come to you like a thunder stroke
    But wetted you slowly
    Like that drizzle at dusk read more »

    Ree Sohn
  • 43.
    Bound For Sourabaya!

    OH, the moon shines bright, and we sail to-night,
    And we're bound for Sourabaya!
    So it's ‘Farewell, Jane!' for we're off again
    With the turning of the tide! read more »

    Charles Henry Soutar
  • 44.
    The Broken Verse Edit

    « farewell » is said but i ‘m now deaf to listen
    to any voiceless void vowels that do glisten
    on a white paper that is soon raped and stained
    seeking some homeless reader to be maintained read more »

    Noureddine Ben Alouane
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