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Top 100 Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.
  • 1.
    Fate Factor

    You choose your fate
    By the things you do
    If you are good
    Your fate will be too read more »

    LaTisha Parkinson
  • 2.
    Fate and Destiny

    Fate and Destiny

    Who can tell us what Fate and Destiny are?
    Who can tell us what our Fate is? read more »

    Robert Grimes
  • 3.

    Fate can mean a million things
    Fate can change day by day 
    Fate will always live another day
    Fate depends on who you are read more »

    Alexis Keys
  • 4.

    We talk forever day and night
    Embrace in the insipid moonlight
    It’s impossible to deny fate
    Our passion for each other is on a roll read more »

    Heaven and Earth
  • 5.

    in the forest of life
    a hunter kept searching
    for a prey to stalk
    and salt for a meal or two. read more »

    kelvin karani
  • 6.

    Fate can be cruel.
    Fate can be relentless.
    Fate can rip and tear us apart.
    When fate is like that, depend on your friends and family. read more »

    Jeremiah Wimbrough
  • 7.

    When life began, was our fate already written?
    When i was young, why was i never bothered?
    So thoughtless to even worry about what my fate is
    I was blithe about anything that was around me read more »

    Imti Longchar
  • 8.
    The Fates

    The Lady`s Three, The Fates
    Daughters of fair Goddess Night
    Three aspects of the moon in flight
    The Moerae, phases of thy lunar dates read more »

    Steve Trimmer
  • 9.
    Fate vs Destiny

    To find your true happiness tempt fate to discover your destiny.
    You must hearken back to when real happiness was known
    Remember its impact on your life
    Opportunity knocks, open the door, you will see it coming. read more »

    William J. (Skip) Henderson Jr.
  • 10.


    An Unspoken Love, A Teenagers Longing,
    Her Spirit Transfixed Him, His Fear Controlled Him, read more »

    Lonely Welshman
  • 11.
    True Dancing Souls

    Our souls want to dance forever
    not now. for you must see
    Fate brought us together
    too soon, he did read more »

    Elicia Santoro
  • 12.
    Dancing with Sorrow

    Amidst a garden in a twist of fate
    I dance with Sorrow in an evening late
    We hold our hands and tend our steps in pace
    Then glide like silk with songs of Tears in grace read more »

    Roland Jr Jamito
  • 13.

    Between the arms of night
    In the eyes of the sky
    Ask how many tears poured on my cheek
    How much misery emerged from my heart? read more »

    Earam Dio
  • 14.
    Death By My Own Hands

    Doomed to a life of misadventure
    Every day one step closer to my fate
    At last I can see the ending
    The road though long read more »

    Brandy Elger
  • 15.
    My Destiny Is My Fate

    My destiny is my fate,
    My destiny can make us mate,
    Just follow my path,
    Before your death, read more »

    Faez Farhad
  • 16.
    Late For Fate.

    Is it to late to change destiny and fate?
    To change the route that my life does take?
    Or is it all a predefined trip with no exceptions or excursions,
    No room for extras fate's running it like a tight ship. read more »

    Roz French
  • 17.
    Certain to all

    It is useless to try
    for vanishes even a babies cry
    also a wise man's lie
    for we are all certain to die. read more »

    Akshay Srinivasan
  • 18.
    Ways to Leave, Reasons to Leave

    Pills, blade gun
    ways to leave
    Hurt, fate, not worthy
    Reasones to leave read more »

    Rosetta Dove
  • 19.
    Alone I Wait

    Looking at the stars in the twilight sky
    Thinking of you as the days pass by
    Leaving our love in the hands of fate
    Sitting here, alone I wait read more »

    Jason Gaydos
  • 20.
    This is the day

    This is the day I have been waiting for
    Let's face the fate to decide our fate.

    This is the day that will alter our fate read more »

    Samael Yugalin Emrys
  • 21.
    Fate's Irony

    I’m deep in love, with the girl of my dreams
    Who’s deep in love with the guy of her dreams
    As fate would have its’ sense of irony, it seems that guy is not me
    Fate it seems loves to play tricks read more »

    Nathaniel Sickels
  • 22.
    At the Mercy Of Fate

    Blindfolded with darkness and uncertainty I cling onto fate's rope
    With every aching step I push forward...or is it backwards
    Can I risk letting go of his rope so that I can remove the blindfold?
    Does hope await my arrival in the valley of joy at the end of his rope? read more »

    David Musoke
  • 23.
    Russian Roulette

    It's a celebration!
    The festival of guns, the carnival of cruelty
    The revolver rested on the round table read more »

    Kristian Rousseau
  • 24.
    I Wait

    Looking at the stars in the twilight sky
    Thinking of you as the days pass by
    Leaving My love in the hands of fate
    Sitting at here, alone I wait…………. read more »

    Srikumar Pany
  • 25.
    So They Think!

    That it was,
    Was a lie.
    Spoken of ill
    That fate sought read more »

    Ongom Aloti Adero jr.
  • 26.

    Fate in a word struck in stone. A word in a world that denies all in spite, that we see this fate with our very own eyes. How many more nights will we choose to fight, when the end is nigh and we are moved by fright the unmovable stone called Fate read more »

    Caleb Wiggins
  • 27.

    that is what I am and must be
    to have let you go one without me
    cannot believe how stupid I was
    you always said I was smart read more »

    Trevor McLeod
  • 28.

    Eyes as a Whole,
    Remember it all.
    All of those who remember, are the Whole.
    through their Eyes, Blinded by Fate. read more »

    James Dionne
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