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Top 100 Poems About: FATHER

In this page, poems on / about “father” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Erl-King

    WHO rides there so late through the night dark and drear?
    The father it is, with his infant so dear;
    He holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arm, read more »

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • 2.
    A Father's Love

    Is a Warm Embrace,
    Or a Quick Hug
    A Glowing Smile, and Your Wit and Wisdom... read more »

    Carmen Strawn
  • 3.
    Father And Daughter

    Father and daughter spend some quiet time together in the living room
    Shining through the curtain is the sun
    And outside is the glorious afternoon read more »

    Justin Gildow
  • 4.
    # # Bastard Son's Story

    I stand before you Father,
    but you refuse to see
    Oh dear Father, have I fallen from the tree
    of your good grace, our last embrace read more »

    Sonya Florentino
  • 5.
    Father, son, spirit

    The father conceives his son
    the son grows with his father
    the spirit allows the heritage
    Father, son, spirit. The father says sweet things to his son read more »

    Teresa Gonzalez-Lee
  • 6.

    a father is Fast to approach
    a father is Awsome
    a father is also a Teacher
    a father always Helps read more »

    adean ladia
  • 7.
    Father....Who Are You?

    I feel sorry to myself that …..
    I have no memory of playing with you as my father
    I did not have a chance to feel your hug... your love as my father; read more »

    Mary Ann Najjar
  • 8.
    My father, My father

    My father, my father,
    I love he,
    my father, my father,
    made me see, read more »

    Dakota Ellerton
  • 9.
    The Perfect Father

    The Perfect Father
    who accepts you
    the perfect father
    who protects you read more »

    Debbie Bennett
  • 10.
    A Father's Love

    I am searching for the love I never had
    A love which I deserve
    And have been denied for too long
    A father's love read more »

    Lisa Teres Fraser
  • 11.


    yeslin salazar
  • 12.
    A freedom fighter

    A respected man he is
    A loved man he is
    For his doings, for what he did
    Yes he is a freedom fighter read more »

    Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi
  • 13.
    Fathers Anger You

    Fathers anger you
    But you love them
    Fathers hurt you on the inside
    But you love them read more »

    Kirsty Lucas
  • 14.
    A Father Should Love

    A father is someone you run to
    A loving person that will hold you like glue
    A father is someone that will care
    And he is always has wisdom to share read more »

    Heather Mueller
  • 15.
    Father Boy

    Oh Father Boy, Oh Father Boy
    You didn’t see the signs
    You didn’t hear a thing did you
    Oh Father Boy, my dear read more »

    Laurence Overmire
  • 16.
    a fathers love

    a dougter so young
    just aventuring and wondering
    but a fathers love
    so protective and controling read more »

    dani fries
  • 17.
    How Can I Meet God?

    The child asked the father, ‘How can I meet God? ’
    Father smiled and said, ‘I will tell you’,
    In the seven colours of rainbow,
    In the bunch of roses, read more »

    Archana Kapoor Nagpal
  • 18.
    Father And Son

    Let me tell you all, a story
    of father and son
    who lived happily
    before the conflicts begun read more »

    Arti Honrao
  • 19.
    Father In Heaven

    Father in heaven,
    Here I am
    Ready to listen to your voice
    To heed to your instructions read more »

    Ray Nyumu
  • 20.

    your father
    his father
    her father
    its father read more »

    Nicolas GRENIER
  • 21.
    daddi dearess

    y dont u call me
    y when we speak u dont talk to me
    y dont u let me be me
    y do u seem ashamed of me read more »

    jasmine margetson
  • 22.
    O Faher O Father

    O father o father your never a bother even though you’re my only father
    o father o father
    your always there
    o father o father read more »

    Jessica Lee Workman
  • 23.

    A father who could be mean,
    A daughter who couldn't have foreseen,
    A father only love did he have for her,
    A daughter who didn't was all a blur, read more »

    Quincy Palamar
  • 24.
    father's day

    father's day

    the love that grows
    the love that shows read more »

    tsholofelo phakathi
  • 25.
    Fathers' Day

    I could see a unique gleam on my father’s face;
    It was shining like a star, shining like hay.
    But what for was he happy?
    He was happy coz it was fathers’ day. read more »

    Swapan Deep Singh
  • 26.
    Hello Father

    The year is 1979.
    Hello father
    I am your son
    You and mom have a wonderful chance read more »

    C.R. Blazo
  • 27.

    the snow falls on my fathers' bed
    on the foot
    on the head
    the snow falls on my fathers' bed read more »

    robert dickerson
  • 28.
    Father's Day

    Who is my father?
    He’s a star in my life.
    He keeps my in line,
    And keeps me out of strife. read more »

    James Tyler
  • 29.
    Confessions Of A Broken Heart - Lindsay Lohan

    I wait for the postman to bring me a letter
    I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better
    And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders
    A family in crisis that only grows older read more »

    orous glam
  • 30.
    An Unborn Daughter's Plead

    Father, oh, dear father
    I'm your daughter
    Do I need to say father?
    You brought up my two brothers read more »

    Sameer Ahsan
  • 31.
    To my Father

    read more »

    Heather CCC
  • 32.
    The War Game

    Marching into town they came,
    Bringing fear, dread
    Snatching fathers, brothers, sons,
    Never to be seen again read more »

    Jaya Jaspal
  • 33.
    My Father

    He was a jolly little man full of fun and laughter,
    He played jokes on his fellow men
    And to him it did not matter.
    Education he had not, read more »

    Anita Guindon
  • 34.
    happy father's day

    i am looking with dismay,
    in the coming father's day,
    my father is far away,
    many words, rather keep than say. read more »

    shee siaw
  • 35.
    I Am Africa

    I am a son to my Father, I am born to my Africa, I am the Future!
    I am my own Father, I am on my own an African in my Africa, I am my own Future!
    I am to my son a Father, I am a People to my Africa, I am present in my Future!
    I am now a man just like my Father, I am Africa, I am making history in my Future! read more »

    Makabongwe Nkambule
  • 36.
    For The Daughters - From The Fathers

    For The Daughters -
    From The Fathers
    How proud does he feel, read more »

    Stephen Styris
  • 37.
    My Father Buried My Sister........Today

    My father buried my sister today
    My soul burns red with pain
    No longer will I touch her face
    Or caress her skin again read more »

    Pritisha Sardesai
  • 38.
    My father is a man

    My father is a man
    He laughs with my mom
    And I laugh too even though the joke wasn't meant for me read more »

    Phineas Molale
  • 39.

    a father is what you are

    my number 1 star read more »

    moriah puriefoy
  • 40.
    define a father

    read more »

    cynthia Routen
  • 41.
    My Father, My Hero

    Dear world
    On this planet lies my father
    The one who loves me
    The one who cares for me read more »

    Amanda Huddleston
  • 42.
    The Father of My Country

    All fathers in Western civilization must have
    a military origin. The
    governor, read more »

    Diane Wakoski
  • 43.

    Father father
    I cry out to my father’s name
    When will my time come?
    My patience’s has run out, my present ruin read more »

    Rhimouna de blessed
  • 44.

    Where's my father you say
    He disappeared in just a day
    Only comes around when get in trouble
    I wish I could see him on the double read more »

    The Earnest Williams
  • 45.
    young mother, young father

    a young mother and a young father
    one trying to move closer as the other moves farther
    teen romance no one wanted to bother
    now we are faced with a young miracle read more »

    Tiana Aldafaar
  • 46.
    Blackberry Picking

    A walk in the woods
    Is a magical event to do
    In late August and early Fall
    Especially with my father read more »

    Emily 1 Krauss
  • 47.
    Father father

    Father, father.
    Your screams ring in my ears
                   Your screaming read more »

    sabrina seriva
  • 48.
    No Father?

    At times I feel so hurt because i got wounded so deeply.
    I know You are there for me, Father my peace and comfort.
    I turn towards you murmuring the word 'Father' and slowly.
    I look towards you and pour out my pain and the much hurt read more »

    trulyyours cross
  • 49.
    Thank You Lord

    Father i thank you
    For waking me up again
    I thought of worst
    But you made me the best read more »

    Owusu Ojay
  • 50.

    I lost my heart, HE lost his mind
    I am nonpareil, oft known as a fair maiden
    Perchance HE has gaze on another wench
    Perchance I have no gaze at all read more »

    Sand Mascarenhas
  • 51.
    Secret Treasure

    a father's love......
    protects and enfolds
    teaches and molds
    never grows old read more »

    Deborah Downes
  • 52.
    Men of Honor, Women of Virtue

    Men of Honor, Women of Virtue

    March 2,2012 - 5: 47AM read more »

    Julius Odunusi
  • 53.
    The shadow players

    A man and a son lived far away,
    from the well awareness of the town.
    they spent their days in the bay,
    and never came down. read more »

    Muhammad Khalid
  • 54.
    In My Father's Hands

    This poem was a tribute to my father who died last March 28,2009…

    In my father’s hands, I breathe and smile…
    In my father’s voice, I obey and learn… read more »

    alfe ...
  • 55.
    I'm Still My Father's Child

    When I lost my father I put myself under the fatherless, but
    Now I know he had to go for me to realise that
    I’ve always been blessed with two fathers read more »

    Sihle KaPhila Zulu
  • 56.
    Oh my Father

    Oh to my father who never left my side,
    my father who kept near me when
    my doubts were wide;
    shut away from light and stuck in dark read more »

    Katellyne Rosalez
  • 57.
    Fathers hands

    Born in her mothers whomb,
    held so gently in fathers arms,
    such grace and ease as a young third born child looks
    up at the father with wide eyes and amazement, read more »

    Melissa Hatch
  • 58.
    The Outcast

    I heard their call in the far land
    But I will not respond
    Their deeds I will not look at before rising
    Their accusations and murmurs however whack me in the face read more »

    Nii Ayi Solomon
  • 59.
    My Lord

    Oh Father, who am I to complain?
    I worry so much of the time here in my comfort zone.
    All seems to be going wrong. I wish not to bother thee.
    My friend Ann is moving on, as she should. read more »

    Marguerite Treon
  • 60.
    Why'd You Have To Leave

    I am not the way I used to be
    I am stronger and wiser as you can see;
    Remember my words, my father said
    As he cradled me up and laid me to bed; read more »

    krystal allison
  • 61.

    A Father Through and True

    A father is someone quiet yet strong
    few words spoken gives more meaning to life's read more »

    kathleen woods
  • 62.
    Elegy to my Lost Father

    When I look the sky at night
    Many constellations at my sight
    I still remember my father
    Who is now very farther read more »

    jee boy pasayon
  • 63.
    Sins Of Our Fathers

    It's a seed planted
    By the history of our forefathers
    That is in you and I my brothers
    Yes! You too my sisters read more »

    BiggRich Shuping
  • 64.
    A Fathers Day Dream

    read more »

    Aaron Smith
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