Top 100 Poems About: FATHER

In this page, poems on / about “father” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Erl-King

    WHO rides there so late through the night dark and drear?
    The father it is, with his infant so dear;
    He holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arm, read more »

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • 2.
    Thank You, Father

    Fathers hold you when you have bad dreams
    And they comfort you when all is lost it seems.
    Fathers teach you to dribble a basketball and shoot a free throw
    And they lead you as you grow. read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 3.
    A Father's Love

    Is a Warm Embrace,
    Or a Quick Hug
    A Glowing Smile, and Your Wit and Wisdom... read more »

    Carmen Strawn
  • 4.
    Father And Daughter

    Father and daughter spend some quiet time together in the living room
    Shining through the curtain is the sun
    And outside is the glorious afternoon read more »

    Justin Gildow
  • 5.
    Father....Who Are You?

    I feel sorry to myself that …..
    I have no memory of playing with you as my father
    I did not have a chance to feel your hug... your love as my father; read more »

    Mary Ann Najjar
  • 6.
    A freedom fighter

    A respected man he is
    A loved man he is
    For his doings, for what he did
    Yes he is a freedom fighter read more »

    Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi
  • 7.
    Father, son, spirit

    The father conceives his son
    the son grows with his father
    the spirit allows the heritage
    Father, son, spirit. The father says sweet things to his son read more »

    Teresa Gonzalez-Lee
  • 8.
    The Perfect Father

    The Perfect Father
    who accepts you
    the perfect father
    who protects you read more »

    Debbie Bennett
  • 9.
    A Father's Love

    I am searching for the love I never had
    A love which I deserve
    And have been denied for too long
    A father's love read more »

    Lisa Teres Fraser
  • 10.
    Fathers Anger You

    Fathers anger you
    But you love them
    Fathers hurt you on the inside
    But you love them read more »

    Kirsty Lucas
  • 11.
    A Father Should Love

    A father is someone you run to
    A loving person that will hold you like glue
    A father is someone that will care
    And he is always has wisdom to share read more »

    Heather Mueller
  • 12.
    My father, My father

    My father, my father,
    I love he,
    my father, my father,
    made me see, read more »

    Dakota Ellerton
  • 13.


    yeslin salazar
  • 14.

    a father is Fast to approach
    a father is Awsome
    a father is also a Teacher
    a father always Helps read more »

    adean ladia
  • 15.
    a fathers love

    a dougter so young
    just aventuring and wondering
    but a fathers love
    so protective and controling read more »

    dani fries
  • 16.
    Father In Heaven

    Father in heaven,
    Here I am
    Ready to listen to your voice
    To heed to your instructions read more »

    Ray Nyumu
  • 17.
    Father And Son

    Let me tell you all, a story
    of father and son
    who lived happily
    before the conflicts begun read more »

    Arti Honrao
  • 18.
    daddi dearess

    y dont u call me
    y when we speak u dont talk to me
    y dont u let me be me
    y do u seem ashamed of me read more »

    jasmine margetson
  • 19.
    Hello Father

    The year is 1979.
    Hello father
    I am your son
    You and mom have a wonderful chance read more »

    C.R. Blazo
  • 20.
    My Father Buried My Sister........Today

    My father buried my sister today
    My soul burns red with pain
    No longer will I touch her face
    Or caress her skin again read more »

    Pritisha Sardesai
  • 21.

    the snow falls on my fathers' bed
    on the foot
    on the head
    the snow falls on my fathers' bed read more »

    robert dickerson
  • 22.
    Father's Day

    Who is my father?
    He’s a star in my life.
    He keeps my in line,
    And keeps me out of strife. read more »

    James Tyler
  • 23.
    happy father's day

    i am looking with dismay,
    in the coming father's day,
    my father is far away,
    many words, rather keep than say. read more »

    shee siaw
  • 24.
    The War Game

    Marching into town they came,
    Bringing fear, dread
    Snatching fathers, brothers, sons,
    Never to be seen again read more »

    Jaya Jaspal
  • 25.
    Oh! Dear Father

    I once thought a Father needs to support their child.
    A father suppose to be the star of a child life. read more »

    Guenael Oristel
  • 26.
    My Father

    He was a jolly little man full of fun and laughter,
    He played jokes on his fellow men
    And to him it did not matter.
    Education he had not, read more »

    Anita Guindon
  • 27.
    father's day

    father's day

    the love that grows
    the love that shows read more »

    tsholofelo phakathi
  • 28.
    define a father

    read more »

    cynthia Routen
  • 29.
    For The Daughters - From The Fathers

    For The Daughters -
    From The Fathers
    How proud does he feel, read more »

    Stephen Styris
  • 30.
    Fathers' Day

    I could see a unique gleam on my father’s face;
    It was shining like a star, shining like hay.
    But what for was he happy?
    He was happy coz it was fathers’ day. read more »

    Swapan Deep Singh
  • 31.

    A father who could be mean,
    A daughter who couldn't have foreseen,
    A father only love did he have for her,
    A daughter who didn't was all a blur, read more »

    Quincy Palamar
  • 32.
    My Father, My Hero

    Dear world
    On this planet lies my father
    The one who loves me
    The one who cares for me read more »

    Amanda Huddleston
  • 33.

    your father
    his father
    her father
    its father read more »

    Nicolas GRENIER
  • 34.

    Where's my father you say
    He disappeared in just a day
    Only comes around when get in trouble
    I wish I could see him on the double read more »

    The Earnest Williams
  • 35.

    a father is what you are

    my number 1 star read more »

    moriah puriefoy
  • 36.
    I Am Africa

    I am a son to my Father, I am born to my Africa, I am the Future!
    I am my own Father, I am on my own an African in my Africa, I am my own Future!
    I am to my son a Father, I am a People to my Africa, I am present in my Future!
    I am now a man just like my Father, I am Africa, I am making history in my Future! read more »

    Makabongwe Nkambule
  • 37.
    I'm Still My Father's Child

    When I lost my father I put myself under the fatherless, but
    Now I know he had to go for me to realise that
    I’ve always been blessed with two fathers read more »

    Sihle KaPhila Zulu
  • 38.
    young mother, young father

    a young mother and a young father
    one trying to move closer as the other moves farther
    teen romance no one wanted to bother
    now we are faced with a young miracle read more »

    Tiana Aldafaar
  • 39.

    Father father
    I cry out to my father’s name
    When will my time come?
    My patience’s has run out, my present ruin read more »

    Rhimouna de blessed
  • 40.
    No Father?

    At times I feel so hurt because i got wounded so deeply.
    I know You are there for me, Father my peace and comfort.
    I turn towards you murmuring the word 'Father' and slowly.
    I look towards you and pour out my pain and the much hurt read more »

    trulyyours cross
  • 41.
    Oh my Father

    Oh to my father who never left my side,
    my father who kept near me when
    my doubts were wide;
    shut away from light and stuck in dark read more »

    Katellyne Rosalez
  • 42.

    O my father, why do they bear thee hence?
    O father, from this thy hearth and thy haven?

    Thou, so tall, so proud, so brave, so strong! read more »

    Hibah Shabkhez
  • 43.
    Blackberry Picking

    A walk in the woods
    Is a magical event to do
    In late August and early Fall
    Especially with my father read more »

    Emily 1 Krauss
  • 44.
    In My Father's Hands

    This poem was a tribute to my father who died last March 28,2009…

    In my father’s hands, I breathe and smile…
    In my father’s voice, I obey and learn… read more »

    alfe ...
  • 45.
    Men of Honor, Women of Virtue

    Men of Honor, Women of Virtue

    March 2,2012 - 5: 47AM read more »

    Julius Odunusi
  • 46.
    My Parents

    Oh my mother Oh my father
    Oh my mother Oh my father
    Where are you where are you wher are you?
    Ilove you i love you read more »

    abderaouf laoud
  • 47.
    She is the evidence of a drunk fathers rage

    She is the evidence of a drunk fathers rage, with her abusive father she waits for sign of relief, bruises lie on her body, her tears drip and dropp on the floor, the time ticks and tocks for never ending pain,

    is this an illusion or destruction, how could he destroy her future with so much dedication, she is just a girl with primary education. read more »

    luvuyo gqamane
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