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Top 100 Poems About: FEAR

In this page, poems on / about “fear” are listed.
  • 1.
    Angel of Death

    In darkness of the night
    I spied him in a tree
    Sat I froze by the sight
    He was looking at me read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
  • 2.
    Fear of Love

    Fear of Love

    Have you ever loved someone so much that fear takes control of every emotions.
    Fear of loving. read more »

    Misty Iacobucci
  • 3.

    Fear is when you run away,
    Fear is when you’re scared to love someone,
    Fear is when the sky turns grey,
    Fear is when you lose your loved ones, read more »

    gerardo pena
  • 4.
    Fears of a teenage mafioso

    Fear of love,
    Fear of pain,
    Fear of the unforgiving cane,
    Fear of lies, read more »

    David daveres
  • 5.

    I fear the vast dimensions of eternity.
    I fear the gap between the platform and the train.
    I fear the onset of a murderous campaign.
    1 fear the palpitations caused by too much tea. read more »

    Ciaran Carson
  • 6.

    Don’t be afraid of fear
    Because fear is afraid of itself
    You give into fear when you doubt yourself
    Fear makes you a complete opposite of yourself read more »

    rico graham
  • 7.
    There is no Fear

    The people of this world, if against they stand,
    There is no fear, there is no fear, nothing like fear.

    Although, we are counted cheap and rebuked,
    There is no fear , there is no fear , nothing like fear. read more »

    Subramanya Bharathi
  • 8.
    the fear of fear

    Fear is not what I am afraid of.
    True, it is a frightful thing to fear;
    But the fear of fearing fear is overwhelming
    Especially when its form becomes sheer read more »

    Samah Khan
  • 9.

    I fear the struggle
    I fear the strife
    A fear of death
    A fear of life read more »

    Matthew Densley
  • 10.
    Losing Life to Fear

    In fear of being heard,

    In fear of being understood, read more »

    Suraj Samtani
  • 11.
    Fear Ye Not

    Fear ye not my wee one, fear ye not.
    The dream you had was not for thee,
    coming from a distant shore
    a tempest wild blew it astray. read more »

    Angelo Ventresco
  • 12.

    fear fear fear your not my friend
    fear fear fear you are the end
    fear fear fear will you ever cease?
    fear will consume read more »

    montana hohensee
  • 13.

    My life is filled with fears

    Filled with tears read more »

    Soul Writer
  • 14.

    Fear of the unknown
    is what makes me behind
    Fear of tomorrow
    is what makes me blind read more »

    Just Amr
  • 15.

    Fear is everlasting,
    Fear is always there,
    Fear is not a rapist,
    Fear is not a murderer, read more »

    Ryan Wiens
  • 16.

    Fear is the burning hell, red as the blazing flames
    Fear is the hot taste of anger and revenge that you can't resist
    Fear is the smell of a malicious grin of a walking devil
    Fear sounds nothing more than the coldness of the dark read more »

    Lewis Carroll Ken Luke
  • 17.
    I Lost My Life To Fear

    Fear in the midst of the night
    Fear in broad daylight
    Fear of what could happen
    Fear of what did happen read more »

    Heather Albright
  • 18.
    Fear of my own fear

    Is it possible to have one fear?
    Can you be afraid of fear?
    Am I hidding in the shadow of fear?
    I can standup for myself but can't stand up to me read more »

    Ilana Sabio
  • 19.

    Fear is when you run away,
    Fear is when you are scared to love,
    Fear is when the sky turns black,
    Fear is when you use your loved ones, read more »

    ella jenkins
  • 20.
    Fear is...

    Fear is stormy weather
    Fear is light as a feather
    Fear is rain
    Fear is pain read more »

    Nolan Holland
  • 21.
    Fear and Love

    What is fear? What is the meaning of love?
    Fear is Love
    Love is Fear read more »

    Rebecca Cadena
  • 22.
    Death Is Fear

    Death is fear
    Fear to me
    Once I heard is Fear nothing but Fear itself
    & the thought of endless darkness is Fear read more »

    Jerry Coker
  • 23.

    Fear is something in the corner of the room,
    Fear is when something was once good and now has turned,
    Fear is life, Fear is death,
    Fear is letting go of you're small childs hands, read more »

    Nicole Baker
  • 24.
    Secret of Death

    ”What is the secret of Death? ” wonders the Sense
    “Life and Death goes hand in hand” answers Life
    “People don’t fear Death, they fear the thought of Death” exclaims Death
    “Those who fear Death has lost Life” answers Time read more »

    Saga Raijasdotter
  • 25.
    Fear Not Fear

    Fear not the storms in their darkest hour
    Fear opens doors so evil can devour
    Fear not the dark ways which lurk around
    Fear takes your joy and chains you bound read more »

    Mark Farmer
  • 26.

    Fear paralyses my body
    Fear strangles my dreams
    Fear freezes my soul
    Fear hurts my heart read more »

    Fernella Smythe
  • 27.

    Sometimes you wonder.
    Wonder why all is lost.
    Wonder why life is unfair.
    Wonder if they love you or not. read more »

    alyssa matthews
  • 28.
    My Greatest Fear

    My greatest fear is not absence of triumph
    neither success nor victory are as essential

    My greatest fear lies in losing you read more »

    khalifa mustapha
  • 29.
    Mask Of Fear

    They say that fear is dreadful.
    They say that fear destroys us.
    They say that fear induces only pain.
    They say that fear is horrifying. read more »

    Vivek Kartha
  • 30.
    The Fear Of Losing You

    I have this fear it scares me just to say its the fear of losing my love its the fear of losing you its the fear of being alone with no one to hold the fear of seeing you with someone else the fear that you might be happy without me the fear of us not being together the read more »

    Sierra Smith
  • 31.
    the fear that love can drag out of a person

    i fear our love

    i fear that this relationship will come to an end,
    i fear that you will get bored of my pitty, read more »

    Serenity Tate
  • 32.

    Why do you fear me
    I am taken from my home
    Across the sea to a land I know not
    Many of us die along the way read more »

    Oscar Small
  • 33.
    Time To Fear

    Picture me on the edge of sadness
    I was too blind to see the truth
    My hearts beating fast I'm not alone
    but you're not there read more »

    Rad Kick
  • 34.
    Thoughts of love and fear

    The thoughts behind thoughts
    Binary rays of love and fear
    Projected into the prism of experience
    Rainbows of emotion swaying in waves of colour read more »

    Shahid Solomon
  • 35.

    I watch every night as my door closes,
    Lumps of fear take a solid form,
    In my throat does a storm of fear take place,
    Burning my eyes, crying tears so warm read more »

    Elizabeth Morse
  • 36.

    Forever we are bound by fear
    to live each day by its creed
    to never forget we are here
    and if i'm cut i will bleed read more »

    Mark Sanchez
  • 37.
    Whats To Fear

    A fear to seize, a fear to conquer
    Not to be said, not to be shown emotion
    Shouldn't be labeled for it's instinct
    Darkness hits the ground, it begins to chase it's prey read more »

    Unlimited Poet
  • 38.
    I Adore You

    I rove about times of love
    I float in the sea of passion
    I fear neither loss nor drowning
    Cause you're my inspirer and savior read more »

    George Jerjos
  • 39.

    Its weird only when its a cry;
    Its mild and a norm to be without a fright;
    cataclysmic experiences bury forever plight;
    Unexpected predicaments to contend with all the remain might; read more »

    Kolade Seun
  • 40.
    FEAR the devil

    Fear Fears from none
    Why one fears from fear
    Brave is one who fears from none
    Like Brave face the fear read more »

    Vinayak Suthar
  • 41.

    Do you know the definition of fear?
    The fear of not knowing
    Hoping to always persevere. read more »

    Sara Spencer
  • 42.
    D Darkness …

    Darkness crawls towards you, emitting horror
    You are scared, fearful
    What would happen if fear went? Just gone?
    Flying out of our souls. Gone. read more »

    marriam anderson
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