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Top 100 Poems About: FIRE

In this page, poems on / about “fire” are listed.
  • 1.
    (There's a fire burning in my eyes)

    Even the impossible can be done
    because i believe it can
    the toughest challenge can be won
    because i am a fighting man read more »

    Allen Steble
  • 2.
    Fire on Your Finger

    Fire on your finger,
    Fire in your eye,
    Fire in your spirit,
    Fire that won’t die. read more »

    Tony Jolley
  • 3.

    Fire can burn
    Fire can heal
    Fire can destroy
    Fire can create read more »

    livin the night life
  • 4.
    "The Quite Fire"

    Quite is the fire, quite is the dreams,
    quite is the passions, the laughter and the tears,
    Quite is the fire that sooths the moment.
    Quite is the fire it's like a snow bird in flight, read more »

    Margot Lindsey
  • 5.
    Dancing with the flames

    Dancing with the flames
    a fiery gypsy’s dance – read more »

    KrystynaMaria Postawa
  • 6.
    Dirty old fire

    Fire in my hair
    Fire in my eyes
    Fire between my thighs
    Thank you for the fire read more »

    Lindsay Crosby
  • 7.
    The Fire

    every day they feed the fire
    the fire inside of me
    that will burn my soul
    and i will die read more »

    Bekie Carroll
  • 8.
    Amber Glow

    Amber Glow

    Red and yellow painted leaves
    hang idly within the trees read more »

    Wesley Mincin
  • 9.
    The Boy with Fire in His Eyes

    The boy with fire in his eyes
    Stands there waiting.
    It is his soul inside;
    It keeps him standing. read more »

    Daniel Nairn
  • 10.
    Fire And Ice

    Fire and ice, fire and ice,
    Fire and ice, they will suffice.
    With the huge flames glowing, glowing
    And the glaciers overflowing. read more »

    George Hunter
  • 11.
    Angel Fire

    When you hear a sound
    And see a star
    Then take your love to me
    Cause I love you read more »

    Hanko Poolman
  • 12.

    Fire is mean
    Fire is scary
    Fire is hot
    Fire is bright read more »

    Stone Coston
  • 13.
    Playing With Fire

    I am a weird boy in wacky clothes,
    I know fire bending since my birth.
    When I was a mere child,
    I started playing with fire, read more »

    Jayeeta Shamsul
  • 14.


    Wood fire wrapped read more »

    Samia gamel
  • 15.
    Fire Your Desire

    Since the day that the lord set me on fire
    i have had a desire to acquire the knowledge of my messiah,

    Whatever u desire, Dont retire read more »

    Obasuyi Uyiosa Dickson
  • 16.
    The Fire

    Theres a fire in us all
    That nothing can put it out
    It's heat can heal us
    Or make us die read more »

    Sally Minns
  • 17.
    The Quiet Fire

    Quite is the fire,
    Quite are the dreams,
    Quite are the passions, the laughter and the streams.
    Quite is the fire that sooths the moment. read more »

  • 18.
    Fire and Ice

    Fire and Ice don't seem meant to please
    One can burn and the other freeze

    Whenever they touch they cannot stop fighting read more »

    Bob McBobson
  • 19.
    Flames Of Life

    The fire of the soul,
    Constantly burning
    Dreams and desires,
    Keep the flames bright read more »

    Bloodshed 207
  • 20.
    fire drop

    A fire drop....a fire drop
    From the smoky sky dropped
    The city is all taken up by fire
    So much blood and many dead... read more »

    xainub nasir
  • 21.
    Chicago Fire

    On October 8th at 9 pm a fire flared from O’Leary’s farm,
    In the city of Chicago, fires from hell raged at 9: 40 am when someone pulled the alarm,
    Firefighters were sent out to the left when the fires flared to the right,
    One flame caught onto another where screams were heard from fright, read more »

    Kurt Kacich
  • 22.
    The Fire

    The fire it burns,
    So bright and hot.
    I want to hold it,
    I'd better not. read more »

    Megan Kinkel
  • 23.
    David Guetta - Titanium

    [Sia: ]
    You shout it out,
    But I can't hear a word you say
    I'm talking loud not saying much read more »

    opium lestre
  • 24.
    Divine Mother Pele

    In endless night eternal shadow volcanic fire
    Upon the moon
    And day burns red in an eclipse of the Earth
    Through the death of the moon read more »

    Dr. Antoinette Voget
  • 25.
    Many Dark Rains

    I look outside
    Thinking the rainbows ironic
    Light in Dark
    Dark in Light read more »

    Flame Song
  • 26.

    Fire is bright,
    Fire can light,
    Rule the world in eternal flame. read more »

    Brandon Cole
  • 27.
    Dark Fire

    Fire, dark and burning bright
    Bright as day, yet, gives no light
    In the shadows of the night
    Take away immortal sight read more »

    Amanda Swain
  • 28.
    Fire and Water

    Fire and water.
    Fire and water, closer than we think.
    We always think of fire
    The destroyer, the demolisher. read more »

    matt daffern
  • 29.

    A burning fire
    Creates a flaming desire
    Like life itself
    We create our self read more »

    Melissa Caron
  • 30.
    Stoke the Fire

    My life is a mirror
    And it reflects my imperfection
    And I have tried to tear apart my sense of being
    By throwing stones in its direction read more »

    Peter Wilder
  • 31.

    You shout it loud, but I can't hear a word you say
    I'm talking loud, not saying much
    I'm criticized, but all your bullets ricochet
    you shoot me down, but I get up read more »

    mae flores
  • 32.

    Fire burning everywhere,
    Burning like a Devil inside,
    Creating among our home,
    Destorying every little thing you owm, read more »

    Trinity Augustin
  • 33.
    Fire and Light

    Fire and light, fire and light
    we were fire and light
    before the world began
    we shown like stars read more »

    J. E. Carpenter
  • 34.
    my elements

    earth, water, fire and air
    i dont look good and
    i dont care
    i ride the wind and hold the fire read more »

    sandra geisell
  • 35.
    A Fire's Dance

    Please, Spare me of this fire's dance,
    It takes you up and puts you in a trance,
    Love is lost in a war of lust,
    Loving me would mean distrust, read more »

    Rachel Perry
  • 36.

    Fire strikes from the sky
    And lights a tree in red blaze
    Fire jumps from tree to tree
    Seeking all to be its feast read more »

    Reece Bardon
  • 37.
    That Girl

    Just like a light,
    she came....
    like an Angel rising
    out of the darkness.... read more »

    Neeraj Hans
  • 38.
    Two Flavors

    Sweet ice
    Bitter fire
    Both of which I've tasted
    With Ice I shall reside read more »

    Anamaria Perez
  • 39.
    Fire In me

    fire in my fingertips
    fire in my toes
    fire in my blood
    racing, surging read more »

    Sydelle someone
  • 40.
    Inferno (An Analysis Of The Goddess Of Fire)

    A big fire
    Devoured our house yesterday
    And it sounded loud like a bomb
    Vulcan the god of fire read more »

    larry Philosopher
  • 41.

    Standing here
    In the middle of the fire
    Watchin the walls burn
    Feelin my heart turn read more »

    Michael Farquer
  • 42.
    The Fire

    (Burning away your fear)

    Imagine a fire, a regular fire
    It’s late, late enough read more »

    General TripleD
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