Top 100 Poems About: FISH

In this page, poems on / about “fish” are listed.

  • 13.
    What Fish Feel

    What fish feel,
    birds feel, I don't know--
    the year ending. read more »

    Matsuo Basho
  • 14.
    A Wreath To The Fish

    Who is this fish, still wearing its wealth,
    flat on my drainboard, dead asleep,
    its suit of mail proof only against the stream?
    What is it to live in a stream, read more »

    Nancy Willard
  • 15.
    The Fish House

    A smell of ammonia or aluminum
    and you're here.
    You've entered at the side door. read more »

    Lee Upton
  • 16.
    The Women Who Clean Fish

    The women who clean fish are all named Rose
    or Grace.They wake up close to the water,
    damp and dreamy beneath white sheets,
    thinking of white beaches. read more »

    Erica Funkhouser
  • 17.
    Our Biggest Fish

    When in the halcyon days of old, I was a little tyke,
    I used to fish in pickerel ponds for minnows and the like;
    And oh, the bitter sadness with which my soul was fraught
    When I rambled home at nightfall with the puny string I'd caught! read more »

    Eugene Field
  • 18.
    The Lung Fish

    The Honorable Ardleigh Wyse
    Was every fisherman's despair;
    He caught his fish on floating flies,
    In fact he caught them in the air, read more »

    Banjo Paterson
  • 19.
    Upon The Fish In The Water

    The water is the fish's element;
    Take her from thence, none can her death prevent;
    And some have said, who have transgressors been,
    As good not be, as to be kept from sin. read more »

    John Bunyan
  • 20.
    Fish Fever

    This week end I went fishing
    A fish in mind to catch
    I went wishing, wishing, wishing
    To catch a perfect catch read more »

    Cheré Mason
  • 21.
    Haiku - What The Fish Feel

    swift the river
    fishes jump here and there
    all the way down read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 22.
    Fish Stories

    Tout pret, the family mermaid says,
    Mirror and comb held high, a touch
    distracting from the finny undercarriage
    That doesn't seem ready for much. read more »

    Kate Murray
  • 23.
    The Fish And Our Destiny

    To day I can't start enjoy
    Doing anything
    Knitting our destiny read more »

    Prasetya Utama
  • 24.
    Fish Out Of Water

    Submerged below
    the surface
    I swim and splash
    like a water nymph read more »

    Adryan Rotica
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