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Top 100 Poems About: FISHING

In this page, poems on / about “fishing” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Fishy Tale

    I saw you twice the other day
    Stirring passion anew
    It's easy saying just move on
    Less easier to do read more »

    vanessa hughes
  • 2.
    Tiny Rhyme

    Fish oh! fish
    swish a miss
    wish on hiss
    shush to hush read more »

    Mubeen Sadhika
  • 3.
    Your Fishing Pole

    There is something about you, something in your soul
    something that seems to surround your fishing pole…. read more »

    Kathleen J. Shields
  • 4.
    Does a Fish go Pee?

    Does a fish go pee
    when it's swimming in the sea?
    Does it ever get the notion
    when it's swimming in the ocean? read more »

    Cathe Ferguson
  • 5.
    Fish of a Different Color

    Big fish and small fish
    Swimming here in this pond
    Fast fish and slow fish
    And now one is gone read more »

    Cory Fox
  • 6.
    Go Fishing

    There is no peace to equal that, of fishing by a Lake,
    Or a stream, or river broad, or pond within a wood,
    If worries you would cast away, take a fishing break,
    Nature, is the balm that Soothes, the restless soul for good. read more »

    Damian Cranney
  • 7.
    I Am A Fish!

    I dream of sea
    deep beautiful blue sea
    I am a fish, a colorful fish
    that's what I wish read more »

    Arta Krasniqi
  • 8.
    It's a Fish's Life

    Swim fish, swim! swim for your life!
    The fisherman's coming you're tea for his wife!
    Swim fish, swim! your fastest yet,
    You must swim quickly, to avoid his big net! read more »

    George Howard
  • 9.


    Fishing all the time
    For you have been read more »

    Karnail Singh Heirwale
  • 10.

    The golden fish
    That some want dish
    Is what will spend time to admire
    And their admiration begets desire read more »

    YoungBen Ulebor
  • 11.
    Fishing With The Angels

    As you lay your head down to rest,
    I prey the Angels are doing their best.
    I'm sure they will encourage your catch,
    But I know they couldnt meet your match. read more »

    Denise Frain
  • 12.
    Honey, I Took The Fishing Boat

    I took the boat out fishing,
    and didn’t tell you that I went
    Then before I knew it
    all my fishing time was spent read more »

    Rosie McFadden
  • 13.
    Tanks For The Memories

    tank you, tank you, tank you
    we told the fish, those wonderful fish
    those little tropical fish, that could reboot our dreary days
    we could imagine their little fish politics and why one was chased read more »

    Louis Marvin
  • 14.
    Aquatic Life

    Aquatic life is under the sea
    Where you see sharks drinking tea
    Where the happy family of fishes lives happy & gay
    Waiting for the arrival of the day read more »

    Aryaman Ajit Naik
  • 15.
    Fortune Fish

    Fortune fish from the sea,
    Come and bring good luck to me.
    I need some luck brought my way,
    Swim through the currents to me today. read more »

    Eileen Hardy
  • 16.
    Fish Tub

    Fish, at their own sweet whim
    Softly glide, move and swim,
    Colors feasting frenzied eye,
    Make also fine attire simply read more »

    Minnoor srinivasan
  • 17.
    Fish Play

    It’s a quiet day, mild wind along the shore,
    The fish swim near the surface, the birds come back for more.
    The sea has no smell here, no rampant seaweed,
    Is it the wrong kind of rocks beneath, or no nutrients they need. read more »

    Alan Bruce Thompson
  • 18.
    A Delicious Fish's Wishes

    Fish, fish, what do you wish?

    To each his own,
    BUT read more »

    Breanna Cazalet
  • 19.
    True Love Waits

    There are many fish in the sea
    But there's only one fish for me read more »

    Jacob Bland
  • 20.
    The Trout

    In a clear brooklet in happy haste
    The impulsive trout dashed past like an arrow.
    I stood on the bank and watch in sweet repose read more »

    Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart
  • 21.
    Running Brooks

    Running brooks
    in the garden nooks
    the birds are flying to the rooks
    the fisherman catches fish with the hooks read more »

    Shameem Khan
  • 22.
    Little Fish

    read more »

    Cassie Sweet
  • 23.
    A Old Man Who Likes To Catch Fish

    A old man in a barage
    likes to catch fish in a pond which is large
    by fishing in day and night
    he gets a lots of fish read more »

    shun mathi
  • 24.
    Dreams to Nightmares

    I stare at the wall and close my eyes
    I started to dream about parts of the world
    Beaches to oceans to schools of fish
    My dreams turn to nightmares after awhile read more »

    Kasondra Sytnik
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