Top 100 Poems About: FLOWER

In this page, poems on / about “flower” are listed.
  • 1.
    Where the passion flower grows

    Lay down on your pillow
    and turn the lights down low
    let me take you to the garden
    where the passion flower grows read more »

    Charles M. Moore
  • 2.
    - A little Flower -

    A flower grew out of the ground
    A tiny flower from the dirt
    A tiny living soul from underground
    A baby crawling from the dirt read more »

    Dmitriy Kokarev
  • 3.
    Seasons: haiku

    Spring: Haiku
    Life awakening
    Flower opens in the sun
    A world is reborn read more »

    Jim Milks
  • 4.
    The Garden

    In the Garden of Heaven where peacefulness grows
    of all types of flowers, I choose the rose
    Its brilliance unfurls from the beauty within
    God's grace makes it bloom, masterpiece of heaven read more »

    Carolyn Fantz
  • 5.
    the beautiful flower

    there was once a beautiful flower sitting in the meadow
    while I got out of my bed to my window
    the field was very beautiful and grassy
    the beautiful flower was feeling sassy read more »

    chella Death
  • 6.
    Flying Flowers

    Red flowers, red butterflies
    Pink flowers, pink butterflies
    Blue flowers, blue butterflies
    white flowers, white butterflies read more »

    Barati Lesetlhe
  • 7.


    Flowers can get in your heart and mind
    Flowers, both innocent and fine read more »

    Leloudia Migdali
  • 8.

    flowers are red
    flowers are pink
    flowers are blue
    flowers are green read more »

    sharon ann shiju
  • 9.
    Touching Petals

    An apparent promise of nurturing powers
    Another offering of healing showers
    Silently we shared these gifts of ours
    Like flowers read more »

    Tears In Rain
  • 10.
    I Picked A Flower

    I picked a flower from a bush
    And I loved it so
    Put it in a vase next to my bed
    But how was I to know read more »

    Shobhita Singh
  • 11.
    Poor plastic Flower

    My mother in law loves flower
    This is our trial
    My wife in denial
    As she plants a flower read more »

    Keith Wells
  • 12.

    A flower blossomed in my garden
    Shines its light all through the day
    Array of colours reflect the sunlight
    That radiates from its heart of gold read more »

    verna ralph
  • 13.
    A little flower

    Please pick me a little flower,
    a sweet scented flower with bright red petals,
    A flower nurtured with heart and plucked with care. read more »

    Macwolls Kay
  • 14.

    Thorns are pricking us
    O flowers, listen to us
    We are suffering from thorns
    O flowers do not forsake us read more »

  • 15.
    A flower to kiss

    Aflower to kiss,
    the flower yet to be flowering
    So cute but not yet cluttering
    in the bowl, the flower is the sent read more »

    Paul Mwenelupembe
  • 16.
    Ode To Flowers

    To the things that make us smile
    The tears of joy they make a mother shed
    An ode to the flowers who make us sniffle but mesmerize us at the same time.
    Ode to the flowers read more »

    cristina briseno
  • 17.
    Beautiful Rose

    Rose, so beautiful a flower
    Smells good in different colours
    With thorns around it grows abound. read more »

    vijay menon
  • 18.
    Melancholic Nostalgia

    Those days are now long past
    In oblivion those hours lie
    When in my garden thousands flower bloomed
    When I presented to her bunches of sweet flowers; read more »

    Prateep Sengupta
  • 19.
    Acquiring new love(s) ?

    I found a flower of love
    Beauty surrounds the plant
    w/ precious petals of sweet embrace nipping on my nostrils
    Lingering smells drive me on to follow this migrating blossomer read more »

    Miguel Maria
  • 20.
    like a flower

    Nothing in life
    Can match the beauty of a flower
    Its frailness
    Its softness read more »

    zarina binda
  • 21.
    blooming of flower

    sky is full of stars
    river is full of water
    desert is full of sand
    flower is blooming read more »

    fayisck cmsu
  • 22.
    Blooming Children

    Look at the flowers of future generation

    Who are being spoiled by immoral people; read more »

    Khubaib Mujtaba
  • 23.
    You Are Like A Flower

    You are like a flower
    Growing in beauty
    Nature has its own way
    Making you uniquely read more »

    Joshua Gilchrist
  • 24.
    A Beautiful Flower Blooming

    A withered flower blooming again
    breeze shook the flower
    the sun is shining on flower
    rain water to wash the dust-filled flower read more »

    meti Rahmawati
  • 25.
    If Love Is Flower

    love is endless
    like flowers that keep on blossoming day and night
    love is beautiful
    like flowers with different different colors read more »

    Aila El Edroos
  • 26.
    Beautiful Flowers

    Beautiful beautiful the flowers are beautiful.

    The flowers in my garden are so beautiful. read more »

    dhanya swathi
  • 27.
    Little flower

    It seems she is the beautiest flower.
    Hidden in the darkest tower.
    Hidden in the deepest dark.
    Wearing all her thorns so sharp. read more »

    Sven Meinecke
  • 28.

    As the flower stands alone in the field
    Surrounded by snow, the dark
    and the cold it feels read more »

    Truths Wings
  • 29.
    free me

    AS I looked at her swollen
    Eyes I suddenly felt deeply touched
    By their fragile broken beauty read more »

    Phumelelo Shalelo Simelane
  • 30.
    I know flower

    I know
    flowers are
    I know read more »

    adedayo michael
  • 31.

    Roses, the most beautiful flower on our earth,
    Roses, the only flower to show Your love,
    Roses, red or yellow or pink or orange,
    Roses, it doesn't matter what color they are, read more »

    Eric Mokrzycki
  • 32.

    Flowers! Flowers! Lovely flowers
    Giving beauty to our nature
    Flowers! Flowers! Blooming flowers
    Spreading pretty colours all over the world read more »

    kalyani gopakumar
  • 33.

    Staring at my phone,
    Waiting for flower, a flower well known,
    Though blooming alone, giving my life glitter. read more »

    Dr. Mahmud Firdaus
  • 34.
    The last petal

    The once bright young flower
    Now dull and blackened
    For never shown' sight of light
    Has dropped its last petal read more »

    Dead Inside
  • 35.
    Purple Orchid

    Flower is dandelion but
    flying up in the dark night
    Flower is petunia but
    falling down when the dark night read more »

    Fitrah Irhamni Rachman
  • 36.
    'These Flowers'

    'These Flowers'

    on this hill the winds blow
    and the feild of flowers dance with the winds song, read more »

    jordan scown
  • 37.
    A Lily, A Rose

    A rose, a rose
    A flower of red
    Attraction and lust
    So fills my head read more »

    Charlie Bain
  • 38.
    Flower of love

    A flower has a lot of petals,
    Love has a lot of steps,
    So when you give you wife,
    girl friend a flower your giving her love, read more »

    Gabriel Anhorn
  • 39.
    This Flower

    This flower is a gift...given to all...
    Some loose it...
    Some have it stolen...
    And some give it away... read more »

    Jennifer Carmical
  • 40.
    A Flower with years

    Like a seed
    I began in the open firmaments of the heavens
    battered by the very elements of nature
    to make me strong read more »

    Paul Andrew Bourne
  • 41.
    sweet flower

    I found a flower a beautiful one at that
    It stands out for the rest of the others
    This flower has brighter colors
    It has to be the sweetest flower ever read more »

    Shane Delaney
  • 42.

    Oh heavenly flowers
    oh mysterious hours
    bloom through the night
    curious flowers bloom read more »

    Timmy Doyle
  • 43.
    Value Of A Bouquet

    When I was born,
    I was garnished with a bouquet of flowers,
    Those were the sign of welcoming,
    When I grew a bit, read more »

    Divyani Pathak
  • 44.
    My Little Flower

    read more »

    Donald Robbins Sr
  • 45.
    Flower and Bird

    Amongst the lonely branches of a tree,
    Stood a lovely flower fragrant and free,
    She was the sight of every passer-by,
    'What a beautiful flower! ' people would cry. read more »

    Supriya Mothay
  • 46.
    Flowers In The Dark

    Can you see flowers in the dark
    While walking in the park
    Accompanied by the sky lark read more »

    Jamie Collins
  • 47.

    I think I will not be there
    To see a flower be less that fair

    A flower whose hungry mouth looks up
    To see the shining sun above read more »

    Cathy Zhang
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