Top 100 Poems About: FOG

In this page, poems on / about “fog” are listed.
  • 1.

    Home lies that way, somewhere, through the fog,
    Down a road I did not ask to be set upon
    And most of whose forks were chosen for me
    By others no less road-bound than I, read more »

    R. G. Bell
  • 2.

    Fog is mysterious, wet and dark.
    Fog blurs your view and makes you unsure of what's coming next.
    Fog creates wishes of people from beyond coming back. read more »

    Lucy Grainger
  • 3.

    Fog it grabs you and strangles you till you die.
    fog is alot like wait till the right moment and then kill, kill, kill.
    Fog you cant see throw it and is the best way to kill.
    you walk in the fog kill me and run. read more »

    Natali Surjan
  • 4.

    The fog shrouds everything with its hazy veil.
    It broods low over the worried waves-
    So low that sea and sky are the same.
    The trees tremble in the tiny breath of breeze, read more »

    Rose Wilder
  • 5.
    The Fog

    Oh fog! Oh fog!
    What do I see?
    Nothing! Nothing!
    I can't even see me! read more »

    Andrew D Robertson
  • 6.

    Here I stand, surrounded by fog

    A fog so dense the moons light cannot be seen read more »

    John Alexander Alegre
  • 7.
    Fog's Friend

    A fog roles in
    Made up of life's trials

    A ship... self-contained and alone read more »

    Frank Burton
  • 8.
    The Dense Fog

    I see not what others see
    The fog is used to blind me
    That fog of routine that is of life
    Unable to see what is near read more »

    Stephen Mueller
  • 9.

    Gelatinous masses (field found)
    predictable patterns of weather saturation
    ideologically sea born (sea borne)
    mists fogs cloudations read more »

    Michael A O'Donovan
  • 10.
    Everybody knows the sun and the mist

    Learn in school
    That sun is
    a burning ball of gas
    millions of degrees hot read more »

    Alvin Jenner
  • 11.
    New Town

    In the fog
    a black dog
    on the white,
    frosty grass read more »

    Donatien Moisdon
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