Top 100 Poems About: FOOTBALL

In this page, poems on / about “football” are listed.
  • 1.

    I take the snap from the center, fake to the right, fade back...
    I've got protection. I've got a receiver open downfield...
    What the hell is this? This isn't a football, it's a shoe, a man's
    brown leather oxford. A cousin to a football maybe, the same read more »

    Louis Jenkins
  • 2.

    With Apologies to Oliver Twist and everybody else.

    Football, glorious football.
    Don't care what it looks like -. read more »

    Fred Babbin
  • 3.
    Why Do You Love Football?

    Why do you love football?
    What do you see in it?
    Why not watch another sport
    Like Rugby, Golf, or Cricket? read more »

    Candy Simpson
  • 4.
    I'm A Fan

    It’s football season again
    I hope my team does well this year
    Football season again
    I’m a fan read more »

    Colin Coplin
  • 5.
    Marching Band

    Marching at the football game
    gives me a sense of unique fame.
    Peeking for the drum major's beat
    keeps us bound like an elite. read more »

    Jen Huan
  • 6.
    Friday Night Lights

    14 to nothing,
    Before the half
    All the games, but one, have passed
    Seasons ending early, due to injury read more »

    Donnie Brush
  • 7.
    Football, my life

    Football is my life
    It can be dangerous as a knife
    But if you have fun
    Anything can be done read more »

    Estelle Koehler
  • 8.
    done with football

    as the years grow harder
    so do the choices
    should i listen to myself
    or listen to the voices read more »

    Aaron Fullbright
  • 9.
    The Love Of Football

    I've often found it quite baffling
    People’s immense love for a sport
    That’s nothing more than ball handling
    And a thunderous crowd of rare support. read more »

    Viola Akhigbe
  • 10.
    Football 2

    As the years grow harder
    So do the choices
    Should i listen to myself
    Or listen to the voices read more »

    Tony Gonzalez
  • 11.
    Autumn Dream

    Burning leaves of red and gold
    No more til springtime will unfold
    A hint of winter chills the air
    To summon snowmen, everywhere read more »

    Christine Ann Young
  • 12.
    You And I (And Two Football Teams)

    you and i
    met not long ago

    you and i read more »

    Ground Sniper
  • 13.
    Pretty boy hates every beautiful day

    All the girls love him
    All the guys wish to be like him
    But pretty boy hates every beautiful day
    Star of the baseball team read more »

    Jessica Canerday
  • 14.
    Maradona, Maradona, Maradona…

    This poem is dedicated to worldwide football fans.

    Your left foot had the power
    Of a great painter’s brush, read more »

    Biswajit Ganguly
  • 15.

    Today I am feeling blue
    don't know what to do
    Will Wesley ever make my cd
    Will Victor ever be happy read more »

    Aimee OstreicherOsorio
  • 16.

    Most of the boys on my team
    are ashamed that a girl is on their team.
    They have a lot of question like
    Why do you play football,
    Are you a men or what? read more »

    Reba Haapala
  • 17.
    Football Is Round

    A shooting ball is swooshing;
    People in globe are watching.
    On a sudden
    Hails of cheers, vales of tears. read more »

    Louisa Dai
  • 18.
    The Big Match

    I've just been to play the big match,
    But it wasn't basketball or catch,
    It was football my favourite game,
    all the other sports are lame. read more »

    Noah Sutherland
  • 19.

    3 people in a room
    Each doing their own thing
    I wonder what each of them think? read more »

    Cabaline xxx
  • 20.
    Throwin Around That Old Football

    Throwin around that old football.
    It doesn't matter how big or small.
    Just a game of cetch to start the day.
    Without any rules to obey. read more »

    Ashlie Olsen
  • 21.
    My Grandfather – I

    Oh how I miss him
    A man of wisdom
    His stories I heard
    With the mind of a child read more »

    Robert Crook
  • 22.

    Football is the sport of mentality,
    Though many people think it is like a fatality,
    Lessons learned can overcome,
    Anything negative that may come. read more »

    Jack McGivern
  • 23.
    The Football Field

    I am like the lion in the jungle
    The most feared and dangerous animal
    You cannot run from me and you cannot hide
    Because when I'm in the jungle theirs nowhere to go read more »

    brandon miller
  • 24.
    🏈Peyton Manning🏈

    My favorite sport is not really a girls at all. I love to play and watch football. I watch every game every Sunday and Monday and sometimes Thursday. That's 7hours of football all day! When summer comes its not in season. That sucks for one big reason... read more »

    Brandy Avery
  • 25.
    Story of a Western and a Palestinian Boy

    One fine morning,
    Michael wakes up from his sleep
    And gazes through the window to see
    Birds flying by; read more »

    Abdul Munim
  • 26.
    R9 Football Club

    read more »

    Robert Mogano
  • 27.
    Worldcup 2010 southafrica

    Africa Africa Africa
    Time to keep the gold
    Opportunity to host the world
    Invite world to solve our problems read more »

    Baliboola N.ivan
  • 28.
    Worldcup Football

    Every four years I wait for world cup football;
    Every four years with same feeling & enthusiasm!
    Though at distant place but nearer to numerous heart;
    Is this are passing of balls or just sharing of ideas! read more »

    Manashkumar Mukherjee
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