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Top 100 Poems About: FREEDOM

In this page, poems on / about “freedom” are listed.
  • 1.

    Freedom to give
    Freedom to live
    Freedom to question why read more »

    Royston Allen
  • 2.
    Universal Freedom Is......

    Freedom from hunger and freedom from pain
    freedom from loss and so freedom from gain.
    Freedom to give and freedom to share
    freedom from want and that of despair. read more »

    George Krokos
  • 3.
    -My FREEDOM-

    my Freedom, my Freedom
    you saved me
    you tore my chain
    you detached the knots read more »

    Glamorous Enigma
  • 4.

    All I want is freedom
    Is that too much to ask
    All I want is freedom
    To forget everything in my past read more »

    Christal Carpenter
  • 5.
    FREEDOM FROM LOVE.........................

    Freedom to love again.
    Freedom to try love again without thinking
    about the past.
    Freedom to think without worry. read more »

  • 6.

    What is freedom? Nobody knows.
    What do I think is freedom?

    Freedom is, read more »

    Kevin Deckert
  • 7.

    They say I have freedom
    I can do what I want
    They say I have freedom
    To speak how I feel read more »

    Clover West
  • 8.
    Drum of Freedom -new-

    Freedom, freedom they shout,
    freedom, freedom they say.___
    Obsessed with freedom!
    Freedom, freedom night and day.___ read more »

    Md. Asadullah
  • 9.
    War + Lives add Love = Freedom


    A nation born from war, for the “purpose” of establishing freedom
    A nation divided in war, in an “attempt” to fulfill the goal of freedom read more »

    Dave Tanguay
  • 10.

    we fight for freedom.
    we feel nothing without freedom.
    we ask are self what is freedom and the freedom answer us ' To do what ever you want by right.
    we called all the world to came with freedom. read more »

    hisham hussien
  • 11.

    They told me that I have all the freedom I could ask for
    They told me that I had it because I was born in the United States
    They told me that I was lucky
    Because I have the freedom to think for myself read more »

    Hannah Hampton
  • 12.
    The Price Of Freedom

    Soldier, soldier
    Standing brave,
    have learned to shoot and throw grenades,
    only one who knows freedom's cost, read more »

    Callum Kyle
  • 13.
    where's the freedom and justice?

    where's the freedom and justice?
    trapped behind bars
    watching lightning fast cars
    where's the freedom and justice? read more »

    tesla blackburn
  • 14.
    Absolute Freedom

    Freedom from within
    Freedom to think beyond universe
    Freedom from living up to other ideas or expectations
    Freedom to stand against all odds read more »

    sunnieyd inquilab
  • 15.
    Freedom Is! (Regional Korea)

    Freedom is vibrant,
    Freedom is festivals,
    Under a cherry blossom tree! read more »

    Ronald Chapman
  • 16.

    You are freedom
    God's freedom child
    on every field inside you
    on every level inside you read more »

    Irena Mierzwa
  • 17.

    When I was a little girl
    I wanted to be free
    And break away from all the chains
    That caused my misery. read more »

    Melanie Ann Calvert
  • 18.

    Let freedom ring let freedom ring
    for all to hear let freedom ring
    let freedom ring for all the slaves to be free
    let freedom ring let freedom ring all over read more »

    jamf15 2011
  • 19.

    The Freedom
    To have my own mind, without others trying to influence me.
    The Freedom
    To be loved, and not hurt. read more »

    Carmella Walker
  • 20.
    Freedom, Don't Give It All Away

    </>The media bombards, the shelter of our homes,
    the crisis deepens, the worst we've ever known,
    the bankers screw us over, they really have no shame,
    they've done it once, now they're doing it again. read more »

    Peter Strugnell
  • 21.

    Freedom, that everyone craves for
    Freedom of speech; deeds; religion; thoughts,
    desires; dreams; love & expression
    Where does actually this feedom exist? read more »

    Snéha Soni
  • 22.
    Freedom Cry

    in memory of the children of South Africa

    Freedom! read more »

    Kenneth R. Jenkins
  • 23.

    defined by force,
    to die for the cause,
    is what the soldier supports, read more »

    Richard McClellan
  • 24.
    At Last

    Freedom tastes
    Like the scent from biscuit factory
    Like thin-crust pizza with double cheese
    And olives, and onion, and pineapple read more »

    Michelle Freeman
  • 25.

    Someone has taken my freedom of sleep,
    my freedom to dream. read more »

    Richard Castaneda
  • 26.
    my definition of freedom

    what a simple word.
    sweet to the lips yet costs to attain. Who amongst u is really free
    Do u even know what it is to be free? read more »

    mbaimbai phathutshedzo
  • 27.

    Papa shouts
    Mama whispers
    Read and get good marks
    Do something.. read more »

    pardaz sheikh
  • 28.
    Beauty's a Prison

    Beauty’s a prison when love is gone
    No matter which way you turn
    Forget the freedom you once won read more »

    Ishan Chaitanya
  • 29.
    Stepping out of the shadows..

    Stepping out of the shadows to feel the warmth of the light.
    To come to an understanding of leaving a lose/lose situation,
    and yet feel victorious. read more »

    Nathan Charles
  • 30.
    Is This Freedom

    When i look in the sky
    i saw reason to fly
    reaching apex flyby
    let me fly read more »

    Joshua Tesha
  • 31.

    Freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom from living up to other ideas and expectations. all i want is freedom to forget my past. a nation born from war, for the purpose of establishing freedom. a nation divided in war in attempt to fulfill the goal of freedom. let freedom ring let freedom ring so that all will no that life of a slave was not easy for in the end freedom is a personal lonley battle and one faces down fears of today so that those of tomorrow might be engaged. read more »

    sade dixon
  • 32.
    Freedom is a Powerful Word

    freedom is a powerful word
    filled with glori and brightened eyes
    freedom is a powerful word
    where no black child is left behind read more »

    Tatianna Biggs
  • 33.
    A new freedom

    Everybody wants to fly as a bird,
    Nobody wants to remain in chains,
    Because everyone has a new freedom to live merrily,
    But some cruel take our freedom away read more »

    Tanya Naidoo
  • 34.

    Freedom at last,
    The words spoken,
    And the deed done,
    Gazing at the hills, read more »

    Rigwang Pintso
  • 35.
    Freedom Life

    My longing days are over. Freedom is finally a clover.
    I have always wanted freedom. Now my dreams of freedom have finally come to life and have sprouted. read more »

    Cassidy Hartwig
  • 36.

    O Freedom, where thou at
    Your children, on thou part
    Seeking your sweet act
    Carried on your soothing cart read more »

    okafor ogochukwu
  • 37.
    My Freedom, Your Freedom

    Freedom is my haritage
    Gift of encestors my land my existence
    My legecy. read more »

    Prabhakar Sarma Neog
  • 38.
    friendship freedom

    Our friendship presented freedom
    And Life gave us challenges to defeat
    We fought with all our might
    In a world that seemed so far away read more »

    kat augustin
  • 39.
    Barbed Wire Fences

    Barbed wire fences
    And chains around the heart
    In the grind
    Of the circle called life read more »

    Ayan excalibur
  • 40.
    Victory to You!

    Victory to you, O Auspicious One,
    O Holy Abode, Eternal Delight!
    We salute you, Goddess of Freedom, O Victorious One! read more »

    Swatantryaveer Savarkar
  • 41.
    Encrypted Thoughts Of freedom

    Abandoned by the ones who believe and cherished by those who rejected...Encrypted Thoughts Of freedom. Free as the soil dust, following the traces of shosholoza song to witness the blood sparter of flies, fleeing into a territory of non-rational love. read more »

    Tlou Romeo
  • 42.
    Ghost Souls

    Pale ghosts against dark walls,
    figures thirsting for freedom

    Loveless styles force quick arrival, read more »

    Elizabeth Wiles
  • 43.

    Am I not supposed to be singing emancipation?
    Am I not supposed to be dancing in elation?
    Am I not supposed to be jumping in rejuvenation? read more »

    Philani Zincume
  • 44.
    The Astronaut's Song

    Beauty is the freedom of the universe at bay,
    Beauty is tranquility, which never compensates.

    Freedom is, as freedom does, as freedom rings today, read more »

    Chaz Walker
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