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Top 100 Poems About: FROG

In this page, poems on / about “frog” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Frogs Life

    I stare into the garden pond, wondering
    On the theory of evolution
    And how it applies to frogs
    Why their life changes, so quickly read more »

    Paula Robinson
  • 2.
    I hate Frog

    I hate you.

    You don't deserve to live read more »

    hannah hazwani
  • 3.
    the frog poem(duh duh duhhhhhhhhh)

    Leap frog,

    Jump frog, read more »

    Maddy Jen
  • 4.
    Frogs sat around a puddle

    Frogs sat around a puddle
    And gazed at heavens high
    Frog teacher pounding into skulls
    The science of the sky. read more »

    Jan Neruda
  • 5.
    To and Fro

    the child jumped over the frog
    the frog jumped over the child
    the child jumped over the frog again
    the frog jumped over the child again read more »

    Femia Cools
  • 6.
    Frogs Mate

    frogs mate,
    Lot's born.
    i must warn. read more »

    casey osman
  • 7.
    If I Were A Frog

    I don't want to be a large star.
    I don't want to become the morning star. read more »

  • 8.
    The Frog

    read more »

    William Miller
  • 9.
    The flower of love

    beside a little pond i sat
    a green frog on a lily spied
    saw me staring into the pond
    hopped and sat down by my side read more »

    ian adams
  • 10.
    John's Frogs

    John has been to Pike Lake
    He spent the whole day
    Caught every little frog
    And stole them all away read more »

    Robert Randell
  • 11.
    The Secret Life of the Frog

    By day, this well-contented frog
    Has made his home on yonder log,
    Nipping at flies with rounded ribbit-
    Grumble read more »

    Amy Sutton
  • 12.
    The frog on a log

    There once was a frog,
    Who sat on a log,
    And didn't know what to do. read more »

    Andrew Robinson
  • 13.
    It's a Frog's Life

    Slimy green and small
    A frog's life is no ball
    A target for man's jest and joke
    A frog will live - read more »

    Ken Welsh
  • 14.
    Frog Logic

    Tell me is it fun to go to the beach
    When the sky is all sunny and blue
    Or go for a ride on a bicycle
    Like millions of people do read more »

    Ruby Dodd
  • 15.
    Death Of A Frog

    A frog was killed.
    A circle of children raised their hands.
    All together read more »

    Sakutaro Hagiwara
  • 16.

    Of beauty and beautiful ones
    They walk with their lovely faces
    Right into a pack
    Of hungry wolves read more »

    Patrick Nandwa
  • 17.
    Oh Little Frog

    Oh Little Frog, Oh Little Frog
    I love you so completely
    I love to see you sitting there
    On the lily pad so neatly read more »

    Grant Stevenson
  • 18.
    Paper Frog

    As we age,
    We look into the mirror and agree upon
    "We are lovable creatures in the nudes." Golden and silverfish too and leaping Paper Frogs,
    All seem to be with heavy years, read more »

    Minerva A. Garcia
  • 19.
    Frog's Life

    Once upon a lily pad,
    There sat a mother frog
    Hungry for some food,
    She hopped from log to log read more »

    Chris Marion
  • 20.
    The Sad Frog

    There was once a sad frog
    He was very sad
    Chlöe hit him
    The frog looked at his is frog hands read more »

    Liam Zarebski
  • 21.
    The Frog And The Swan

    The swan had flown away,
    Far away to the west,
    Far away from the east,
    Found a place to stay, read more »

    Zakk Astoria
  • 22.
    Los "Coquis" of Puerto Rico

    "Coquis" are indigenous
    Tiny frogs, difficult to catch.
    These adorable torments sing
    A sweet melancholy song, repetitively. read more »

    Margaret Feliciano
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