Top 100 Poems About: FUN

In this page, poems on / about “fun” are listed.
  • 1.
    Fun With The Sun

    What did you think my dear mister sun
    The day of the eclipse - did you have fun
    How did you feel and what did you say
    When you seemed so close to the moon that day? read more »

    Elizabeth B. Arney
  • 2.
    Ducks Are Such Fun

    Ducks on the pond a delightful sight,
    Pretty and beautiful,
    this warm summer night.
    Moonbeams dancing and playing, read more »

    Florence Weaver
  • 3.
    All The Fun Of The Fare

    People, people, here and there
    Laughter and noise everywhere
    Lights blazing, music blaring
    What a holiday! The fare has come to town read more »

    Jean Moir
  • 4.
    Poetry's Fun

    Poetry's Fun,
    If the words will run
    Off the end of your pen
    as you're writing. read more »

    Patrick Davies
  • 5.
    Clear Fun

    Way back in the thirties
    We had our Saturday fun
    By taking our bath in a washtub
    In water headed by the sun read more »

    Willie Lou Shirley
  • 6.
    Not Much Fun.

    I will take a train and head for the sun,
    Life at the moment is not much fun.
    The sandy beach on a far away shore,
    With Palm trees and Coconuts galore. read more »

    Bernard Shaw
  • 7.
    Fishing Fun

    Our fishing trips arn't fruitful,
    but they're always lots of fun.
    We always have a story
    about losing 'the big one'. read more »

    Mary Nagy
  • 8.
    So Much Fun

    I don’t know how to word, all the feelings that cross my soul
    When he touches me so gently, when we willingly become whole
    The sensations are too great, the feeling is so raw
    The beauty that we create, lust-driven to want more read more »

    Cheré Mason
  • 9.
    Today I Think It Would Be Fun

    Today i think it would be fun
    to go and get a machine gun
    today i think i really will
    find some nice targets just to kill read more »

    David Keig
  • 10.
    Fat And Fun

    The experts say
    that sex each day,
    is the answer to
    recreation. read more »

    Norman E Dale
  • 11.
    Loving Fun

    Old lady
    Age - 65
    Old man
    Age - 80 read more »

    Otteri Selvakumar
  • 12.
    Imagination's Fun

    Quiet I must be, can't let the monster find me
    It seeks me out and calls my name,
    I wish it would leave me alone, I'm not to blame.
    I feel the need, the need to peek, to get away I must sneak. read more »

    Mara Kingfield
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