Top 100 Poems About: FUN

In this page, poems on / about “fun” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Sane Revolution

    If you make a revolution, make it for fun,
    don't make it in ghastly seriousness,
    don't do it in deadly earnest,
    do it for fun. read more »

    David Herbert Lawrence
  • 2.
    The Funny Little Fellow

    'Twas a Funny Little Fellow
    Of the very purest type,
    For he had a heart as mellow read more »

    James Whitcomb Riley
  • 3.
    In The Orchard

    'I thought you loved me.' 'No, it was only fun.'
    'When we stood there, closer than all?' 'Well, the harvest moon
    Was shining and queer in your hair, and it turned my head.'
    'That made you?' 'Yes.' 'Just the moon and the light it made read more »

    Muriel Stuart
  • 4.
    A Song Of Joys

    O to make the most jubilant song!
    Full of music-full of manhood, womanhood, infancy!
    Full of common employments-full of grain and trees. read more »

    Walt Whitman
  • 5.
    A Glee For Winter

    HENCE, rude Winter! crabbed old fellow,
    Never merry, never mellow!
    Well-a-day! in rain and snow
    What will keep one’s heart aglow? read more »

    Alfred Domett
  • 6.
    Joy And Sorrow Chapter Viii

    Then a woman said, "Speak to us of Joy and Sorrow."

    And he answered: read more »

    Khalil Gibran
  • 7.
    The Little Turtle

    A Recitation for Martha Wakefield, Three Years Old

    There was a little turtle. read more »

    Vachel Lindsay
  • 8.
    The Swing

    How do you like to go up in a swing,
    Up in the air so blue?
    Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
    Ever a child can do! read more »

    Robert Louis Stevenson
  • 9.
    Wastebasket Brother

    Someone put their baby brother
    Under this basket- -
    The question is exactly why, read more »

    Shel Silverstein
  • 10.

    I made myself a snowball
    As perfect as could be.
    I thought I'd keep it as a pet
    And let it sleep with me. read more »

    Shel Silverstein
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