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Top 100 Poems About: FUTURE

In this page, poems on / about “future” are listed.
  • 1.
    Yesterday is now today by now!

    Yesterday is now today!
    Yesterdays' today is in the past.
    Yesterdays past is today's past,
    but yesterdays' tomorrow is today's' past, and its' future. read more »

    pantor of the Oaks
  • 2.
    My Future

    My future is already set
    My future is finding the right person for me
    I plan on keeping that one forever
    This future tells me that i am going to have a perfect husband read more »

    Jessica Williams
  • 3.
    Look to the Future

    Look to the future
    Detach from the past
    Let the people go
    Start a new this time read more »

    Leah Harlow
  • 4.

    someday everyone will be wise in the future
    everyone will be sensible and forward thinking
    wear sensible shoes and act accordingly in the future
    wise action according to everyone will be the act read more »

    Stephen Roxborough
  • 5.
    My Rights Go Hand In Hand with My Responsibilities

    My rights go hand in hand with my responsibilities
    My rights to having a perfect childhood
    My responsibility to being a good child
    A brighter and an excellent way to my adulthood read more »

    Young Church
  • 6.
    You're The Future

    Kid's use your mind's
    Don't fall behind......
    You're the future.
    Kids use your minds...... read more »

    Melvin Lightford
  • 7.
    Now is Forever

    The past is all that’s gone,
    the future is yet to come.
    this moment is all our own.
    We should live this way, read more »

    Rachell Dear
  • 8.
    The Teachers

    The prophetic eyes of your Teacher
    Could see your success in your life
    Could guarantee your shining future
    Could open the vistas in your life read more »

    amir khan
  • 9.

    Your journey starts here it starts now
    Your future is in your hands and know one shows you how
    To make it, unfold, and have it turn out what you want it to be
    Not anybody, not me read more »

    Mathew Miller
  • 10.
    When Future is Gone

    The past has gone
    The Future is waiting
    Today is here and
    now that matters most read more »

    Adewale Ajakanri
  • 11.
    Our time is now

    Days continue to pass, still no future in sight
    took a left at the fork, i should have turned right
    oh how i wish i could see, the beginning to the end of time
    and defy the laws of our human mind read more »

    Ethan A. Francis
  • 12.
    A New Day Of Life

    A very new day dawns at your feet
    Awakening those whom you've to defeat
    It is fresh, maiden and lacks its fate
    It will accept whatever your hands will create read more »

    Himanshu Mishra
  • 13.
    Dreams and Aspirations

    Oh, to dream... read more »

    Hercolena Oliver
  • 14.
    Breath by Breath

    Our moments are precious and
    Our time is now.
    Use it wisely and use it well!
    There is no connecting the past read more »

    JDarrell Kirkley
  • 15.
    My Future Wife

    You are my sole hope in all my life.
    The last dejection has gone away
    When I met you on that very day.
    All the troubles are completely gone; read more »

    Walid Boureghda
  • 16.
    We are the future

    We are the future
    with our spikes and chains,
    our baggy pants,
    And unused brains read more »

    Kansas Johnson
  • 17.
    I Am Africa

    I am a son to my Father, I am born to my Africa, I am the Future!
    I am my own Father, I am on my own an African in my Africa, I am my own Future!
    I am to my son a Father, I am a People to my Africa, I am present in my Future!
    I am now a man just like my Father, I am Africa, I am making history in my Future! read more »

    Makabongwe Nkambule
  • 18.

    Accept the future
    In all its uncertainties
    A gift to open read more »

    Forrest Hainline
  • 19.
    The Future

    I sit here
    Dreaming of the future
    A bright, beautiful future
    Is all I can ever dream of read more »

    Brandon Park
  • 20.
    Time My Past My Future! ! !

    Time My Past My Future
    The time is racing my past behind me
    My past in front, read more »

  • 21.
    I Crave For Success

    I dream the future without the past
    Of when my success will be a blast
    Intent of heart, I see the best
    Hope for the future, with God I rest. read more »

    Vyktor Ekott
  • 22.

    Certain poem make me dismayed
    the followimg poem make me puzzled
    What is poem?
    Who can judge good poem bad poem. read more »

    Kyungdae Min
  • 23.
    My Future

    I want to have a future as Bright as the morning glory. That does not need too much struggle, A future i'll be proud to call mine, a future that will bring me a glorious honour. I want to have a future, A future that is above me, as my yesterday sorry full of sorrow, and my today full of struggle, so will read more »

    Lekadabra Fadimu
  • 24.
    To my children

    To my children
    My future
    May you find happiness
    In this world of darkness read more »

    Jeffrey Lee
  • 25.
    Look to the future...

    Look to the living self
    Be proud with dreams u have
    Never let this time go
    Start a way, for this is the read more »

    Naveen ...
  • 26.
    Future of Straw

    I have a future
    I built with with bricks and cement
    And rods and rocks
    But weak bonded future read more »

    Ivan Chizurum Ezeigbo
  • 27.
    Future Tense

    The future has no obligation
    to redecorate.
    It floats blissfully aloof, read more »

    Emily Dawn
  • 28.
    the future

    i wonder how the future would look like
    are there cats
    wil i wear some hats
    are there going to make flying cars read more »

    rufino zapata
  • 29.
    I hope our future will be

    read more »

    breanna lashell brownlee
  • 30.
    Past vs. Future

    Thinking of the past
    or looking at
    the future. Is one
    better for the mind read more »

    Wayne Bowen
  • 31.
    The Future!

    The Future is near
    I see it clear!

    Can't wait no longer read more »

    Olaleye Azeem Oladipupo
  • 32.
    The Future is a Light

    The future is a light
    A moon
    But there is a storm
    And black clouds obstruct my view read more »

    Anonymous Person
  • 33.
    Its Time

    It's time to forgive, forget
    And let go
    The passed is what made it
    The future unknown read more »

    Marin Jooste
  • 34.
    Hoping for the future

    I dwell on the past
    And I fear the future
    All I know is that
    I’ll never make it through the present read more »

    Rebekah Hedquist
  • 35.
    My future

    My future sounds like it so far away
    but it gets closer to me each and every day
    Im not sure on what I truly want to be
    Everyone around is just confusing me read more »

    Rashidah Writs
  • 36.
    I Was Going To Forgive You

    But before that, i just wanted to tell you that,
    im not your future, you cannot plan me, im not your future you cannot foretell me,
    im not your future i dont hold good things ahead of not you future im not bright, i am infact the dark and lonely nights that you issued me. read more »

    Opelo Boingotlo Letshwiti
  • 37.
    In a future day

    In a future day everything will be stoped.
    Storm-broken branches of Nut trees, Blackberry tree's branches;
    The letter written on the green leaf of beautiful forest …
    Everything will be lost. read more »

    Tapas Karmaker
  • 38.
    Love Is Life

    read more »

    Wayne Atherton
  • 39.
    mrs P.A.S.T

    Past, present, future where am I
    Because i still cry 4 past
    I still smile because of u present
    And i still need u future... read more »

    gift macozoma
  • 40.
    My Future Value

    The values I hold for the future
    appears as an abstract art form,
    resembling Rorschach's random test,
    with crazy contours and tilted forms, read more »

    Binoy C Balan
  • 41.
    When Things Aren't Right.

    The cock crows and the night arrives
    The sun arises and a feet freezes
    The rain falls and he dies of thirst
    The future is foreseen and the past is foretold read more »

    Emmanuel Dika
  • 42.

    My future is not beheld unto me or you
    It will unravel itself as my life goes on
    Like a nightingale
    Singing unto the night read more »

    Ntozake (Saki) Stringfield
  • 43.

    Just breathe,
    Your life,
    Will grow, read more »

    CeCe Fons
  • 44.
    He Endures

    The progenitors are the past of the future,
    but coming and going the children come after them,
    and what comes after trails
    and what trails is behind. read more »

    Simpa omoluabi
  • 45.
    Accidental Salvation

    Only time will tell how long this accident will mend
    I’m testing the waters for salvation
    Bound to repeat
    Engulfed with this passion read more »

    Brandon Beck
  • 46.
    Past, Present, Future

    Our past has had all the elements that have caused us to pass the test of time. read more »

    Javier Granda
  • 47.
    My Scrawny Corpulent Republic

    There was a country
    When birdies chirped like birdies
    When vermin bawled like vermin
    When human hibernated read more »

    Olumodi John Tope
  • 48.
    Alone In The Dark

    If I could actualize my future
    You would never become my nightmare

    I would not plunge you into the dusk of madness
    Where we paced the road to living hell read more »

    Miklos Balogh
  • 49.
    Future, Future Before and Future From The Future: Journey:

    O'er the hills,
    hills on land,
    o'er the land,
    land on water, read more »

    Shalomj THE MESSAGE
  • 50.
    Past, Present, And Future

    As I think about the future,

    I dream about the past. read more »

    Orlando Feliciano
  • 51.
    The Change

    Lying on a bed, a thought scrambled

    Thinking of future, haven’t move from sight read more »

    keshav chauhan
  • 52.
    the future

    read more »

    precious azuonwu
  • 53.
    Lost Opportunity

    She walks with recomendation
    I think about the future
    'Will I ever see her again? '
    She moves in a way I have seen no other read more »

    michael suarez
  • 54.
    Day by day.

    As the days go by i wonder who will i be
    As i wonder as the days go by who will i see
    i continue this path of wondering
    how hard can it be read more »

    Unforgiven Secrets
  • 55.
    When Our Lives Were Made

    Our past makes us who we are in the future
    Our future is what we were made into read more »

    L T N
  • 56.
    Moving on

    It is hard to move on
    because you have to say good bye
    so say it with a hope of meeting again read more »

    Ashley Lewis
  • 57.
    Who Buys My Thought?

    Who buys my thought buys not a bottle of honey
    But strands of a hopeless future bottled up.

    A future that is threatened read more »

    Mabel C. Mozie
  • 58.
    Keeper of the Ancient Doors

    Thou Keeper of the ancient doors
    Thou Angel of the deep in the light
    Thou Spirit in the seers of the times of yore
    Thou that keeps the secrets of the distant future read more »

    Samson Ajilore
  • 59.
    An Expectant Mother

    (Who knows about the importance of the present time more than an expectant mother does?)

    She's not just expecting a baby, read more »

    KnowledgeSincerityWisdom KSW
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